Sunday, May 29, 2016

✯Review✯Deeper: Descent(The Deeper Chronicles #2)by Allyn Lesley


He’s been a pawn in a game all along...

The King of New York is back. And now, he’s got a Queen on his arm. Just when Noah Adams and Avi Linton are finally settling in to their “happily ever after,” another evil is preparing to make a move. This time, the game just got a little more dangerous and nobody will come out unharmed. Determined to protect her at all costs, Noah puts his life on the line for the only woman who ever mattered to him. But that might not be enough.

When the past begins to threaten their future, Avi and Noah must fight for their present. But can they battle against their enemy without descending deeper into danger?

 ✯✯4 Deeper Stars!!!✯✯

I felt like  I was never going to get my hands on this book. I knew when I finished reading Deeper that there was more to the story. More to Noah. I needed to know it.  It was definitely worth the wait.

This picked up right where Deeper left off. Avi and Noah are back together and trying to move forward. But, it's not going to be easy. Noah might of taken care of Ido. But, that's not his only competition or enemy around. Noah plans on finding out the person/people who were working with him. With Ido out of the picture he has no idea where the next attack or threat is coming from. That scares him.

Noah and his buddy make calls out to every ally they have to help them. They learn rather quickly some of what and who is after them. But, not before seeing how they're going to get to Noah the best way possible. Avi. Noah will do anything to protect her. Before it's too late. 

Noah totally had no boundaries when it came to Avi. Including things that had to change him forever. If something was to ever happen to me I'd 110% want and Noah and the guys to do what they do to find me and in time before something happened. Bc, to him he'll kill to get to those he loves to protect them. 

I loved how we got a good look into Noah's past. We learned a lot about his childhood and his family. I still can't stand how over the top alpha man he is. I swear I'd smother him in the middle of the night with my pillow. There were times I was begging Avi to pack up her things and tell him where to go.I get he has his reasons for acting certain ways. But, the demanding and talking to her like she has no say in anything. Man, it made me see red! But, it was also Avi's fault as well. If she would've put her foot down at times. Maybe he'd think twice. 

But, all in all I liked this book. Finished it quick. I was glad Allyn gave us answers. Filled in the blanks. But,then left me with new questions and blanks that need to be filled. I hope we get the next book soon!

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  1. Stefanie
    Thank YOU so much for your kind and honest review. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)