Want to know what we thought of a book, and read our review? This is a list of all reviews we have done since starting the blog (Click on the book name and you will be taken directly to the link).
(List is in Alphabetical order by Author's first name)

Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki- "Branded (Sinners #1)" 
Addison Jane- "Bayward Street" 
Addison Jane- "Chelsea(The Club Girl Diaries #2)" 
Addison Jane- "Blizzard(The Club Girls #3)" 
Addison Jane- "Hadley(The Club Girls #4)" 
Addison Jane- "Wrench(The Club Girl Diaries #6)" 
Addison Jane- "Skylar(The Club Girl Diaries #7)" 
Addison Jane- "Shake (The Club Girl Diaries #8)" 
Addison Jane- "Meyah(The Club Girl Diaries #9)" 
Addison Jane- "When Angels Seek Chaos (DePalma Family #1)" 
Addison Jane & K.E Osborn- "Deceit (The Vindicated #1)" 
Addison Jane & K.E Osborn- "Liberate (The Vindicated #2)" 
Addison Jane & K.E Osborn- "Revive(The Vindicated #3)" 
Alana Sapphire- "Beyond The Cage" 
Alice Clayton- "Rusty Nail" 
Alice Clayton- "The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead Series #1)"
Alice Clayton- "The Redhead Revealed (Redhead Series #2)"
Alice Clayton- "The Redhead Plays Her Hand"
Alice La Roux & M.S L.R- "Conflicted" 
A.L. Jackson- "Pulled" 
A.L. Jackson- "If Forever Comes (Take This Regret #2)" 
A.L. Jackson- "Come To Me Quietly (Closer To You #1)" 
A.L. Jackson- "Come To Me Softly (Closer To You #2)" 
A.L. Jackson- "Come to Me Recklessly (Closer to You #3)" 
A.L.Jackson- "A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars #1)" 
A.L. Jackson- "Drowning To Breathe(Bleeding Stars #2)" 
A.L Jackson- "Wait(Bleeding Stars #4)"
A.L Jackson- "Stay(Bleeding Stars #5)"  
A.L. Jackson- "Show Me the Way (Fight for Me #1)"
A.L Jackson- "Hunt Me Down (Fight for Me #1.5)"   
A.L. Jackson- "Follow Me Back(Fight For Me Series #2)" 
A.L. Jackson- "Lead Me Home (Fight for Me #3)" 
A.L. Jackson,Molly McAdams,Tiffany King & Christina Lee- "When We Met" 
Alexis Noelle- "Surrender to Me"
Alexis Noelle "Playing With Fire (Guarded Hearts #1)"
Alexis Noelle- "Breaking Through The Wall (Guarded Hearts #2)"
Alexis Noelle- "Fighting to Survive (Guarded Hearts #3)"
Alexis Noelle- "Breaking Free"
Alisa Mullen & Kathy Coopmans- "Both Of Her" 
Alexis Noelle- "Shattered Innocence"
Alex Greyson- "Whispered Prayers of A Girl"  
Allie Juliette Mousseau- "True North: Finding Home (Book #1)"
Allie Juliette Mousseau- "True North: Finding Us (Book #2)"
Allie Juliette Mousseau- "True North: Finding Now (Book #3)" 
Aly Martinez- "Changing Course (Wrecked and Ruined #1)" 
Aly Martinez- "Stolen Course (Wrecked & Ruined, #2) 
Aly Martinez- "Broken Course (Wrecked & Ruined #3)" 
Aly Martinez- "Among The Echoes" 
Aly Martinez- "Savor Me:A Novella" 
Aly Martinez- "Fighting Silence(On The Ropes #1)" 
Aly Martinez-"Fighting Shadows(On The Ropes #2)" 
Aly Martinez- "Fighting Solitude(On The Ropes #3)" 
Aly Martinez- "The Fall Up(The Fall Up #1)"
Aly Martinez- "The Spiral Down(The Fall Up #2)"  
Aly Martinez- "Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet #1)" 
Aly Martinez- "Transfer(The Retrieval Duet #2)" 
Aly Martinez- "Singe(Guardian Protection #1)" 
Aly Martinez- "Thrive(Guardian Protection Series #2)" 
Aly Martinez- "The Darkest Sunrise(The Darkest Sunrise #1)"
Aly Martinez- "The Brightest Sunset(The Darkest Sunrise #2)"  
Allyn Lesley- "Falling" 
Allyn Lesley- "Deeper(The Deeper Chronicles #1)" 
Allyn Lesley- "Deeper: Descent(The Deeper Chronicles #2)" 
Allyn Lesley- "ricochet: A Romantic Suspense Novelette" 
Antoinette  Villelli Candela- "Breaking Elle"
Antoinette Villelli Candela- "Love is Louder (Love Is #1)" 
Ashlee Taylor- "Can't Walk Away(The Thomas Family Chronicles #1)" 
Autumn Karr & Sienna Lane- "Vendetta"
Ava Conway- "Hollow" 
Ava Manello- "Declan(Wounded Heroes #1)" 
Bella Jewel- "Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners #1)"
