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✯Review for 'Changing Tunes (The Changing Series #1)' by Heather Gunter✯

Ashley Davis is over her high school 'bitch' label and has decided to reinvent herself. College offers a new beginning, a chance to be different. After being assaulted, she's realized that she needs to change and college is just the place to do it. Nobody knows the Ashley she used to be and she'd like to keep it that way. 
Afraid of falling into the same patterns she decides that having no friends, no life and focusing on school is the way to go, but she didn’t bank on someone like Mac as her roommate or the tall, dark and completely geek hot in his glasses, Zeke Whitman.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Whitman is driven and focused when it comes to school. When he's forced to partner with a tall, leggy blonde with a slight attitude, he's thrown for a loop. With so much at stake, Zeke can’t afford distractions and Ashley is certainly that. From their first encounter Zeke sees more than just another gorgeous girl. 

As Ashley grapples with leaving the ‘old’ her behind, she realizes that sometimes changing tunes isn't as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you have to keep a little of the person that you were, in order to become the person that you want to be.

 ✯✯10 HUGE STARS!!✯✯

"Control is a hard thing for me to relinquish, and it's something I've always craved. For some reason with you, I don't feel that need. I think with you, I can let it go."

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!!! I love Heather Gunter even more! If you haven't read any of her book's yet, you need too.  Not only does she write stories. She puts her heart & soul and her emotions into all of her stories. This is one author that deserves all the credit coming to her!!

We met Ashley in 'Heartstrings' and man was she a bitch!! She is definitely one cold harded one at that. Ashley starts drama wherever she goes. She has nobody that she can call a friend and she is perfectly OK with that. If she sees a guy she likes she goes after them. Not caring if they are single or taken. For Ashley any man is fair game. I always had a gut feeling that there had to be a reason why she was the way she was. At the end of 'Heartstrings' Ashley was attacked by a guy she was warned about. That she didn't listen.

Now Ashley is starting college and on a mission to change. She doesn't want to be the same person she was in high school. Ashley doesn't want to be the 'bitch' anymore. She refuses to go after a guy who is already in a relationship. She wants to stay under the radar and do good in school. Even though she has no choice in much of anything. The warden aka her father dictates what classes she takes and everything else in her life. He was the only person that I hated in this book. He had no love for his daughter at all!! He would call/text her to make sure she was going to class, doing her homework, not embarrassing him. And, to remind her that he has eyes on her & to let her know that another 'innocent' (Is what he called it) will never happen again!! We learn her mom left when she was younger & never said goodbye. So, her heart is cold.

"You aren't just a piece of ass to me. God, you are so much more. Let me show you what you mean to me. Let me make you feel good. I don't just want this with you, I want so much more. I want all of you, Ash."

Ashley is taken back when she meets her roommate Mac. Who I love!!! (And, I'm super, super stoked her book is next!!) Mac is genuinely nice & such a nice person. She can see the sadness in Ashley's eyes and lets her know she will be here for her no matter what. Ashley wasn't looking for friends but, with Mac it was different. They go to a party where Ashley is looking for a easy lay. She's all about 1 timers. Jump on & jump off and leave.

Ashley starts school and finds herself partnered with Zeke. Oh Zeke. He's tall, dark, nerdy and HOT!!! Like he has such a hot, nerdy swagger to him. LOL. He like Ashley has his demons if you'd call them that. He held off on college to deal with personal issues. That I'm not telling you. Monday through Friday he's in school. Then, he goes home to his family on weekends. Zeke doesn't want anything to do with women. He just needs to focus on school & passing. Then, graduating. Yet, he sees Ashley and he can see the sadness in her eyes. He's instantly drawn to her. He feels like he needs to protect her. Ashley as well has never been attracted to a guy for more then a 1 time thing. His eyes haunt her. Those chocolate brown eyes are in her dreams & in her thoughts.

Ashley realizes rather quickly that Mac is there for the long haul. And, that she is genuine. They become friends with Austin, Nick & Ian. They are the 1st guys she has ever become friends with. And, they really are a great bunch of guys too! They all hang out on a daily basis. Ashley starts to realize that someone doesn't have to share your last name in order to be your family. The guys & Mac are her family. In more ways then her own father ever was!!

"Don't you realize by now, Ashley Davis, that you're mine? I'm not letting you go, and never without a fight."

Zeke & Ashley finally realize it's OK to move forward. To see where their relationship might go. These 2 are perfect for each other. They both are still committed to doing good at school. Both have their own reasons why they MUST pass! They are inseparable and are either studying or hanging out alone or with the gang. Ashley has never been happier. But, she knows that Zeke is hiding something from her. Why does he go home every weekend. And, why won't he bring her? She can't figure out what or who he's hiding or is it he's embarrassed of her.

Ashley has a lot to deal with. Her dad being #1. Learning how to let go of the old her. Issues with one of her teachers. She's really missing her mom and wanting answers. Zeke and his secrets. Ashley needs to figure it all out.

"I'm sorry. You're right. I love you so much, but I honestly don't know if I can be what you need me to be."

This book once I picked up I literally could not put down. Then, I was very upset that I finished it. Heather definitely outdid herself with this book!! Every book she writes is better then the last one. I really hope she is writing her next book fast. Because, I'm not sure how much longer I can wait!!

"Just you wait, Ash. When you least expect it, someone is going to throw you in a tailspin and you won't know what's hit you. Someone is going to see how fantastic you are, and maybe then, you will, too."

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