Tuesday, October 29, 2013

His Ever After by Jessica Ingro Blog Tour


All is fair in love and war.

 Jacob Matthews learned that lesson the hard way when he discovered just how far some people will go to win someone’s heart.

 When fate brought Samantha Monroe back into Jacob’s life, he finally started to believe that his world was going to be complete. He loves Sam with the kind of intensity that burns deep and scalds your very soul. But fate had other ideas in mind, forcing him into a life filled with cold touches, long silences and complete misery.

 Brooke Dugan had to have Jacob Matthews. It didn’t matter that he was in love with someone else, she always got what she wanted. And what she wanted was Jacob. Brooke vowed that she would stop at nothing until Jacob was tied to her forever… in both life and death.

 Find out what happens when lies are revealed and the bitter truth comes out. Hearts will be broken and bonds will be tested.

 Everyone is worthy of love – even Jacob, but can he find his happily ever after?

Melanie's Review


I'm not going to lie...when I first started reading this book I was not happy. I almost came close to being pissed because the beginning started out pretty much exact to the first book except from Jacob's POV and I must say I am sooo not a fan of sequels like that. In fact, it really drives me nuts!!! But that came and went very, very fast and it quickly became a continuation of the first book!!!

Besides my issue with the very, very beginning of the book which really ended up being a non-issue, this book was PERFECT!!! I loved everything about it! It would be impossible to get bored reading this book...there was so much going on but not too much. I liked the story line in this book even better than the first book.

As much as I wanted to hate Jacob after book 1 I just couldn't. I actually felt very bad for him. He just wants to find love but he does not realize he deserves much more than he is settling for. In this book you get to follow Jacob through many highs and lows in his life and you get to see what a very kind, caring and loving person he actually is.

"Listen, Kara. I'm the big, bad, mother f*cking wolf. You've been shaking that fine, little a$$ of yours in my face all night. Either bend over and take it or get the f*ck away from me." She needs to know I'm not the nice guy she thinks I am. I'm the lowest of the low. I'm a killer."

" 'Why do you call me sunshine?" She asks with her eyes still closed. "Before you, all I knew was darkness. You brought the light into my life." She gifts me with a warm smile and with that, I finally feel at peace again."


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