Bella Jewel- "Heaven's Sinners (The MC Sinners #2)"
Bella Jewel- "Knights' Sinner (The MC Sinners #3)"
Bella Jewel- "Pandemonium(MC Sinners Next Generation #1)" 
Bella Jewel- "Angels in Leather"
Bella Jewel- "Number Thirteen"
Bella Jewel- "Precarious (Jokers' Wrath MC #1)"
Bella Jewel- "'Til Death (Volume 1)"
Bella Jewel- " 'Til Death (Volume 2)"
Bella Jewel- "Step-Lover"
Beth Michele- "Lovely"
Beth Michele- "For The Love Of Raindrops" 
Beth Michele- "Life In Reverse" 
Beth Michele- "Chasing The High" 
Beth Michele- "Finding Autumn (Finding Love #1)" 
Beth Michele- "Rex (Finding Love #2)"  
Bink Cummings- "His Boy" 
Bink Cummings- "His Master" 
Bink Cummings- "Master's Vlogger" 
Bink Cummings- "Beyond Her Words(Corrupt Chaos MC #1)" 
Bink Cummings- "Beyond Christmas(Corrupt Chaos MC #1.5)" 
Bink Cummings- "The Diary of Bink Cummings: Vol 1 (MC Chronicles #1)"     
Bink Cummings- "The Diary of Bink Cummings: Vol 2 (MC Chronicles #2)" 
Bink Cummings- "The Diary of Bink Cummings: Vol 3 (MC Chronicles #3)" 
Bink Cummings- "Hopelessly Shattered(Sacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter #1)" 
Bink Cummings- "Hopeful Whispers (Sacred Sinners MC-Texas Chapter #2)" 
Bink Cummings- "Hopelessly Devoted (Sacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter #3)" 
Bink Cummings- "NOWHERE(Crimson Outlaws MC #1)" 
Blakely Bennett- "Stuck In Between" 
Bria Starr- "Downward Spiral" 
Bria Starr- "The Divided" 
Bria Starr- "Your Exception" 
Brittney Dussault- "Howl" 
Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish- "My Week with the Bad Boy (My Week #1)" 
Caisey Quinn- "Last Second Chance"
Caridad Piñeiro- "Just One Night (Take A Chance #1)" 
  Caridad Piñeiro- "One Special Night (Take A Chance #2)" 
C.C. Koen- "Intensity" 
Carey Heywood- "Her (Him #2)"
Carey Heywood- "Sawyer Says"
Cassia Brightmore- "Malevolent (The Darkness Series #1)" 
Cassia Brightmore- "Evanesce(The Darkness Series #2)"   
Cassia Brightmore- "Denouement(Darkness Series #3)" 
Cassia Brightmore- "Lincoln Hospital(The Trauma Series #1)" 
Cassia Brightmore- "Flatline(The Trauma Series #2)" 
Cassia Brightmore- "Resuscitation (The Trauma Series #3)" 
Cassia Brightmore- "The Book Splash Horror Story" 
Cassia Brightmore- "Unworthy" 
Chantal Fernando- "Chase (Resisting Love #1)"
Chantal Fernando- "Kade (Resisting Love #2)"
Chantal Fernando- "Ryder (Resisting Love #2.5)"
Chantal Fernando- "James (Resisting Love #3)"
Charlie Lee- "The Hitchhiker" 
Charlie Lee- "Blank Canvas" 
Charlie Lee- "Brick" 
Chelsea Camaron- "Crash and Burn (Love and Repair #.5)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Restore My Heart (Love and Repair #1)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Salvaged (Love and Repair #2)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Full Throttle (Love and Repair #2.5)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Beyond Repair (Love and Repair #3)"
Chelsea Camaron- "One Ride (The Hellions Ride #1)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Forever Ride (The Hellions Ride #2)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Merciless Ride (The Hellions Ride #3)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Innocent Ride (The Hellions Ride, #4)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Maverick (Roughnecks short, #1)"
Chelsea Camaron- "Heath (Roughnecks short, #2)"
Chelsea Camaron & MJ Fields- "Hendrix (Caldwell Brothers, #1)"
Christina Lauren- "Sweet Filthy Boy"
Cindy Miles- "Stupid Girl" 
C.M. Owens- "Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones #1)" 
C.M. Stunich- "Real Ugly"
Cole Saint James- "Heart Breaker(The Heart Breaker Series #1)" 
Cora Carmack- "All Lined Up"
Dani Hart- "A Firefighter's Flame"
Dani Hart- "Reality"
Danielle Allen- "Work Song" 
Danielle Allen,Michelle Lynn & Melissa Rolka- "The Washington Triplets" 
