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Running Home by Tara Hardenbrook Blog Tour Review & Promo With GIVEAWAY


Carmen always had a wild streak about her while growing up in this small town. Everyone use to say her only saving grace in this world was her best friend Walker who tried to keep the flighty girl grounded. But life was too big for her to live in this one stop light kind of town; she had dreams and wants that could take her anywhere but staying there. Anything was better than being stuck in the perpetuating cycle of being born and dying in this hell hole she called the reality of a small town girl.
Walker was the only anchor that could hold her home, she lived for that boy. So how do you explain to someone that staying there would only suffocate the possibilities of making a better life for oneself? Running away was the only option, and leaving a piece of her heart with him would keep her strong out in the real world, at least she hoped it would.

After years of trying to make it on her own, struggling through life and trying to stay clean, the only reality she sees at surviving now is going back to the place she tried so hard to break free from. Unsure if her old life is willing to accept the choices she has made, the lone thought that matters to her is hoping she still has the only man she has counted on her entire life in her corner. You can always go home, but will they be willing take you back?

Author Bio:

T.A. Hardenbrook currently resides in Spokane Washington with her husband and two young boys. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education as well as her license in Cosmetology in which she still does part time.
Her days include being the family chauffer and referee, all while trying to become the perfect domestic goddess one strives for. Her family of four also includes a very loving American pit bull terrier, a wirehaired dachshund, a corn snake, and an American cavy (Which her oldest son shows at ARBA/ACBA events).
Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, life became a struggle and she found learning to adapt was not an easy task. Luckily with the help of daily medication, life is slowly returning back to normal. Having the opportunity to write a novel at this time was a huge boost of confidence in dealing with the disorder, being able to use her hands and type, was therapy for the soul.

Please remember to never let anything stand in front of your dreams.


I'm going to start off with telling you this is a MUST-READ!! From the first to last page you felt every emotion that Tara Hardenbrook was writing. I would LOVE to see this become a LifeTime Movie.

We start off with Carmen Westin & Walker Mason who are best friends & secretly in love with each other.
As they prepare to graduate high school they are heading in different directions. Carmen who's had a hard childhood wants nothing more then to see her name in lights. Walker on the other hand. He wants Carmen to see him the same way that he see's her. Carmen keeps telling Walker that once they graduate that she's out of South Dakota for good. Walker tries his hardest to get her to stay with him.  The day they graduate Walker looks all over for Carmen. As he's driving down the road that's when it happens. He see's Carmen getting into the truck, and driving out of his life forever!!

Over the next 6 years their lives lead COMPLETELY different life styles...

I'll start with Walker. He was absolutely devastated when Carmen walked out of his life. Without even a goodbye, a letter or anything. He went on to join the police department.& is on the search and rescue team. Waylon is his partner and boy is he lazy. He only moves when you give beggin strips. Oh, I forgot to mention that Waylon's a dog. Walker tries his hardest to find love again. But, he always compares them to Carmen. Until he meets Sadie... He finally has found love

Carmen has moved to Los Angeles to try and make it big, and to finally have her name in lights. She gets a job being a waitress at a strip club. She was a excellent flirt. Unfortunately, the money wasn't enough. After her coworkers/roommates talk her into becoming a stripper. She gets on the stage and falls in love with the money. Carmen finally makes enough to buy herself a Jeep and a brand new pair of boobs!! She then starts doing porn. Carmen is the hottest porn star around. Her name is known all over in the industry. She makes movie after movie. Wins awards! Then, the director asks her if she wants to make even MORE  money. By becoming an escort.

Walker has found love when he wasn't expecting it. Him & Waylon are the best search and rescue team around. After being with Sadie a little over a year he decides to ask her to marry him. Of course she says "YES" Walker still thinks of Carmen and hopes she's doing OK. Sadie & Walker take the next year planning their wedding & fixing up the farm house to move into the night of their wedding. Everything is all  set and he's waiting for Sadie to show up. Except she never does. And, for the 2nd time in his life. He's left heartbroken...

Carmen is now an escort. She goes out with guys to be the pretty, quiet date. Then, be the perfect lay. Get the good tip and start again tomorrow. Her life was perfect. She has the most expensive clothes, jewelry. Everything a girl could want and more. That is until she gets addicted to prescription drugs.

After getting into a lot of trouble. There was only 1 person Carmen could call. The one person who always was there for her. The only person she ever really loved. Walker.

Now that Walker & Carmen are back in each others lives it's not that easy. Carmen is screwed up big time. She needs a lot of help. Now, she's back home and she needs Walker, his family & her grandma. All the feelings that Walker & Carmen felt before come rushing back. But, can they act on it before they both fix their lives.

Tara Harenbrook did a excellent job making you really feel for the characters in this book. When  they hurt you hurt. I felt every emotion in this book. Once you pick it up. You won't put it down until you're finished

"Carmen, you are so beautiful. I want you and only you.. Please tell me you want this too? I've wanted  you for so long now; I don't think I can stop if you don't say no right now."

"I can't promise it's going to be easy being back home, but I can say I will be here for you when you need it. This is your home Carmen. This town, these people, and even this old yellow house. Let us help you."

"I can wait Carmen, and I will wait. Once we have you fixed then we can try again. Take all the time in the world, I'm not going anywhere."

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