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Arranged (Arranged #1) by Sara Wolf Review

Goodreads Synopsis:

When Rose Jensen’s grandfather dies, he leaves her enough money to save her parents’ failing business and get her through UCLA. The only catch – she has to marry Lee Montenegro, the infuriating half-Spanish, all-playboy transfer. Rose and Lee’s grandfathers were fast friends, and betrothed their grandchildren to each other. 

Lee wants the money to run from his suffocating family, and turns his full burning charisma on Rose, but she won’t give in. She’ll never marry someone she doesn't love, and who doesn't love her. But memories of a mysterious boy in her childhood haunt her, and Lee insists they know each other. With her parent’s pressures mounting, her scholarship slipping, and Lee’s advances heating up with more than just money-lust, Rose is torn between doing the right thing for her family, and doing the right thing for her heart.

**This story contains language and sexual scenes, some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers.

**This is the first book in the ARRANGED series.

Please, someone pick my jaw up off the floor!! This is the 1st book I've read from Sara Wolf. After reading this book. It will NOT be my last.

Rose is 19yrs old. Going to UCLA. Never had a boyfriend. Never been kissed. Has dreams of owning her own bakery. Rose is able to go to school on scholarships. Her life is extremely boring. She has no friends except for Jenn, the punk rocker. Rose is a loner and excepts it. 

Then one night she bumps into Lee. Lee just transferred to UCLA from Spain. She bumps into him as he's sneaking out of another girl's dorm room. Rose instantly hates him.  After calling him a pervert and slamming a door in his face. Rose goes to cafeteria where Jenn works to have breakfast to run into him again!! After Lee & Jenn go back and forth go Rose goes to  class. Then, she gets a voice mail from her mom telling her that her grandfather died.

This is where the story got interesting!! Rose goes home to find out that her parent's business is failing. And, they're really close to filing bankruptcy. While Rose is at the funeral, her grandfather's lawyer gives Rose a card telling her to meet him after the funeral about her grandfather's will.

When Rose shows up at the meeting, there's a couple older men there and Lee!! Now, Rose is officially confused. Her grandfather's lawyer gives her a letter from her grandfather. Her grandfather's letter tell her that the week she was born he made a business deal that made him a lot of money. So, he thinks it's only fair to give the money to Rose. But, as we all know you don't get anything for free. So, what's the catch... Being that her grandfather & Lee's grandfather both earned this money. The ONLY way that Rose can get her 1/2 of the money is she has to marry Lee for at least 3 months. After 3 months if Rose & Lee aren't happy they can divorce and go their own ways. The only word that comes to my mind is WHAT!!!!

Rose storms out and ends up at the club where Jenn's band is playing. She ends up meeting Jenn's girlfriend Grace. The tall, beautiful model. Who's extremely funny. Oh yea. She's also Lee's sister!! They go back to Grace & Lee's apartment after to hang out. Grace drags Rose to her photo shoot the next morning. They dress up Rose & make her take pics w/Grace. When Lee see's Rose all dolled up he literally looses his breath.

Rose & Lee start hanging out. Rose realizes that he's not as bad as she originally thought. But, she keeps asking herself why someone like Lee would like someone like her. He swears up & down that they knew each other when they were younger. And, that he's been in love with her his entire life! Rose is so conflicted. She really truly wants to believe that he can love her and isn't using her to get the money.

Just as Rose lets her walls down & starts to let her feelings for Lee take over. She realizes she can marry him and at the end of the  3 months she can take care of her parents & brother. Now, I'm thinking this is great!! Lee & Rose will get married, her family won't have to worry anymore. Lee will be finally free from his dirtbag father. Everything will be perfect!!

I honestly should of known better!! Because, just like every other FairyTale I've read. In walks the wicked witch of the east. Her name is Keira!!!  I can honestly say I've never hated someone in a story as much as I dislike her!! 

After a conversation with Keira, Rose's world is absolutely turned upside down & inside out like 10 times!! Literally, just when I thought  I really, really  couldn't hate her more!! UGH, is the ONLY thing I can say.. 

Now, this is where my heart broke & where my Nook almost went up against the wall! Here it is in one word.... CLIFFHANGER!! The book ended!! Holy cow!! I have read a bunch of books with cliffhangers before. But, I've never had one that made me as mad as this one. LOL.. If and I mean WHEN you read this. Make sure you have book 2 already purchased & ready to go. Because, trust me you're going to need it!! This book is most certain going on My favorite pile!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

" Since the first time we ran into each other, every girl's bed I've slept in, I've wished with all my heart it was yours instead. Every touch, every moan, every sensation, I imagined was coming from you. Because of you. Do you know what that does to a person's mind? I'm insane now. Insane because of you."

" And you saved me. You saved my life, Rose. And even if you don't remember that, I do. You saved my life. So I want to make yours better- no, the best. I want you to have the best food and the best laughs and the best sex. I want you to have the best of everything."

" I love you," He pants. I love you, Rose Jensen. Don't ever fucking doubt that again."

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