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba "Bird Of Prey (Semya Slotin Mystery #1)" 
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba- "The Plot Thickens(Semya Slotin Mystery #1.5)"
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba- "Polliannah Got Married! (Semya Slotin Mystery #3) 
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba- "Vincent Mallory Edgerton (Sémya Slotin Mystery #4)" 
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba-  "This Could Have Been Our Song! A Coulda Woulda Shoulda Ballad (Coulda Woulda Shoulda Song #1)" 
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba- "This Would Have Been Our Song! Catchy tunes and dancers' tales (Coulda Woulda Shoulda Song #2)" 
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba- "Stages & Thieves(Stages & Thieves Saga #1)" 
Danielle Elwood- "Crashed"
Daryl Banner- "The Beautiful Dead (The Beautiful Dead #2)"
Daryl Banner- "Dead of Winter (The Beautiful Dead #2)"
Daryl Banner- "Almost Alive (The Beautiful Dead #3)"
Daryl Banner- "Outlier:Rebellion (Outlier #1)" 
Dawn Martens- "Chase (Resisting Love #1)"
Dawn Martens- "Kade (Resisting Love #2)"
Dawn Martens- "It's Just Love, Not A Time Bomb"
Dawn Robertson- "Hers"
Dawn Robertson- "Finding Willow"
Dawn Robertson- "Kink The Halls"
Dawn Robertson- "Seven's Diary"
Dawn Robertson- "Take Me Out"
Dawn Robertson- "This Girl Stripped" 
Dawn Robertson & Lily White- "The Good Girl" 
Debra Anastasia- "Late Night With Andreas" 
Debra Presley- "Finding Us(A Nucci Securities Novel #1)" 
Debra Presley- "Christmas With Us(A Nucci Securities Short Story, #1.2) " 
Dee Kelly- "Breaking Kate (Acceptance Series #1)" 
Dee Kelly- "Catching Kate (Acceptance Series 1.5)" 
Dee Kelly- "Releasing Kate (Acceptance Series #2)" 
Dee Kelly- "Loving Kate (Acceptance Series #3)" 
Dee Kelly- "Christmas With The Houstons(Acceptance #4)" 
Dee Kelly- "Chasing Cassidy" 
Dee Kelly- "Sharing Rylee" 
Dee Kelly- "The Evolution of Us" 
Dee Kelly- "The Last Resort Motel: Room Thirteen" 
Dee Kelly- "Just an Illusion -The A Side(The Illusion Series #1" 
Dee Kelly- "Just an Illusion -The B Side (The Illusion Series #2)"  
Dee Kelly- "Just An Illusion-EP(The Illusion Series #3" 
Dee Kelly- "Just an Illusion - Unplugged(The Illusion #4)" 
Devon Hartford- "Broken Lion" 
Elena M. Reyes- "Marking Her"
Elena M. Reyes- "Taunting Lips (Teasing Hands #.5)"
Elena M. Reyes- "Teasing Hands (Teasing Hands #1)"
Eliza Gordon- "Must Love Otters"
Elizabeth Hayes & Ashlee Taylor- "Finding Salvation (The Finding Series, #1)" 
E.L. Montes- "Perfectly Damaged"
Emerson Shaw- "Acts of Desperation" 
Emily Krat- "Flawed and Damaged (Damaged Hearts #1)" 
Emily Krat- "Fears & Scars(Damaged Hearts #2)" 
Emily Minton & Julia Keith- "Trapped With The Alpha(A Balfour Shifters Novel #1)" 
Emily Minton & Julia Keith- "Rough(The Bear Chronicles of Willow Creek #1)" 
Emily Minton & Julia Keith- "Hard(The Bear Chronicles of Willow Creek #2)" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Dirty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC Series #1)" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Filthy Bastard (Grim Bastards MC #2)" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Guilty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC #3)" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Nasty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC #4)" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Wicked Bastard (Grim Bastards MC #5) " 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Getting His" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Getting Hers"
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Getting Theirs"  
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Gypsy's Chance" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Last Call(The Landing Strip #1)" 
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield- "Refuge (Riot MC Book 1)" 
