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✯Review✯ INNOCENT RIDE by Chelsea Camaron

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. When two people from different worlds come together by a chance meeting twisted with an element of danger, can their attraction remain innocent?

She's a corporate accountant. Her life is full of structure, routine, and organization. Settled, comfortable, and content, Caroline Milton, loves knowing what to expect every minute of every day.

He's the Catawba Hellions VP and a wild one, refusing to be tamed. His motto, 'hit it, get it, and go; no repeats' where women are concerned, guarantees a new woman in his bed nightly. His life suddenly tilted on its axis, when his wild days come barreling back with a major responsibility. Drexel 'Rex' Crews finds he has a real reason to settle down his wild ways. 

When a situation quickly spins out of control at work for Caroline, she reaches out to the one place she least expected to find herself dependent upon. The Hellions Motorcycle Club. 

His cousin's ol' lady, Doll, comes to him with a personal favor, protect her best friend. He can't refuse. Protecting Caroline was supposed to be an innocent task.

The attraction from their first meeting is still a fire burning strong inside of them both. Neither can deny the pull. They come from different worlds.

Can Rex show Caroline the safety and security of the MC? Can Caroline tame the wild beast inside of Rex? Can their innocent ride become a journey to long lasting love?

5 Stars!!!
How is it that I fall in love with every one of Chelsea Camaron's characters? And each one more than the next. Rex may just be my favorite yet! 
Rex was one hell of a bad-ass in the previous books. He was the one that could never be tamed. He loved getting ass, and never went for the same girl twice (except Tessie). He has always been fiercely loyal to his family and brothers in the Hellions MC, but never to a woman. In Innocent Ride you begin to see a side of Rex which had never been shown before. Who knew that underneath this bad-boy, walking sex lied a sweet and gentle man with such an enormous heart. The way you get to see him interact with his son, accepting Tessie and Shooter as his son's family, it all melted my heart. 

Caroline was this take no shit kind of girl, and was not afraid to "tell it like it was". She knew how to put Rex in his place, and was always "real" with him. She came from the corporate world, the complete opposite from the life of the Hellion's MC. Little did she know that her two worlds had collided long before she even knew about it. 

Rex and Caroline were amazing together. They had this crazy kind of chemistry since day one and I loved seeing how it evolved throughout the book. Just goes to show you how opposites truly do attract. But Caroline's history isn't as innocent as you first think, and when it begins to unravel she feels as though her world is coming apart. The only thing that has been remaining a constant is Rex. He is there for Caroline, every step of the way and dead set on not allowing himself to make the same mistakes he did with Tessie. When feelings begin to come into play, neither of them know how to reel those feelings in and the reader is taken for one hell of a ride that is anything but innocent. 

Lies, deception, danger, love. You get it all in Innocent Ride. 

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