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Chase (Resisting Love #1) by Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens

Synopsis from goodreads:

Moving in with a guy you only met once? Stupid.
But for student Layla Crawford, this was reality.
Chase Jackson is a renowned playboy and self professed commitment phobe, that is until he meets Layla.
Blinded by his intensity to have her, Chase will stop at nothing to make her his.
With a jealous ex and old conquests repeatedly making appearances, Chase' s skeletons come out of the closet one by one, each one pushing Layla further and further away.
Layla is determined to keep her distance. Chase now has to convince the only woman he has ever wanted that he is worth the gamble.

Ariana's review:

4 Awesome Stars!

Really liked this book!!!! 3 hot brothers? YES PLEASE!!! It was so difficult to decide who was my book boyfriend as I was reading, because it kept changing every few chapters! Chantal and Dawn did a wonderful job making you love each character in their own way. 

The story started out with Layla meeting James when she is looking for a place to rent to live in while she attends University. It just so happens that James answers the door of the house she goes to look at... in just his boxers! Plus one for James for being a hottie from the start! Messy blonde hair, blue eyes, pierced lip, nice body? Who wouldn't be drawn to him from the beginning?!?! And just when you think Layla and James have instant chemistry- enter Kade (who sounds just as yummy as James). Layla hits it off with the two guys right from the beginning. Both are sweet, playful, and fun... and did I mention HOT? Layla and Nikki (her best friend) decide to go to a club one night... and this is where Layla meets Chase. Black hair, blue eyes, tattoos (yummy!) and a dimple. *swoon* 
Layla then agrees to spend the night with Chase, just to sleep. When she wakes up and walks out of his room, she in for quite a shock!!!! 

As the story progresses you learn that all 3 of these male characters have quite the playboy reputation. Yet they show Layla nothing but respect, as if she was family. 
Throughout the story I definitely had a Love-Hate-Love relationship with Chase. He was sweet and sexy, but at the same time he was EXTREMELY jealous and over-protective. One minute I wanted to throw my arms around him, and the next I wanted to punch him in the face! Layla on the other hand was such an awesome female character! There really wasn't one thing that I disliked about her. She was strong willed, independent, kind hearted, and quite quirky. She also didn't just lay back and take shit from anyone. There were a few parts in the story that actually had me giggling too! 

As her and Chase start to get closer, girls from his past keep popping up which causes nothing but trouble. Can Layla learn to trust Chase, and give him her heart? Can she move forward, knowing what his past is? Can Chase give up the playboy lifestyle that he lived for all these years so that he can hold onto the one girl who has been able to capture his heart? And just when you think you have their story all figured out BAM you get hit with one hell of a shocker that I personally never saw coming! 

" He consumes me. Like a magnet, I'm drawn to him. I can't help myself. He is my drug. My Passion..."

"But I would love to have kids with Layla. I would love to build a family with her, marry her. I would take that chance for her. I would do anything for her."

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Real Ugly by C.M. Stunich

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Turner Campbell is an asshole.
I f*cking hate him.
But I can't get enough either.
He sings like an angel and f*cks like a devil.
If I could, I'd run away and never look back because to tell you the truth, I think this man might be the death of me.
Naomi Knox is a bitch.
I can't f*cking stand her.
But I can't stop thinking about her either.
She looks like an angel and plays like a devil.
If I could, I'd f*ck her good and forget all about her, but to tell you the truth, I think this woman might be my last saving grace.
Melanie's Review
This book definitely kept me wanting to read more and more. There were so many surprises that I never expected! If you like rockstar books then this is a must read. It is definitely the darker side of a rockstar and it was nice to read something a little different than usual.
As rough around the edges as Naomi Knox is you can't help but love her. Her band is the opening act for Turner Campbell's band.
Turner is the kind of man who sleeps with a different woman every night and doesn't even remember their names. At first thats his plan for Naomi, but then he becomes intrigued by her and has to have her. Except, Naomi has no respect for Turner and will hardly even speak to him...she HATES him, but he has no idea why. He doesn't even remember ever meeting her before. Turner wants to prove to Naomi that he wants to and is ready to have a relationship but he has no idea of all of Naomi's many secrets! Naomi knows she has feelings for Turner even though she shouldn't and really just wants to hate him!
This book has a fact a very, very mean cliffhanger...but the sequel Get Bent has recently been released so atleast there's no waiting to find out the outcome.
"Why are you being so stubborn?" Turner whispers into my ear, nibbling it with his teeth while a thousand plus strangers look on. "Just give me a chance." "
"I want to shake her and hug her and scream at her and fuck her, all at the same time. Goddamn it, my head is freaking killing me. What is with this chick and who the hell does she think she is? Why doesn't she worship me like everybody else?"