Erin Noelle- "Translucent" 
Evangelene- "My Most Precious One" 
Eva Spencer- "Slow Grind(Men of Mornington Book 1)" 
Gabbie Duran- "Unspoken Memories"
Gabbie Duran- "With Me" 
Geneva Lee- "Command Me(The Royals Saga #1)"  
Geneva Lee- "Conquer Me (The Royals Saga Book #2)" 
Geneva Lee- "The Sins That Bind" 
Hazel Robinson- "Something Missing"
Heather Allen- "No Regrets(No Regrets #1)"  
Heather Allen- "No Fear (No Regrets #2)"  
Heather Allen- "Storm of Ekkos (Ekkos Saga, #1)" 
Heather Allen- "The Sound Of Shooting Stars" 
Heather Gunter- "Heartstrings (Love Notes #2) " 
Heather Gunter- "Changing Tunes (The Changing Series #1)" 
HJ Bellus- "The Flight of Hope" 
HJ Bellus- "Cruz (Diablo’s Throne #1)" 
HJ Bellus- "Jag (Diablo’s Throne #2)" 
HJ Bellus- "Trick (Diablo’s Throne #3)" 
HJ Bellus- "Whiskey & You(Kings of Texas #1)" 
Heather Leigh- "Burning Desire (Condemned Angels MC #1)"  
Heather Leigh- "Ride Hard(Condemned Angels MC #2)" 
Heather Leigh- "Reckless Abandon (Condemned Angels MC #3)" 
Holly Renee- "Bottoms Up (The Rock Bottom Series #1)" 
Holly Renee- "Where Good Girls Go To Die (Good Girls #1)" 
Holly Renee- "Where Bad Girls Go to Fall (Good Girls #2)" 
J.A. Redmerski- "Killing Sarai"
J.L. Drake- "Broken (Broken Trilogy #1)"
J.L. Drake- "Shattered (Broken Trilogy #2)"
J.L. Drake- "Demons (Devil's Reach #2)" 
J.M. Miller- "Sever"
Jackie Weger- "The House on Persimmon Road"
Jaden Wilkes & Lily White- "Serial (Volume 1)"  
Jani Kay- "Ryder (Prequel) (Scorpio Stinger MC #0.5)"   
Jani Kay- "Two Worlds Colliding (Scorpio Stinger MC, #1)"  
Jani Kay- "Unchain My Heart (Scorpio Stinger MC #2)"
Jani Kay- "A Biker Christmas(Scorpio Stingers MC #2.5)" 
Jani Kay- "Gods & Monsters (Scorpio Stingers MC #3)" 
Jani Kay- "Tormented(Scorpio Stinger MC #4)"  
Jani Kay- "Lost In France (Firebird Trilogy #1)" 
Jess Gilmore- "Tameless" 
Jen Estes- "Fifteen(The Dreamwalker Diaries #1)" 
Jen Estes- "Sixteen(The Dreamwalker Diaries #2)" 
Jennifer Culbreth- "Protect Me"
Jessica Ingro- "His Ever After"
Jessica Ingro- "Love Square" 
Jessica Ingro- "Urban Love Prophecy" 
JoAnna Wylde- "Reaper's Property"
Joanna Wylde- "Devil's Game"
Joanna Wylde- "Reaper's Legacy" 
Jodi Ellen Malpas- "This Man (This Man #1)"
Jodi Ellen Malpas- "Beneath This Man (This Man #2)"
J.R. Ward- "Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1)"
Katy Evans-"Mine" 
Katy Evans- "Remy"
Kate Lynne- "Used (Getting Inside of V #1)"
Kate Lynne- "Confused (Getting Inside of V, #2)"
Kate L. Mary-  "Collision" 
Kate L. Mary- "The List (College of Charleston #1)" 
Kate L. Mary- "Outliers (The Outliers #1)" 
Katee Robert- "Falling For His Best Friend(Out Of Uniform #2)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Come Back To Me" 
Kathy Coopmans- "The Drifter" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Shelter Me (Shelter Me #1)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Rescue Me (Shelter Me #2)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Keep Me(Shelter Me #3)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Contrite(Contrite #1)"
Kathy Coopmans- "Reprisal(Contrite #2)  
Kathy Coopmans- "The Wrath of Cain(The Syndicate Series #1)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "The Redemption of Roan (The Syndicate Series #2)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "The Absolution of Aidan (The Syndicate #3)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "The Deliverance of Dilan(The Syndicate Series #4)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Empire (The Syndicate Series #5)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Riddick(The Saints Series #1)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Jude(The Saints Series #2)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Tyson(The Saints Series #3)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "The Right Direction(Sweet Sin Series #1)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "Where There’s Smoke (Sweet Sin Series #2)" 
