Thursday, February 4, 2016

✯Review✯Truth In Time by Sara Shirley


The truth always happened.

Noelle Watson, a talented young artist, had finally found happiness in Savannah with her loving husband Jak Watson, a successful businessman and Southern gentleman.

With a beautiful daughter, their lives were complete until a secret from the past threatened to tear their world apart. Jak was the keeper of lies, and revealing them could cost him everything.

Was it easier to let his family go or finally confess to his mistakes?

When time ran out and truths were revealed, one question remained: Could Noelle trust Jak with her heart, or would she be swayed into the arms of another?

Noelle was about to discover that those closest to her might have been the ones who betrayed her from the very beginning.
In the eyes of the ones we loved, the truth had the power to kill, to heal, and also to destroy. Who would be left standing when time ran out?

With each hour that passed, another secret was revealed.
Tick tock…


 ✯✯4 Devious Stars!!!✯✯

This is not my first book by Sara Shirley. I read her Barriers series and loved them. If you're expecting this to be like that series, think again. This book is not your everyday love story. You will have questions, get mad, cry and be like WTF!

Noelle is the quiet shy type. Noelle meets Chris the hot sexy owner of the local tattoo shop. Things between the two of them are perfect. Chris wanted to spend the rest of his life with Noelle. That was until Noelle met her brother's roommate Jax. There's an instant connection an instant love.Noelle breaks up with Chris for Jax. Then, Noelle's brother dies in a tragic accident and Noelle can not get past it. Jax and Noelle move to Jax'x childhood town.

Jax and Noelle are living very happily in their beautiful home, good jobs and even more beautiful daughter. Until Jax gets a letter that spooks him and he leaves everything behind. Noelle finds a note from her husband and that's it. Few weeks later she's told her husband has died. Noelle's gut is telling her something else. When her best friend Whitney comes to visit. She talks Noelle into going home to get away and visit her parents, she agrees.

Noelle hasn't been home since she left right after her brother's death. Whitney use to date Noelle's brother so she knows how Noelle feels about everything. Whitney is dating/sleeping with Hawke. Hawke just happens to be Chris's cousin. When Chris finds out his Noelle is back he plans on never letting her get away again.

Noelle has so many emotions she's dealing with. Add Chris popping back up into her life not making things easier. She knows she still has some sort of feelings for him. But, not like she does for Jax. Noelle realizes she has never accepted or healed from her brother's death. Noelle tries to heal. Tries to move forward and figure things out. Then, she gets a phone call and Noelle's life is thrown upside down. The people closest to her have been telling her lies for the longest time. Jax, Whitney and Chris. But, who can she trust. What is best for her and her daughter. Man! Open this now.

Once I started this I couldn't put it down. My heart broke multiple times for Noelle. I couldn't blame her for not dealing and moving on from her brothers death. I don't think I could. I do hat her for having the 2 guys she had fighting over her lol. Jax and Chris. Man, lucky girl. But, I don't know if I'd be able to forgive Jax for the stunt he pulled. Noelle is definitely one of the stronger women I've read this year. I couldn't handle everything she did. Sara killed it!

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