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Hyde (Book 3 in The Devil's Roses Series) By Tara Brown

Synopsis on Goodreads:

Hanna doesn't know what's happening to her.
She doesn't know why her father has just sacrificed his life for hers.
She doesn't know who Aimee James is, or why she must fear her.
She doesn't know what the Roses are or why they're interested in her.

She knows there is a dusty stack of journals that drag her into a world she can't comprehend.
She knows there is something more to the world she has been forced into.
She knows no matter how hard she fights it, her attraction to Marcus is overwhelming and all consuming.

Until she meets Sam.

History and the present collide in this explosive tale of betrayal and lust.
Don't miss out on the excitement of the Devil's Roses, now a completed series.

Stefanie's Review:

3.5-4 Stars

"You're my favorite monster Hanna. Of all the monsters in all world you're my favorite. You're feisty and spicy but deep down in a place you don't let anyone see, you're sweet too."

Let me start off with saying how much I loved Hanna. And, I loved all the characters in this story. There was some stuff that I didn't like. But, I'll get to that later.

The story begins with 18yr old Hanna locked in the trunk of a car. Her clothes are ripped 1/2 off and she's all bloody, dirty and does not remember how it all happened. Then, the car stops and Roland opens the trunk. Roland is her father's butler. She get's out and see's she is at her estranged fathers huge mansion.   Hanna goes inside and finds out her father is dying. He gives her his journals & a piece of paper with a formula on it. Then, Aimee comes in you remember Aimee, my favorite death dealer from book 1. Well, she kills Hanna's father and walks out without saying a word!!

Now, Hanna sits down to read her father's journals. She realizes that thing's aren't as they seem. Her father is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!! Then, she remembers how she ended up bloody, bruised and in the trunk of Roland's car. The more she reads her fathers journals. The more she realized he did love her and didn't give her up bc he hated her. She reads about Marcus. One of her dad's oldest friends. Marcus is THE Vampire Dracula!!!! 

The next POV  we get is Aleks. Which I was STOKED about!! I loved him in book 1 and was excited to hear thing's from his perspective. He is still all shook up on his feeling's for Aimee. But, realizes it's best to keep it the way it is. Then, he meet's Hanna.. He is instantly smitten with her. 

Hanna meet's Marcus and instantly feels a connection with him. One minute she's throwing herself at him. The next, she hates him and wants nothing to do with him. She knows he was helping her father find a cure to tame the beast inside of him. Now, he wants to help Hanna. All she has to do is give him a couple drops of her blood. She also meet's Andy the human cop. And Sam, the nephillam. Hanna went from the plain Jane girl next door. To the girl that guys were throwing themselves at. That's when we learn she's 1/2 beast and 1/2 Siren.

Remember Gisselle??!! She's back. Blake got her turned onto vampires!! Now, she BACK to fighting for her life. Luckily, for her here comes Aleks to save the day.. AGAIN..

There was so many good things about this book. I loved the characters Hanna, Aleks,  Marcus, Roland, Aimee, Sam, Gisselle, Lydia. I loved all the love triangles. All the using and abusing between everybody. The fact that you never really knew who's emotions were real and who's wasn't.  I like that 1 deal with the devil will drastically change everyone's lives. What I didn't like which I  was really bummed out about. We never got closure with the Ari, Lucas & Ben triangle. Or with the Aimee, Shane & Aleks triangle. I was really bummed about it. I hope I get something in the 4th book. I def had a crazy wave of emotions at the end of this story. It's a definate read!!!

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COVER REVEAL for Hazel F. Robinson's Somethings Missing!

We are so excited to bring you all the cover reveal of Somethings Missing by Hazel F. Robinson!!!
Something Missing is expected to be released in early October, and we are SO excited to read this book! 

