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✯Blog Tour Review w/Giveaway✯ Take (Scars of the Wraiths #1) by Nashoda Rose

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Book Title: Take (scars of the wraiths) 
Author: Nashoda Rose
  Genre: Paranormal Romance with Erotic Elements
Release Date: February 25, 2015
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Book Blurb
Feelings are a luxury I can’t afford. Hidden behind a shield of quiet placidity, I keep my secret safe from those who’d use it against me. Until him—the tatted up, self-centered Scar assassin hired to protect me. He takes pleasure in tormenting me, chipping away at my defenses as if I’m a toy to be played with. I hate that he continuously reminds me that I’m nothing more than a job. I hate that my body responds to his touch. I hate him.
 I’m not a good guy and I don’t pretend to be. Condemn me if you want, I don’t give a fuck. You’re nothing to me. No one is … except her—Max. She’s my target. And I was hired to do a hell of a lot more than protect her … I was hired to kill her. It should’ve been simple, but it was complicated as hell.
 *erotic paranormal romance.* Standalone full-length novel. Come meet the Scars. Scars: Immortal warriors with capabilities derived from the senses: Trackers, Sounders, Healers, Tasters, Visionaries, and the rare Reflectors. They each have what is known as an Ink, a tattoo that can be called life.

 ✯✯4 Scarred Stars!!✯✯

This is my first book by Nashoda Rose and it won't be my last! I was hooked from the minute I saw the cover. Then I saw it was a paranormal read and that made it that much better. She gave us Scars. They're Immortal Warriors who all have a different sense. Trackers, Sounders, Healers, Tasters, Visionaries and Reflectors which are rare. Then, there's Jasper who's a rogue Scar assassin. Man oh man!!

For years Max was held hostage by Drake. He is the last person you'd want anywhere near you. Max was kept by him for years until Xamien saved her. She's been living with him the past 4yrs. Xamien cares for Max and is the only person Max trusts. Max is quiet and lays low. She can not afford for her sense to get out. Max is a lot stronger and fierce she just doesn't let anybody know it.

Jasper has been watching Max for awhile now. He watches her in the garden or practicing her blades in Xamien backyard. The night they meet both of their lives turn upside down. Jasper disappears for 6 months after that. Max can't stop thinking about him. Can't stop dreaming of him or smelling him. Jasper doesn't keep her to far from him.

This is new for both of them. In their past both of them lost people that were extremely close to them. It haunts them constantly. Both Max and Jasper have cut off their emotions. They will not get close to someone. No matter how much they think about them.

Jasper life revolves around killing people and women. He doesn't give a damn at most of anything or anyone. He gets a call for a job. There is someone searching for Max. Someone old, powerful and very dangerous. Jasper has to get to Max take her and keep her save. If for some reason he can't keep her safe he must kill her!It definitely sounds a lot easier said then done.

The longer Max and Jasper spend together the harder his job is getting and their lives. Little by little Max wants to believe Max will keep her safe and everything will be OK. But, he just keeps proving to be the asshole that everyone claims he is. As for Jasper. The longer he spends with Max the fight inside him just keeps getting bigger. Max is tearing down the walls Jasper spent so hard to put up. They are starting to crumble and fast. Together and with a few other people that Jasper trusts they must fight to survive.

This book was fast paced. And, was done very well too. The other characters that were introduced I really liked. I hope we get a book for them. Nashoda is one author I'm looking forward to reading more from.


Jasper stopped, turned toward me, dragged his eyes down my front then yanked off his black t-shirt and tossed it to me.
I stared at his naked chest that was a hard slab of muscle with tats drawn across his left shoulder to link with the ones on his arm.
“Put it on. You stick out like a fuckin’ cotton candy with those stupid horse sparkles.”
I quickly put it on over top and it hung down to my mid-thigh. The scent of him drew into my lungs and I inhaled deeply with my chin down until I heard his distinct chuckle. Then I wanted to shoot myself in the foot.
Jasper’s hand came around the back of my neck and he jerked me toward him. He cupped my chin with his blade still in his hand so the handle was cold against my jaw. Then he leaned in and before I could take my next breath, his mouth was on mine.

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Meet the Author

Nashoda Rose is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave.
When she isn't writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dogs at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers and chatting about her addiction—books.
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