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Fated Truth~
Living in a world never truly meant for her, Ella Reese has tried her whole life to fit into the mold her parents wanted, and not stand out in a small town where gossip reigned supreme. Despised for what she is, she will be lucky to make it through her senior year intact and spending time with her two best friends would be a major bonus. However, Fate intervenes and Ella suddenly finds herself thrust into an odyssey where she not only discovers she is a powerful Goddess Touched True Witch but a life mate has also been chosen for her. In love with her soul mate and reunited with a family who accepts her, Ella's world falls apart when Fate deals her a horrific blow. As she travels the path Fate has set her on, she must uncover her true self or die trying.


Lily of the Valley~
This isn't a sweet and innocent coming of age story. If dirty talk, bedroom toys, and threesomes offend you... this is not your book. There are also no billionaires, strippers, or virgins. This is just the story of typical college kids trying to connect to each other. 

Although Jack's story was written after Lily's, they occur simultaneously and can be read in any order. 

You met them in Forget Me Not. Now, hear Jack’s story. 

Plagued by a dark past, Jack sees college as a way out. Desperate to escape the area where he grew up, the people who know his secrets, and his own family, he deals with his problems through alcohol and meaningless sex. 

When he first sees Lily, she’s the epitome of everything he hates. Yet something about her makes Jack rethink everything he knows and assumes about other people. Now, with the help of his best friend and lover, Jack has to decide if he wants to pursue something that he knows will only end badly. 

Can Lily be one of the few people who can see Jack for who he really is – or will his darkness be too much for her to handle?


*Due to sexual content and language, this book is recommended for 17+. Some of the content was previously released under book title No Strings*

Two broken people seeking solace from their painful pasts meet at a poignant time in their lives. 

Indi Devereux is a gifted music student recovering from the betrayal of a callous parent who had put her life in danger out of some deranged idea of revenge. Xander Keats is famous rock star who is about to head into a loveless marriage all to keep his hard-hearted father happy.

Can an anonymous holiday affair truly be the answer or will it only end in tears?

Neither were interested in anything long term but sometimes life doesn't always go to plan.

Starstruck is book one of seven in the Fusion series. This ends on a cliffhanger and needs to be read as part of a series. 

Book two, Infamous will be available in December. The story is about Caden and Livvie but ties in with a continuation of Indi and Xander's story as well. That book can be read as part of the series or separate.

Book three, Stardom will be available in February. The book covers the rest of Indi and Xander's. That book can be read as part of the series or separate.

Fusion is a book series of five band mates and their separate stories before and after a catastrophic event that both brings them closer together, but also tears them apart.

                                                      AMAZON / B&N

Sometimes love has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with karma…

Marcy Paget worked full-time putting her husband through University. When he finally became a success, he dumped her for a trophy wife more than ten years younger, leaving Marcy to raise their four year old daughter on her own.

Even though Marcy knows she is better off alone than with a cheating husband who doesn't love her, she is still struggling to make ends meet.

When an ethical dilemma presents itself she makes a choice - never realizing the incredible karmic chain of events that will follow her decision. . .


There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:

1. His existence was a mistake.

2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.

3. He loves her anyway.



I Kissed a Playboy~
With financial cuts at the local hospital directly effecting her twin brother's serious disorder, young secretary Faith Spires finds herself on a panel organizing a charity auction. She doesn't mind being auctioned for a good cause, of course. What she does mind is the drunk and disheveled billionaire who just won the bidding! 

Playboy billionaire, Brian Porterhouse, has become vilified in the press as a result of his bad boy, womanizing, arrogant reputation. In an attempt to gain favor with the public and reignite his fading celebrity status, his PR agent convinces him to bid at the hospital charity auction. 

With an abundance of sexual tension and overwhelming temptation lurking with each encounter, will Faith remain committed to her cause and change the bad boy or will the gorgeous Brian Porterhouse lure her into his wealthy, carefree, luxurious lifestyle?


A Beautiful Struggle~
*** ADULT CONTENT WARNING *** contains sex scenes not suitable for under 18s

Katrina Mahoney has a very full life attending university to study a law degree, training for triathlons and now she is working part time as well. She couldn’t possibly find time for a relationship, especially after her last one ended so catastrophically.

Right now she is content focusing on work, study and training while hanging out with her best friend David Taylor, a womaniser with a heart of gold that would do anything for Katrina – except watch her get hurt again.

That is, until the dashing Elliot Roberts, a junior solicitor from her work, shows an interest in her despite their office’s ‘No Dating’ policy. 

Katrina struggles with following her heart or following her mind and has trouble seeing where her heart truly lies.

                                                        AMAZON / B&N

Selling Scarlett~

Elizabeth DeVille doesn't belong at a party like this - one where the gowns cost more than her Camry and cigars run higher than her grad school utility bills. Dragged out of seclusion by her best friend Suri, Elizabeth is merely playing dress-up, rubbing elbows with a crowd that banished her troubled family years ago.

Hunter West is tired. Tired of parties, tired of pretending, and tired of trying to right a wrong that haunts him every day. Bourbon heir and professional poker player by day, by night Hunter is gambling with his life in a high-stakes game of crime and blackmail. 

When Elizabeth stumbles into Hunter's den of vices, she's a light in the darkness, a flame in the void. And, just like everything he touches, Hunter mars her in a record time. To rectify the damage done, Elizabeth needs money she doesn't have, and she's come up with a foolproof way to get it.

Follow Elizabeth - code-named Scarlett - to the lush Nevada brothel where she'll auction her virginity and risk the only thing that's not for sale: her heart. The highest bidder is a familiar face, with wicked hands and the devil's mouth. And a secret so dark that it could cost her life.

**Mature Content Warning** Not recommended for readers under the age of 17 due to mature language, sexual content, and violence.

Selling Scarlett is a full-length novel of 107,000 words. It has a complete happily-ever-after ending with no cliffhanger. It's the first Love Inc. novel, featuring a different couple in each novel.

                                                    AMAZON / B&N

Shine On~
Emmie Talbot is a quintessential good girl. 
Smart, Southern, Kind
Church Goer
Small Town Seamstress
Aspiring Teacher
A Misguided Moonshiner

Emmie's sole purpose in life was taking care of her moonshine loving step-father. When he is killed in a fiery crash on their farm, she is left alone and frustrated with a mountain of debt. Working as a seamstress for a crazy-old-coot shopkeeper is not the kind of life she had imagined for herself. 

The curious events that surround her step-father’s death send Emmie on a quest for answers. Answers that lead to a dangerous secret tucked away on her property. Stumbling on a moonshine still was an unfortunate event for most folks in the hills of Kentucky. She was lucky not to have been shot on the spot. Emmie saw hope in the steam escaping the curved copper pipe of "Ole Maizy". However, a series of mishaps put her front and center in a local moonshine war.

In the midst of chaos, Emmie is befriended by an attorney recently transported from Chicago. Silas McDowell is a man seeking some answers of his own. In an attempt to find a little roaring twenties glamour in the small town, he introduces Emmie to the underground world of Speakeasies and Blind Pigs. Loyalty, lies, and murder conspire to push Silas and Emmie together or rip them apart. Cloaked in secrets and unsure whom to trust, Emmie must decide to drown in darkness or find a way to Shine On.

                                                       AMAZON / B&N

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