Can true love overcome anything?
For Susan love didn't exist and even if it did, she didn't deserve it...... until her eyes met his.
Max proved to her that he would do anything to save her from her past,
but with intense passion growing between them can Susan finally let
go or will she throw any chance of a future with Max away.
Read about Max and Susan's passionate relationship in the first of `The true love series`
Something Missing is the story of how strong true love can be and how for Susan it saved her life more than once.

And here is a little teaser to tie you over until the release:

"Max, I cant think head keeps telling me to slow down."

Max kissed her softly and placed his hand across her chest "what does your heart say baby?"

His hand felt warm on her chest, his touch made her heart beat too fast to listen "I....l don't know....I cant think when your near."

Max brushed his hand down her chest to around her waist, pulling her into his lap "...that's just how I feel. Look" he took her hand and placed it on his chest.

His heart raced as fast as her.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

Synopsis from Goodreads:

"Sarai was only fourteen when her mother uprooted her to live in Mexico with a notorious drug lord. Over time she forgot what it was like to live a normal life, but she never let go of her hope to escape the compound where she has been held for the past nine years.

Victor is a cold-blooded assassin who, like Sarai, has known only death and violence since he was a young boy. When Victor arrives at the compound to collect details and payment for a hit, Sarai sees him as her only opportunity for escape. But things don’t go as planned and instead of finding transport back to Tucson, she finds herself free from one dangerous man and caught in the clutches of another.

While on the run, Victor strays from his primal nature as he succumbs to his conscience and resolves to help Sarai. As they grow closer, he finds himself willing to risk everything to keep her alive; even his relationship with his devoted brother and liaison, Niklas, who now like everyone else wants Sarai dead.

As Victor and Sarai slowly build a trust, the differences between them seem to lessen, and an unlikely attraction intensifies. But Victor’s brutal skills and experience may not be enough in the end to save her, as the power she unknowingly holds over him may ultimately be what gets her killed.

This is their story…"

Ariana's review:

5 HUGE stars!!!!

WOW! It is taking me awhile to be able to gather my thoughts in order to write this review. Another fantastic book by J.A. Redmerski! Can this author even write a bad book? I think not! Killing Sarai kept me on the edge of my seat, unable to put the book down from page one, all the way to the very end. Just be warned that there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the book!

The book begins with Sarai attempting to escape from Javier's compound in Mexico in which she has been forced to stay at for nine years. When she sees an American man meeting with Javier, she figures it is the perfect time to escape, thinking that he will most certainly help her get back across the border and away from Javier. However, things do not go as she expected them to, and Victor (the american) is very cold and uninterested in helping her, and he himself is a killer. Sarai ends up being held by Victor so that he can ensure that he gets the rest of his money from Javier once he completes the hit he was hired for. Needless to say, this enrages Javier, and Javier soon wants Sarai dead. In the begining it seems as if Victor could care less whether Sarai was to live or die.

As the story progresses you can see little glimmers of hope that Victor is starting to care what happens to Sarai, as he starts to open up and protect her against Javier and his people. You also begin to see a darker, less innocent side of Sarai which you did not see in the beginning.

"No, I felt only the satisfaction of revenge. I was glad to watch her die. Because she had it coming"

I cannot count the number of times where I was actually holding my breath waiting to read what would happen next in the story! 

Sarai ends up wanting to remain with Victor and have him train her to be like him. Help him carry out hits. But he will not allow it.... no matter how much she seems to have wedged herself into a piece of his heart. He still holds onto the hope that she is not beyond the point of being able to live a normal life. No matter how much it hurts, he must let her go... for her safety, but also for his. In the end, when Sarai realizes that he will be leaving, and she will most likely never see him again, you see just how much Victor has came to care for her. 

""But you did something else that no one else ever could." His features soften and my heart is slowly melting. "You made me feel real emotions. You unlocked me.""

It was in that moment that I realized just how torn up I was going to be now that he was leaving her. How can you say something as sweet as that and then leave?  *sad face* It made me want to both punch Victor in the face, and grab him and hold him and beg him to stay with her! 

Sarai tries to live a "normal life" once Victor is gone, but she doesn't seem to be able to fit into that mold just right. I think a part of her has forever been damaged both by the years she spent at Javier's compound surrounded by death and abuse, and also by having lost a piece of her heart to Victor. She is used to constantly having to watch over her shoulder, and it almost seems that despite spending 9 years wanting to be free and able to have a normal life, the normal life just isn't enough for her. She hasn't seen Victor in 6 months.... but time does not help heal her heart. Time also does not change that fire inside of her that yearns for a life above the norm... doesn't erase the scars and damage that her past has permanently etched into her being. She is not that innocent girl who was stripped of her youth. Sarai has unfinished business.........

