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✯Release Review w/Giveaway✯Bayward Street by Addison Jane

Title: Bayward Street 
Author: Addison Jane
Genre: Young Adult Romance/Coming of Age
 Release Date: May 19, 2016


The law said I was a runaway.
I preferred the term survivor.
After being broken down and emotionally tortured for fifteen years, I made a choice to change the path that my life was on.
It left me alone, homeless and scared, but alive.
The streets were where I found my family. A group of kids like me who society had failed to protect.
We weren't teenagers anymore – we were a statistic, a nuisance, the scum on the bottom of the city’s shoe.

When he showed up that night, I never expected to feel the things I did.
He was honest and protective and he saw straight through the hardened exterior that I had created.
He made me want to fight for something better.
I could run, go back to the street and continue risking my life just to live.
But now, being offered something more, I wasn't sure if I could go back without at least a taste of what it was like.
We came from two completely different worlds, but they were about to collide. And I was about to learn that maybe the grass really wasn't that much greener on the other side.

                ✯5 Crazy Beautiful Stars!!!✯✯

Five stars is not enough for this book. I haven't read a YA book in awhile. And, it was such a great read. I loved how it wasn't your typical romance story. It was written so good that more then half the time I forgot that the book was about teenagers and not a bunch of adults.

Fable does not have any easy life. She's had a pretty terrible life. Her father was both mentally and physically abusive to both her and her mom. Her mother was pretty much useless. Never stood up for herself or for Fable. When the judge ordered she return home with her parents, Fable knew she'd never walk out of that house alive. So, Fable ran.

Now, Fable is living over on Bayward Street. It's lined with tents where she's found her place. Things aren't easy. But, Fable has made friends who have become her family. Every single one of them are there for their own reasons. But, none of that matters to the other. They look after each other. 

Fable wasn't prepared for Heath to enter her life. Heath and his brother Brayden entered her life at the perfect timing. When they say people come into your life for a reason. It was true for Fable. Heath and Brayden didn't look down on Fable and her friends. They are not like Fable. Their parents are extremely, extremely rich. But, they don't act it.

Heath and Fable had such a strong connection from the second they met. Heath wanted to protect, save, love and care for Fable. He didn't want anything in return from her except for her to be happy, safe and with him. It wasn't only him. His family, the Carson's Arthur, Helen, Brayden and sister Flick. They are the kindest, sweetest, kind hearted, selfless people. They took Fable into their lives, home and most importantly into their hearts. They  were there for her and her friends.

 Fable is an extremely strong young woman. She fought for what she believed in. Not only for herself but for everyone she cared about. Heath's parents were amazing as well. His father wasn't in as much as everyone else. But, when he was.. WOW! Helen was an angel. She raised incredible kids. Helen I can go on & on about. But, I won't.

 I've read Addison Jane before. But, this is something completely different from her. It was  a book full of roller coaster emotions. Every single person in this story was  important and all had stories that must be told. Hear that Addison... I need their stories!! I'm relying on you to give them to me. I'm serious when I say buy and start this book today!! It deserves so many more stars then 5.

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“I’m sure teenage boys are supposed to be covered in acne and full of awkwardness,” Lay whispered.

“They obviously missed that memo,” I replied dryly.

Both their heads popped up when they heard us across the pool. Braydon grinned widely and put his fingers into his mouth, letting out a loud wolf whistle. “Hey baby, you come here often?” he called, followed by deep laughter.

Layla raised her middle finger at him. “Don’t be a pig, rich boy.”

Braydon pretended to grab his heart like she’d just broken it, and fell sideways into the pool, the water bursting around him. Layla threw herself in after him, pressing on his head as he attempted to come to the surface and laughing manically.

Heath walked around the pool, a rare smile on his face. “A couple of meetings and those two think they're siblings,” I commented, trying to avoid looking at him because every time I did I just stared in awe.

Heath chuckled. “I don’t think Bray sees it that way.”

I wanted to ask him what he meant, but before I could, he took my hand and led me to the steps that disappeared into the pool. I walked in beside him, the water was cool, but not cold—more like the warmth of a bath after you climb out. I gripped Heath's hand tighter as he walked me further and further, the water rising to up around my waist and my feet beginning to float off the ground.

Water splashed around us, and the air was filled with laughter as Bray and Layla continued their epic battle for dominance.

I took a step back but he wound his arms around my waist and held me still. “It's fine. I'm right here.” He smiled down at me, it was comforting and I couldn't help but smile back.

“You're always so serious, but that grin hasn't left your mouth since you got out here.”

I squeaked when he lifted me off my feet and pressed my legs so they wound around his waist. My arms went straight to his neck and I clung to him like a monkey. He waded further into the water.

“Heath, stop,” I warned as his feet left the ground and he kept us afloat purely by his own strength. The water made me feel weightless and soon he didn't even need to hold me up, using his arms as well to tread the water.

“Heath…” The warning was harsher now as I stared at him in shock, realizing just how far we were from the side of the pool.

“Are you scared?” he asked, only slightly breathless even as he worked to keep us afloat.

Was I scared?

“Not really.”

“Why not?”

I knew the answer he was looking for, I could see it in his eyes and his face. He wanted me to say it. He knew it was already true.

“Because I trust you.”

Author Bio

Addison Jane is a born and bred kiwi girl with a passion for romance and writing.

When she gets the chance she enjoys the little things in life such as reading, dancing, music, and Facebook, but her world really revolves around the little girl who calls her Mum. It's an awkward balance between alpha males and Disney princesses but it works.

Growing up on a small farm next to the beach will always make her a country girl at heart. But since moving away to a small town close to the city she's discovered a dangerous love for shopping.

Writing stories has been something that's come naturally since she was young, and with the massive support of her friends and family, she finally decided to step out of her comfort zone and share them with the world.

She enjoys bringing her books to life with strong female leads, sexy passionate men and a rollercoaster of twists and turns that lead to the happily ever after that her readers desire.

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