Kathy Coopmans- "All This Time (Sweet Sin Series #3)" 
Kathy Coopmans & HJ Bellus- "Full Contact(The Crossover Series #1)" 
Kathy Coopmans & Hilary Storm- "ICE(The Elite Forces Series #1)" 
Kathy Coopmans  & Hilary Storm- "FIRE(Elite Forces Series #2)" 
Kathy Coopmans & Hilary Storm- "Stone(The Elite Forces #3)" 
Kathy Coopmans & Hilary Storm- "Steele (The Elite Forces Series #4)" 
K.E Osborn- "Pulse(The Luminous Series #1)" 
K.E Osborn- "Breathe (The Luminous Series #2)" 
Kelly Gendron- "Jax(Breaking The Declan Brothers #1)" 
Kelly Gendron- "Slate(Breaking The Declan Brothers #2)"
Kelly Gendron- "Zeke(Breaking The Declan Brothers #3)" 
Kelly Gendron- "Token (Daring The Kane Brothers #1)"  
Kelsey Burns- "Girls Breaking The Rules-Tash(Breaking The Rules #1)"
Kelsey Burns- "Girls Breaking The Rules-Alexa(Breaking The Rules 
Kelsey Burns- Girls Breaking The Rules-Shelby(Breaking The Rules #3)"    
Kendall Grey- "Beats" 
Kendall Ryan- "The Room Mate(Roommates #1)" 
Kendra Leigh- "Bound for Hell (Bound Trilogy #1)" 
Kendra Leigh- "Bound For Salvation(Bound Trilogy #2)"  
Kendra Leigh- "Bound For Nirvana(Bound Trilogy #3)"
Kennedy Fox- "Checkmate: This is War(The Checkmate Duet #1)" 
Kennedy Fox- "This is Love(The Checkmate Duet #2)" 
Kennedy Fox- "Checkmate:This is Reckless(The Checkmate Duet #3)" 
Kennedy Fox- "Checkmate: This is Effortless(The Checkmate Duet #4)" 
Kennedy Fox- "Checkmate: This is Dangerous (The Checkmate Duet #5) " 
Kennedy Fox- "This Is Beautiful(The Checkmate Duet #6) 
Kennedy Fox- "Taming Him(Bishop Brothers #1)" 
Kennedy Fox- "Needing Him(Bishop Brothers #2)" 
Kerry Heavens- "Just Human (Just Human #1)"
Kerry Heavens- "Still Human (Just Human #2)"
Kimberly Blalock- "Dirty Love" 
Kristen Hope Mazzola- "Unacceptable: A Step-Brother Romance: An Unacceptables MC Romance" 
Kristen Hope Mazzola- "Unspeakable: An Unacceptables MC Romance" 
Kristen Proby- "Loving Cara"
Kylie  Scott- "Lick (Stage Dive #1)"  
Kylie Scott- "Play (Stage Dive #2)" 
L.A. Remenicky- "Saving Cassie" 
Laura Kaye- "Hard As It Gets"
Laura Kaye- "Hard As You Can"
Laurelin Paige- "Fixed On You" 
Laurelin Paige- "Star Struck" 
Laurelin Paige- "Take Two"
Lauren Blakely- "Burn For Me"
Lauren Blakely- "Far Too Tempting"
Lauren Blakely- "The Thrill Of It"
L.B. Simmons- "The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller"
L.B. Simmons- "Running in Place (Mending Hearts #2)"
Lee Sutherland- "Undead Love(Undead Love, #1)" 
Lee Sutherland- "Undead Love:Not Alone(Undead Love, #2)" 
Lila Felix- "Anguish"
Lila Rose- "Left to Chance"
Lily White- "Hard Roads"
Lily White- "Her Master's Courtesan (Masters #1)"
Lily White- "Her Master's Teacher (Masters #2)"
Lily White- "Target This"
Lily White & Jaden Wilkes- "Serial (Volume 1)"
Lily White & Dawn Robertson- "The Good Girl"
Lisa De Jong- "When It Rains (Rains series #1)"
Lisa DeJong- "Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love #1)
Lisa Edward- "Songbird (Songbird #1)"
Lisa Edward- "Songbird Caged (Songbird #2)"
Lisa Edward- "Songbird Freed (Songbird #3)"
L.J.Baker- "Save Me"
L.L. Collins- "Living Again (Living Again #1)"
L.L. Collins- "Reaching Rachel (Living Again #2)" 
L.L. Collins- "Guarding Hearts (Living Again #3)" 
L.L. Collins- "Finding Forever (Living Again #4)" 
L.L.Collins- "Breaking Free (Living Again#4.5)" 
L.L. Collins- "Twisted Series" 
L.L.Collins- "Back To The Drawing Board" 
L.L.Collins- "Sentenced(Jaded Regret #1)"
L.L. Collins- "Snared:A Jaded Regret Novel(Jaded Regret #2)"  
L.L. Collins- "Hartstrings(Jaded Regret #3)"  
L.L. Collins- "Exposed(Jaded Regret #4)" 
L.L. Collins- "Ravenous" 
Louise Bay- "Duke Of Manhattan" 
Louise Bay- "Hollywood Scandal" 
Louise Bay- "Hopeful" 
Louise Bay- "Indigo Nights" 
Louise Bay- "King of Wall Street" 
Louise Bay- "Love Rehab" 