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Leo's Chance (sign of love, Leo #2) by Mia Sheridan

Synopsis from Goodreads:

"The follow-up to Leo, the USA Today bestselling novel by Mia Sheridan.

Does everyone deserve a second chance? Even someone who lies and deceives to get it?

Do we all have a second chance coming? Even if we play a part in our own destruction?

How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love? A second chance at life? Another chance to tell your own story?

Every love story has two sides. Evie told hers. This time it's Leo's chance."

Ariana's review:

3 Stars

If you haven't read Leo (Book 1) then STOP HERE....

This is a tricky review for me to write. I read the first book, Leo, awhile before we decided to do a blog, so I have not written a review for it. I just want to express how much I adored that first book! Mia Sheridan is a wonderful writer and her story line is amazing. There were things I really liked about Leo's Chance, and there were things I was not too fond of... well, one big thing that really turned me off, and it had NOTHING to do with the author or story. In book 1, I had LOVED Leo! He sounded so sweet and dreamy! However, in book 2 I really did not care for the way he was portrayed. I found him to be extremely whiny which made much of the book very difficult for me to really get into. 

That being said, Leo's chance was the re-telling of the first book, but in Leo's POV. However, this is not your typical same story-different character book. While it does re-tell the story, it doesn't make you feel like you are reading the same thing over again. Not only does it give you a different perspective, but it also includes flashbacks which were not in book 1... thus giving you a better understanding of events that took place throughout the original story line. This was one of my absolute favorite things about this book. 

Just like in book 1, Leo's Chance follows the story of Leo (Jake) and Evie. It digs into their past before they met in foster care, and gives you insight on more of Leo's feelings for Evie during the time they spent together before he was adopted. With the flashbacks, it gives a more detailed explanation on what happened to Leo once he moved out of foster care, and into a new life and new family, along with the relationship between his foster mom, Lauren, and him. It also gives you an idea of what happened to him when he was in the hospital after his accident, and that played a big part into the story line from start to finish. You once again get to see how Leo and Evie's relationship grows and evolves, which is a very sweet story, and the ending I felt was amazing (it even made me tear up a little). Once things were okay between them, Leo didn't sound as whiny to me, and I was able to enjoy the ending very much. 

I do know many people who have read both books, and absolutely LOVED reading Leo's chance, just as much as they loved reading Leo. I just personally wasn't overly impressed due to the way Leo came off sounding in the majority of this book. If it wasn't for that, I would have rated the book at least 4 stars.

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Bane (Book 2 in The Devil's Roses Series) by Tara Brown

Synopsis on Goodreads:

"Ari, this is Aimee James. She’s different, like you.” The old lady smiled brightly, “Until you get to know each other, I wouldn’t go holding hands. Who knows what’ll happen.” 

This is the second book of the completed series, The Devil's Roses

Aimee is now a Devil's Rose. She has a ring that makes her brand of deadly force acceptable. She has killed every flavor of bad. Vampires, shifters, weres, demons, Nephilim. She has lived through nearly every kind of loss, and yet that still can't prepare her for the arrival of Ari.
Tattoo's, piercings, scars, and a poor attitude are pasted across the girl's face when she arrives at the old haunted house where Aimee has found refuge.

The problem with Ari, this isn't Ari. She isn't the girl she was a day ago. She's something else. 

Something powerful and dark and dangerous.

Something very few have ever seen.

Stefanie's Review

4 Stars

OK.. Can I start off saying I loved this book even more then I loved Cursed??!! I honestly did not think that was possible. But, guess what.... I did...

The story starts off with Ari living in the desert of New Mexico working at her uncle's restaurant. Her favorite thing to do is run. Ari runs every chance she gets. One afternoon after going for her daily run Ari started not feeling good. Her hands started to burn. That's when her life turned upside down. She touches her uncle and everything starts to change. She goes back to the day she was born when her mother dies. Instead of her uncle taking her, Ari ends up in a orphanage and her life turns upside down. Now, she's standing the in street. She is covered in tattoo's, piercings, shaved head and has the scars from a lifetime of cutting herself. She has the memories of how bad her life in the orphanage was that she ran away and lived in the streets. Then, the next memory she's living in New Mexico with her uncle. She literally has 2 personalities!!!

