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✯Cover Reveal for Cheap & Classy by T.A. Hardenbrook✯

Title:  Cheap & Classy (Hide Your Crazy #2)
Author: T.A. Hardenbrook


Hi, I’m Molly, and I’m still a complete and utter mess. Sure, I finally got away from all the sparkles of my past; but glitter is like herpes. No matter how far I ran from it, it still showed up everywhere in my life. In order to survive in my chaotic and messed reality, I needed to set some ground rules for myself.

1. Kick Ass
2. Take Names
3. Forget the Past
4. Move On.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

There was a huge, gigantic, Godzilla sized problem that lurked in my life.

Reid Chambers.

Yep, someone shoot me now.

You thought book one was crazy; well let me present ‘Cheap and Classy’

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Cheap & Classy is book 2 in the Hide Your Crazy Series.  Before reading, make sure you check out Hot, Southern Mess - available NOW!

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About the Author:

T.A. Hardenbrook currently resides in Spokane Washington with her husband and two young boys. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education as well as her license in Cosmetology in which she still does part time.

Her days include being the family chauffer and referee, all while trying to become the perfect domestic goddess one strives for. Her family of four also includes a very loving American pit bull terrier, a wirehaired dachshund, a corn snake, and an American cavy (Which her oldest son shows at ARBA/ACBA events).

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, life became a struggle and she found learning to adapt was not an easy task. Luckily with the help of daily medication, life is slowly returning back to normal. Having the opportunity to write a novel at this time was a huge boost of confidence in dealing with the disorder, being able to use her hands and type, was therapy for the soul.

Please remember to never let anything stand in front of your dreams.

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