Louise Bay- "Park Avenue Prince" 
Louise Bay- "The British Knight" 
Louise Bay- "The Ruthless Gentlemen" 
Louise Bay- "A Week In New York (The Empire State Trilogy #1)" 
Louise Bay- "Autumn in London (The Empire State Trilogy #2)" 
Louise Bay- "New Year in Manhattan (The Empire State Trilogy #3)" 
Louise Bay- "What the Lightning Sees: Part One (Lightning #1)" 
Louise Bay- "What the Lightning Sees: Part Two (Lightning #2)"
Louise Bay- "What The Lightning Sees:Part Three(Lightning #3)" 
Louise Bay- "Calling Me Back(Calling Me #1)"  
Louise Bay- "Calling Me Away(Calling Me #2)" 
Louise Bay- "Calling Me Home(Calling Me #3)" 
Louise Bay- "Calling Me Home(Calling Me #3)" 
Lynetta Halat- "Every Rose"
Lynetta Halat- "Freed"
Lynetta Halat- "Used"
M. Leighton- "All The Pretty Lies"
M. Leighton- "All The Pretty Poses" 
Mariah Cole- "Beautiful Failure"
Margaret McHeyzer- "A Life Less Broken" 
Margaret McHeyzer- "Drowning" 
Margaret McHeyzer- "Dying Wish" 
Margaret Mcheyzer- "Mistrust" 
Margaret McHeyzer- "Monster Chef" 
Margaret McHeyzer- "Ugly" 
Margaret McHeyzer- "The Gift (The Butterfly Effect #1)" 
Margaret McHeyzer- "The Curse(The Butterfly Effect #2)" 
Marie Garner- "Miss Congeniality(The Misses Trilogy #1)" 
Marie Garner- "Miss Man-Eater (The Misses Trilogy #2)"
Mayra Statham- "Already Home"  
Mayra Statham- "Carried Away: A Hope Falls Kindle World Novella" 
Mayra Statham- "Something Worth Saving" 
Mayra Statham- "Zaiden- A Scrooged Christmas" 
Mayra Statham- "Crown's Chance at Love(Six Degrees #1)"
Mayra Statham- "Etched In Stone(Six Degrees Series #2)"  
Mayra Statham- "Davenport Harbor (Six Degrees #3)" 
Mayra Statham- "Longing For You(Never Too Late Series #1)" 
Mayra Statham- "Wishing For You(Never Too Late #2)" 
Mayra Statham- "Lucky For You(Never Too Late #3)" 
Mayra Statham- "LIE(The Right Men Series #1)" 
Mayra Statham- "Steal(Right Men Series #2)" 
Mayra Statham- "Donut Tucker Out(Beech Grove Series #2)" 
Megan D. Martin- "Alive (Crave #1)" 
Melissa Collins- "Let Love Heal"
Melissa Collins- "Let Love Shine"
Melissa Collins- "Let Love Live" 
Melissa Rolka- "The Perfect Distraction (Perfect #1)" 
Melissa Rolka- "The Perfect Emotion (Perfect #2)" 
Mia Sheridan- "Leo's Chance (Sign of Love, Leo #2)"
Micalea Smeltzer- "Bring Me Back" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "When Stars Collide(Light in the Dark #2)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "Finding Olivia (Trace & Olivia #1)"
Micalea Smeltzer- "Chasing Olivia (Trace & Olivia #2)"
Micalea Smeltzer- "Tempting Rowan (Trace & Olivia #3)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "Saving Tatum (Trace & Olivia #4)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "Beauty In The Ashes (Beautifully Broken #1)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "Last to Know (Willow Creek #1)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "Never Too Late (Willow Creek #2)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "In Your Heart(Willow Creek #3)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "Take A Chance(Willow Creek #4)"  
Micalea Smeltzer- "The Road That Leads To Us(Us Series #1)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "The Lies That Define Us(Us Series #2)" 
Micalea Smeltzer- "The Game That Breaks Us(Us Series #3)" 
Michelle Dare- "Daylight Follows" 
Michelle Dare- "My Salvation" 
Michelle Dare- "Where I End" 
Michelle Dare- "Where I Am" 
Michelle Dare- "The Azure Kingdom (The Iridescent Realm #1)" 
Michelle Dare- "The Pine Forest (The Iridescent Realm #2)"  
Michelle Dare- "The Fuchsia Lakes (The Iridescent Realm #3)" 
Michelle Dare- "Persuading Him (The Heiress #1)" 
Michelle Grey- "Dangerous Ally(Long Shot Series #1)" 
Michelle Grey- "Unspoken Bonds(Long Shot Series #2)"
Michelle Grey- "Convergence (Long Shot Series #3)"
Michelle Grey- "Ovarian Cancer Project: Are You Listening?"  