We also learn what is going on with Aimee and her love triangle with Shane and Aleks!! Aimee is still very much in love with both men.  Tara Brown gives us more on what the actual "Roses" are. We are introduced to what exactly Aimee is and what her actual powers are. We get to meet new characters as well. There's Annabelle, Lydia, Andy. Ari's love triangle. Ben and Lucas. The 2 sexy warewolfs.

Ari learns her powers can be VERY dangerous!!! She pushes people back. At the touch of a arm she is sending people back to certain times in their lives. It's not necessarily a good or a bad thing. 

By the end of Bane. Ari has lived a total of 3 different lives!! She has also effected all of her new friends lives dramatically!! This is def a crazy story. With more twists and turns then I saw coming. Just when you think you know what's coming next. Turn the page. I am super excited to see what happens in Hyde Book 3 of The Devil's Roses!!

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Cursed (Book 1 in the Devil's Roses Series) by Tara Brown

Synopsis on Goodreads:

One tragic event can change everything in a life. 
It can change the way we see the world around us.
Sometimes it can change the worlds we see.
Worlds we didn’t know existed.

When she slips into the In-Between for a few seconds she sees him.
He's more beautiful than anything she has ever seen before.
She's drawn to him in a way she's can't explain. 

Between the popular girls being poisoned and loves first kiss,
she hardly has time to chase down a mystery man.

As the poison that sent her to the In-Between wreaks havoc on her body,
the man she met there is equally damaging on her heart.

Discover how it all started, how it all unfolded

The first time

Revised with new scenes!!

Stefanie's Review

4 Stars

Can I start off by saying how hooked I was since page 1!

The book revolves around Aimee. Aimee is not popular. She wears nothing but black and grey ever since her mother died 8 months earlier. She's a straight A student, reads constantly & plays WOW (World of Warcraft) Her best friend is Blake, who she thinks she has feelings for. Aimee is also the twin sister of Alise. And, they do NOT get along! Alise is the beautiful, popular sister.  Alise is also dating Shane whom Aimee has been in love with since 2nd grade. 

Aimee hasn't gone to a party since her mother passed away. Alise talks Aimee into going to Shane's party.  Alise goes as far as to do Aimee's make-up and dress her. Making her look BEAUTIFUL. That night Aimee, Alise and Blake go to Shane's party. Aimee and Blake go outside  to talk, and she ends up telling him how she feel's about him. Unfortunately, he dosen't feel the same :'( Instead, she got the " I don't think of you like that. You're like the sister I never had" speech...We all know how that feels. She runs back inside and runs into her sister's best friend Giselle. They end up sharing a drink and passing out.

Aimee wakes up in a bed in her underwear. She dosen't remember much of anything. Except, a tall beautiful man. She remembers him sticking his fingers down her throat to make her throw up. But, nobody else remembers seeing him!!!

She goes to the hospital to find out somebody had put a home made date rape drug in her drink. Giselle needs a liver transplant. Aimee luckily dosen't need one. She'll be able to go home soon. But, what she can't figure out is why hasn't Blake & her sister shown up. But, she does see the tall, beautiful man. His name is Aleksander. He's def not human! And, she should not bee able to see him.

Now, her life turns completely upside down!!! Aimee finds out Blake wasn't in love with her. But, he was very much in love with Alise. They kissed at the party & are now dating!! She's now stuck between 2 guys! Shane loves her & so does Alek. She knows deep down Shane is the ONE for her. Yet, she is drawn to Alek. The guy nobody can see BUT her. She sleeps for days. Then agrees to go to another party with Shane. 

While at the party. Another girl was drugged! Unfortunately, for this girl she didn't make it. 

Aimee is now dating both guys. She is still confused about it all. She agrees to go to the dance with Shane. While at the dance she dosent feel good again. She gets to the hospital to learn her liver's failing. Then, she meets Dorian. He gives her 2 options.......... 

1, She can die

2, Live forever. But, she leaves everything and everybody she knows.

That's  all I'm giving away!!! I could keep going. But, I don't want to ruin it for you. I will tell you this book was very good.  The reason why I didn't give it 5 stars was because you really don't learn anything much about "The Roses"...There was a cliffhanger. Be prepared for it!!!

