Sunday, October 27, 2013

Unspoken Bonds by Michelle Grey ~Review~


Being summoned to the emergency room to interpret for deaf patients is nothing new for Rachel Mansfield. But finding herself interpreting for a scared, abandoned little girl with nothing but a note pinned to her shirt? Well, that’s a first.
An instant bond forms between them, and Rachel’s protective instincts kick into high gear as Lily’s mysterious past meets an uncertain future. As hours turn into days, Rachel’s biggest worry is that they won’t find Lily’s family. Until she meets Lily’s uncle, Garrett. Then he becomes her biggest worry.
Betrayed by his family, Garrett Staker knows his path. He’s plotted every step. And as he closes in on his most important business goal, one thing is certain -- his plan doesn’t include assuming responsibility for a niece who was presumed dead after his sister’s murder.
Despite the undercurrent of attraction, Rachel and Garrett are at odds over Lily’s future. But as Garrett’s business comes under attack from within, and the questions about Lily’s past loom larger, they must find a way to work together. Their lives, and Lily’s, depend on it.

I wanted to read this book ever since I finished Dangerous Ally (My review here). Michelle gave us a little preview & I HAD to read it. I emailed her asking her if I'd be able to read it. I literally did my happy, happy joy joy dance when she sent it to me. 

We start off with Rachel Mansfield getting a phone call about a deaf girl that was  abandoned at the hospital. When Rachel showed up she expected it to be just like every other case she's had. Except the minute she see's Lily she instantly has a connection with this little girl. Rachel agrees to take Lily home with her until they can find her family.

Garrett Staker can NOT believe what the lady on the other end of the phone was saying. His niece was dead!! His sister &  Lily had died. This lady was confused. Garrett walks into the diner and sees Lily and stops dead in his tracks. It was his niece. Lily was a spitting image of his sister. 

Rachel & Garrett don't get off on the right foot at all. Rachel is a very caring person. She lived her  entire life taking care of everyone else. Garrett is very hard headed. He has his own business & is very well off. He's very respected. The last thing he needs or wants is something getting in his way. Even if it's his beautiful, deaf niece.

After a really good business deal, Rachel finds herself packing and leaving everything behind to help Lily. Once Garrett, Rachel & Lily go home to Garrett's they quickly get into a routine. Garrett goes on with his life as if nothing has changed. Rachel  teaches Lily sign language & trying to get her to be more vocal. Rachel & Garrett go back and forth like a old married couple. Rachel finally gets it thru Garrett's thick skull that Lily needs him around. They don't know where she was the past year or how she became deaf. She does know that Lily needs her uncle. 

After going back & forth to the Dr's for Lily's hearing. Garrett & Rachel form a bond. A bond that either of them expected. They're not even sure if they should act on it. Or even how to.  They both have Lily's best interest's in mind. Then comes along Jack. Garrett's best friend. You'll LOVE him!! I'm super stoked he's getting his own story next!!!! Jack agrees to look into the death of Lily's mom. To see if they can figure out what happened.

Garrett & Rachel decide to take Lily on vacation. While on vacation. Rachel & Garrett's relationship started to heat up. Then, Garrett gets a phone call. Someone is sabotaging his company!!!

Rachel & Garrett go back and forth the whole book. Just as they were getting close. One of them put up their wall. The walls they've had up most of their lives. I spent more time yelling at my nook telling them to kiss already!!! Hahaha!!! They also go back & forth with trying to come up with what's best for Lily. What's best for them. They kept trying to figure out their feelings. But, the worst part. They have to figure out who's after Garrett, Rachel & Lily. Rachel, Garrett & Jack won't stop until everybody is safe. Esp, Lily!!

I couldn't put this book down. When I tell you their was suspense on every page!! I LOVED every character! And, Lily....... I adore Lily. I loved watching her grow. I loved seeing her personality come out more & more as the story went on. She had such special bonds with both Garrett & Rachel. This is a book you MUST read. You won't be disappointed!!!

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to share Jack's story with you.