Michelle Hughes- "Whore"
Michelle Lynn feat. Nevaeh Lee- "Collaboration" 
Michelle Lynn- "Detoured by Love" 
Michelle Lynn- "Familiar Ground" 
Michelle Lynn- "Love Me Back"
Michelle Lynn- "Seeing You"  
Michelle Lynn- "Love Surfaced(Love Surfaced #1)"
Michelle Lynn- "Love Rekindled(Love Surfaced #2)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Love Emerged(Love Surfaced #3)"    
Michelle Lynn- "Don't Let Go (The Invisibles #1)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Let Me In (The Invisibles #2)"  
Michelle Lynn- "Let Me Love (The Invisibles, #3)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Can't Let Go (The Invisibles #4)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Let Me Go(The Invisibles #5)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Love Me Always (The Invisibles Series Novella #6)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Rounding Third(An Infielder Novel #1)" 
Michelle Lynn- "Extra Innings(An Infielder Novel #2)"  
Mimi Strong- "Stardust (Peaches Monroe #1)"
Mimi Strong- "Starlight (Peaches Monroe #2)"
Mimi Strong- "Starfire"
Mimi Strong- "Two To Tango"
Missy Johnson- "Absolution" 
Missy Johnson- "Code of Honor(A Spontagio Family Novel #1)" 
Missy Johnson- "Out Of Reach(Love Hurts #2)" 
Missy Johnson- "Words Left Unsaid(Love Hurts #3)" 
Missy Johnson- "Don't Hold Back(Love Hurts #4)" 
Missy Johnson- "It's Complicated(Awkward Love Series #1)"  
Missy Johnson- "I Can Explain (Awkward Love Series #2)" 
Missy Johnson- "Too Much Information (Awkward Love Series #3)" 
Missy Johnson- "Comfort Zone(Awkward Love #4)" 
Missy Johnson & Carly Grey- "Rewriting History" 
Missy Johnson- "Wicked Innocence" 
Missy Johnson- "Wildcard:Volume One (Wildcard #1)" 
Missy Johnson- "Wildcard: Volume Two (Wildcard #2)"  
Missy Johnson- "Wildcard:Volume #3 (Wildcard #3)"  
MJ Fields & Chelsea Camaron- "Hendrix (Caldwell Brothers, #1)"
Molly McAdams- "Sharing You" 
Monica James- "I Surrender (I Surrender #1)"
Monica James- "Surrendered (I Surrender #3)"
Monica James- "Something Like Normal (Something Like Normal #1)"
Monica James- "Something Like Redemption (Something Like Normal #2)"
Monica James- "Something Like Love (Something Like Normal #3)"
Monica Murphy- "Four Years Later"
Monica Murphy- "Savor"
Monica Murphy- "Torn"
M.S. Willis- "Because of Ellison"
M.S. Willis- "Joseph Fallen (The Estate #.5)"
M.S. Willis- "Madeline, Abducted (The Estate #1)"
M.S. Willis- "Hope Restrained (The Estate #2)"
Rachael Duncan- "At Her Own Risk 
Rachel Orman- "Yearning Devotion"
Renee Burke- "To Know Her"
Renee Peterson- "The Best is Yet to Come"
Rie Warren- "Stone, At Your Service (Carolina Bad Boys #1)" 
Rie Warren- "Love, In the Fast Lane (Carolina Bad Boys #2)" 
Rie Warren- "Ride (Carolina Bad Boys #2.5)"
Rie Warren- "Steele:Into Your Heart (Carolina Bad Boys #3)" 
Rie Warren- "Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad Boys #4)" 
Rie Warren- "Rush(Carolina Bad Boys #5)" 
Rie Warren- "Tail (Carolina Bad Boys #6)" 
Rie Warren- "Carolina Bad Boys for Life (Carolina Bad Boys #7)" 