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Cover Reveal & Synopsis for Landslide by NJ Cole

Senator Maxwell Joseph has it all—money, power, and good looks—the trifecta when it comes to attracting the ladies. He even has women willing to be tied up, spanked, and completely at his mercy, all while calling him Daddy, fulfilling his secret fantasy. On the night of his thirty-fifth birthday, Max finds a goddess waiting for him in his hotel room. She is beautiful, sexy, and very willing, yet the fruit she offers is very forbidden. Not only is she barely legal at nineteen, but she also happens to be the daughter of his best friend and political advisor.

Mackenzie Wade has had a crush on the senator for years. When an overheard phone call affords her the opportunity she needs to make her fantasies a reality, Kenzie jumps at the chance, offering herself as a birthday gift.

Throwing caution to the wind, Max gives in to temptation and gives them both what they have been yearning for—a night filled with ropes, floggers, and toe-curling sex. Although satiated, one night of passion isn’t enough for either of them, and they begin a clandestine affair.

For Maxwell, the solid ground on which he’s built his career starts to shift as his hopes and dreams for the future begin to change. In what can only be described as a landslide, Max holds on tight to the only thing that he can—Kenzie. He goes on the ride of his life, knowing all along that in the end, he may have to make a gut-wrenching decision between the woman of his dreams and a path to the White House

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cover Reveal for Rebecca Brooke's Forgiven

Cover reveal for Rebecca Brooke's Forgiven! Please all go check her & the book out. Forgiven is set to be released August 10th.

Forgiven on Goodreads Click here
Rebecca Brooke's Blog Click here

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Stardust by Mimi Strong

Synopsis from Goodreads:

There I was, minding my own business at Peachtree Books when this lunatic comes racing in the door and knocks me into his arms. I would have ripped him a new one, but he was kinda familiar, and hot. Like I-want-to-have-your-sexy-babies-now hot.

Turns out he looks familiar because I stare at his gorgeous face on TV every week. Yup, Dalton Deangelo. In the oh-so-firm flesh.

I let him hide out from the press for a while, then I thought he'd be on his way, and I could breathe normally again. But no. He found me interesting. He wanted to tag along to my cousin's wedding with me. I couldn't say no to that face...or THOSE EYES. Before the night was through, he was saying sweet things, then dirty things. Very dirty things.

I try to keep my eyes wide open. I've made terrible, stupid mistakes in the past. But Dalton Deangelo's touch turns me to Jell-O.

I'm just a regular girl, and he's rich and famous with no body fat. The guy has a butler! So, why is he chasing me? And why can't I say no? And what is this sordid secret of his the reporters are trying to uncover?

Melanie's Review
5 (Million) HUGE STARS

I kept seeing this book pop up on my Facebook and decided to give it a shot. And OMGGG did I LOVE this book!!!! I've been in a bit of a book slump lately but this book definitely brought me out of it. It kept me wanting more from the very first page to the last.

Peaches Monroe has absolutely become my most very favorite female character in a book EVER!!! I'm seriously not even kidding. She is just your average, everyday woman with very low self esteem and a terrible self image; she is also smart and hilarious, and has no filter and says whatever is on her mind. She is so real and relatable that she made me feel like maybe I'd even have a chance with a gorgeous actor, but then I remember that I am in fact married and I'm almost positive he wouldn't approve.

Peaches Monroe works in a bookstore, and one day while at work she literally falls into the arms of an extremely handsome stranger. She comes to find out that this isn't just any gorgeous man, this is THE Dalton Deangelo, TV's bad-boy vampire, Drake Cheshire.

I refuse to tell anymore of the story because you need to experience it for is truly that good!!! This is a definite MUST READ and I am actually begging you to read it; you will not regret it! Both of the main characters are hilarious and literally had me laughing out loud!

This book ends in a cliffhanger and in normal cases that would bother me but it really isn't a horribly mean one and I promise that this book is worth it!

"Those gorgeous lips of his began to move. "Let's just be two souls tonight. Two souls who are made of stardust, and found their way back to each other, the way they were destined to."

"Either way, my runway was wet and ready for him to land his big plane. Woohoo, down here, Mr. Pilot! Get ready for splashdown!"

"Dalton pulled his hips away from me slightly, allowing some space between us. "I'm sorry to hear that. And I'm doubly sorry to be poking my boner into your belly button while you're telling me this very personal story." He frowned down at the fencepost-region. "Not cool, bro."

