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✯Review✯ Step-Lover by Bella Jewel

Title: Step-Lover
Author: Bella Jewel
 Release Date: March 9, 2015



Intended for mature audiences only

I met him before I knew. 

I loved him before I knew. 

I didn’t know he was my stepbrother when I fell for Bladen. I fell for a mystery guy who I spent a long, amazing weekend with. Then he got up and left me, without even a goodbye. I was nothing more than a bit of fun. 

He broke my heart. 

I didn’t see him again. 

Until my mom and her new husband, Jack, decide to take us all on a family vacation to the lake so I can meet my new stepbrothers for the first time. 

I don’t see it coming. 

When he gets out of that car, my world stops. My passionate lover is…my stepbrother. 

He isn’t the same man. He’s a prick and he makes sure I know it. 

I’m not the same woman. I’m in love with him and I very much plan to make sure he knows it. 

He won’t make my life easy. I won’t give up.

4 Stars!
This was the second step-brother romance book that I have read, and I really enjoyed it. The characters were great, however I think I liked the brothers more than I liked Blade. 

I absolutely LOVED how when they first met and shared a weekend of fun together, they decided to not share their real names. That kept it fun and exciting and I could only imagine the thrill of it happening in real life. Aria and Blade had this instant connection which was extreme, but once the weekend ended Blade left her high and dry. No note, no goodbye…nothing. For a year Aria was unable to shake him from her thoughts. No one could compare, and nothing could erase the memories she had. 

When they are reunited a year later, only to find out that their parents are marrying, everything goes to hell. Blade acts like such an ass to Aria and it was so frustrating. I hated him with a passion at times, but the further you got into the story, the more his actions began to all make sense. The two of them are constantly trying to fight this unexplainable pull they have towards each other, continuously hurting one another in the process. Their relationship felt like a yo-yo constantly going up and down up and down. I loved the whole story between them, I only wish Blade had done more to redeem himself in the end. The chemistry was intense, and the sex was HOT which is probably why I found myself rooting for them however, even though I was unable to fully love him. 

Melanie, Aria's best friend, was such an amazing character. She reminds me so much of my best friends, fiercely loyal and always knows how to bring a smile to Aria's face. And Ripley, Blade's younger brother, I think he was my absolute favorite character in the book. 

I am very excited to find out there will be a spinoff about Melanie and Blade's other brother Brody. I have a feeling I will love that book like crazy!!!

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