Rie Warren- "Hunter (Bad Boys of Retribution MC #1)"  
Rie Warren- "Kinkaid(Bad Boys of Retribution MC #2)" 
Rie Warren- "Bo(Bad Boys of Retribution MC #3)" 
Rie Warren- "Coletrane(Bad Boys of Retribution MC #4)" 
Rie Warren- "Walker(Bad Boys of X-Ops #1)" 
Rie Warren- "Justice(Bad Boys of X-Ops #2)" 
Rie Warren- "Storm(Bad Boys of X-Ops #3)" 
Rie Warren- "Bane(Bad Boys of X-Ops #4)" 
Rie Warren- "In The Ring(Boxer Series #1) " 
Rie Warren- "Million Baller Baby(Bad Boy Ballers #1)" 
Rie Warren- "Free Baller(Bad Boy Ballers #2)" 
Rie Warren- "Baller Made(Bad Boy Ballers #3)" 
Rie Warren- "Taming the Alien King (Intergalactic Lurve #1)" 
Rie Warren- "Taming the Alien Prince (Intergalactic Lurve #2)" 
Rie Warren-"Taming the Alien Warriors (Intergalactic Lurve #3)" 
Ryan Michele- "Seduce Me"
Sara Shirley- "Frozen Barriers (Barriers, #1)" 
Sara Shirley- "Hidden Barriers (Barriers #2)" 
Sara Shirley- "Burning Barriers (Barriers Series #3)" 
Sara Shirley- "Broken Barriers(Barriers Series #4)" 
Sara Shirley- "Truth In Time" 
Samantha Jacobey- "Captive (New Life #1)" 
Samantha Jacobey- "Bound(New Life #2)"  
Samantha Jacobey- "Entwined(New Life #3)" 
Samantha Jacobey- "Exposed(New Life #4)" 
Samantha Jacobey- "Indelible(New Life #5)" 
Samantha Jacobey- "Intrepid(New Life #6)" 
Samantha Jacobey- "Avenged(New Life #7)" 
Samantha Jacobey- "The Wicked Awakened" 
Sara Wolf- "Arranged (Arranged #1)"
Sara Wolf- "Disarranged (Arranged #2)" 
Sara Wolf- Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious, #1) 
Sara Wolf- "Savage Delight (Lovely Vicious #2)" 
Sara Wolf- "Fear Me Not (The EVE Chronicles #1)" 
Sara V. Zook- "Take Me" 
Sarah Daltry- "Forget Me Not (Flowering #1)
Sarah Daltry- "Lily of the Valley (Flowering #1.5)"
Sara Daltry-"Star of Bethlehem" 
Scarlett Edwards- "Uncovering You"
Scarlett Metal- "Goodbye Girl"
S.E. Dean- "Relinquish(Embrace Series #1)
Shawna Romkey- "Speak of the Devil (Speak of the Devil, #1)"
Shirley Anne Edwards- "The Blackmail of Evelynn Faust" 
Silla Webb- "Covered in Coal"
S.M. Shade- "The Last Woman (All That Remains #1)" 
Staci Hart- "A Little Too Late" 
Staci Hart- "A Thousand Letters" 
Staci Hart- "Hardcore:Volume One (Hardcore #1)" 
Staci Hart- "Hardcore:Volume Two (Hardcore #2)"  
Staci Hart- "Hardcore: Volume Three (Hardcore #3)" 
Staci Hart- "Chaser(Bad Habits #2)" 
Staci Hart- "Last Call(Bad Habits #3)" 
Staci Hart- "Tonic" 
Staci Hart- "Bad Penny" 
Staci Hart- "Piece of Work" 
Stephanie Witter- "Patch Up"
Susan Mac Nicol- "Stripped Bare"
Sydney Logan- "Lessons Learned"
Sylvain Reynard- "Gabriel's Inferno"
Veronica Larsen- "The Edge of Us" 
Victoria Andrews, Haylie Harbour, Marley Roberts- "Grinding In Greenville (Boyfriend Book Stand #1)" 
 Vivian Winslow- "Gilded Lily (Gilded Flower #1)" 
Vivian Winslow- "Calla Lily (Gilded Flower #2)" 
Vivian Winslow- "Tiger Lily (Gilded Flower #3)" 
Vivian Winslow- "Blue Dahlia (Gilded Flower #4)" 
Yessi Smith- "Life's A Capella"

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