On The Island (On The Island #1) By Tracey Garvis Graves

Synopsis from Goodreads:

"When thirty-year-old English teacher Anna Emerson is offered a job tutoring T.J. Callahan at his family's summer rental in the Maldives, she accepts without hesitation; a working vacation on a tropical island trumps the library any day.

T.J. Callahan has no desire to leave town, not that anyone asked him. He's almost seventeen and if having cancer wasn't bad enough, now he has to spend his first summer in remission with his family - and a stack of overdue assignments - instead of his friends. 
Anna and T.J. are en route to join T.J.'s family in the Maldives when the pilot of their seaplane suffers a fatal heart attack and crash-lands in the Indian Ocean. Adrift in shark-infested waters, their life jackets keep them afloat until they make it to the shore of an uninhabited island. Now Anna and T.J. just want to survive and they must work together to obtain water, food, fire, and shelter.
Their basic needs might be met but as the days turn to weeks, and then months, the castaways encounter plenty of other obstacles, including violent tropical storms, the many dangers lurking in the sea, and the possibility that T.J.'s cancer could return. As T.J. celebrates yet another birthday on the island, Anna begins to wonder if the biggest challenge of all might be living with a boy who is gradually becoming a man."

Stefanie's Review:
5 Stars!!!!

"I was thirty years old when the seaplane T.J. Callahan and I were traveling on crash-landed in the Indian Ocean. T.J. was sixteen.."

I first heard of this book when My friend sent me a Goodread request. I instantly wanted to read it. It reminded me of The Blue Lagoon. LOL.

T.J. and Anna learn very quickly how to adapt to living on this island all alone. You will see how their relationship evolves from teacher/student, to friends, and then eventually more then just friends. You will also get both of their POV in every chapter. Which is great!!!

The story takes place when 16yr old T.J. Callahan beats cancer. Now, his family is forcing him to go on vacation to the Maldives. But, because he missed so much school from being sick, they've hired Anna Emerson to come along as his tutor. T.J talks his parent's into letting him stay home a extra night. Once T.J & Anna get to the airport is where their journey begins.

After they almost get stranded at the airport, they find a pilot willing to take them to the island. While on the way there  the pilot has a major heart attack and they end up crashing in the middle of the ocean. When they finally wash ashore both of them are bruised and battered. But, that is the least of their problems. They have no food, no water, no shelter, and no way of knowing if T.J's cancer has or will return. 

They begin by exploring parts of the island. But, they don't stray to far in hopes of missing their rescue plane. Luckily for Anna, because T.J has gone thru so much in such a short time, he's alot older for his age, and he adapts very quickly. They make a small make shift shelter so their not sleeping on the ground. After living off of coconut & bread fruit for awhile one of Anna's suitcases washes ashore.. HOORAY!!! And, boy oh boy did she pack!!!! LOL. T.J uses her earrings to use for fishing. Now, that they have some protein in them they're feeling  awhole lot better. But, the weeks turn to months and there is still no plane to take them home. 

Everyday is the same thing. Get up, find food, wash up in the lagoon, wash their clothes, take a nap, swim with the dolphins. Not in that order everyday. But, thanks to T.J they have a shack to live in. He found an abandoned  shack and took it apart and remade it on their side of the island. Now, they have a room with a window, walls & a roof. Plus, they kept their little make shift shelter for the fire wood & fire at night. 

Now, the months are turning into years that they're on the island. Neither one of them bring up getting rescued & going home. Because, they've lost faith that in that ever happening. But, now their fighting a totally new battle. They are trying to fight the feelings they're having for one another. With T.J being 18 and Anna being 32 thing's definitely go from friends to something alot more. 

The author does  a excellent making you feel BOTH of T.J & Anna's feelings. All of their pain. All of their feelings for each other. The fear they have of never leaving the island. The fear if the other one gets sick/hurt and them dying. And, being left  alone to do it all by themselves. The fear of if & when they rescued. THEN, what happens??? What will their families say? What will society say about the teacher/student now more then that. And....What happens to them....

I could definitely go further. But, I don't want to give to much away. I will tell you. Anna & T.J's story had me hooked from page #1. If you're looking for a story that will have you not wanting to put down. This is it!!! It's a def nail biter from start until end!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! 

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