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Hi! I'm Ariana. I'm from Long Island, NY, and the mother to twin boys (born in June, 2011). Been married to my husband since 2007, and am very lucky that he is as obsessed with his video games as I am with my books (so he doesn't get mad when I spend all my nights reading lol). I also have a dog named Sage (who is VERY hyper, but extremely loving), and a fish named Crash. My favorite genres to read are: New Adult, Young Adult, Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, and anything Zombies! I have a major 1-click obsession (I have well over 400 books on my kindle I have 1-clicked and not yet read). Since we started our blog, I have been introduced to the works of many authors I had not heard of before, some of which have joined the list of my favorite authors! 
Some of my favorite books I have read so far are:
All books by Monica James
All books by Lisa Edward
Tears of Tess (by Pepper Winters)
Madeline, Abducted (by M.S. Willis)
The Love and Repair Series (by Chelsea Camaron)
The MC Sinners Series (by Bella Jewel)
When it Rains (by Lisa De Jong)
Any book by Colleen Hoover!!!!!
Beautiful Disaster (by Jamie McGuire)
The Vampire Academy Series (by Richelle Mead)
The Forest of Hands And Teeth Series (by Carrie Ryan)
50 Shades of Grey (by E.L. James)
The Mortal Instruments Series (by Cassandra Clare)
Beautiful Failure (by Mariah Cole)
The list can go on and on and on!!!! 

I love meeting and talking to new people so feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ariana.mcwilliams.1


Hi!! I'm Stefanie. I'm from Long Island, NY.  I also lived in Virginia Beach for a little over 5 years. I miss it more then I thought I would. I am the only one of us that's single. My family & friends are my life. I would do  anything that my nieces & nephews  asked me to do. What can I say I'm a sucker when it comes to them. Lol. I was in a car accident 6 years ago that left me paralyzed. I've learned to live my life to the fullest.  Before I got my Nook I was driving my mom & aunt crazy with sending them to the library every couple day for new books. I literally read all day & night. I absolutely love it!! I love books that I can loose myself in. Characters that I can feel every emotion they're feeling. When I get really into a book. I'm up until about 5am reading it.  I'm also addicted to my TV & movies. And, tattoos... Yes, I said tattoos. Everyone I have has a meaning to me. After I get 1 I'm instantly planning my next one. I know that sounds crazy... But, it's so so true.  Lol.   I literally read just about anything. I can talk books with anybody. It's one of the reasons why I'm so glad the 2 of us started our blog... Meeting other book lovers like me. When I'd finish a book that none of my friends have read yet, I'd be sad that I had nobody to discuss it with. There'd also be times that I would give anything to tell the author how much I loved their story. Now, I get to do both. Talk to other book lovers & tell the authors how much I loved their stories. I really am glad that Ariana  included me in this ride! If ever you're up & want to talk. I'm up mostly every night. Please feel free to stop by my Facebook & say "Hi"

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Hi there! My name is Heather and I am a Navy wife and mother of 4, originally from Rutherford, NJ! I have a 8 year old step son (Skyler), a 4 year old daughter (Alexis), a 2 year old son (Camron), and a 10 month old son (Joseph). To say I have my hands full is an understatement! I have 3 passions in life, my family, fitness, and reading! I love all books and I can read almost anything! The only types of books that haven’t really interested me much are science fiction, but I am sure that is subject to change as I get older. Since I am a Navy wife and my family and I are constantly moving, it is hard to put roots down and really settle down, so exercising and reading really help to keep me grounded (and sane!!). Feel free to check out my like page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheStrongsOneDayAtATime or my Beachbody website www.beachbodycoach.com/hstrong! Right now I am living in Hawaii, but we are about to move to Washington, D.C. and I am ready to start this new journey! Thank goodness I have a mountain of books to keep me busy on that plane ride! I am so excited and honored to be working with Stefanie & Ariana with this blog and I hope you enjoy what I write!

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