Friday, July 11, 2014

✯Review✯Just One Night by Caridad Pineiro

A New Adult Erotic Romance novella

He has just one night to prove to her that anything is possible . . . 

Jason Hart, Jase to his friends, has just graduated college and earned his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. It's the night of the graduation party and she'll be there. His best friend's slightly older sister, Nickie. Nickie is the only woman he's really wanted for a long time. He has just one night to make it happen. 

She has just one night before the man of her dreams leaves, maybe forever, but can she find the courage to take a chance . . . 

Nicole de Salvo has been in love – and lust – for her little brother’s best friend for years. For years she’s watched from afar and done nothing about her attraction for Jason Hart only now their time together is almost at an end. On their last night together will she find the courage to do something about her feelings, or will she live with regret for the rest of her life?

✯✯4 Hot, Steamy Stars!!✯✯

This is my first book by Caridad Pineiro and it will not be my last. I'm usually not a fan of novellas simply because I feel like the story usually feels like it's rushed and that annoys the heck out of me. With Just One Night it definitely didn't feel rushed. Even though I wish it wasn't a novella, because I would of liked more of Jase & Nickie story. I wish I could of gotten flashbacks of them when they were growing up and just started having feelings for each other. And, how hard it was to fight off the attraction. But, after reading this I can see why Caridad is  a NY Times and USA Today Bestseller. When I was done with this I didn't feel like I was missing anything.

Nickie is heading to her brothers college graduation. She is looking forward to going for one major reason. Jase. Her brothers best friend. They all grew up together and for as long as she can remember  she's been fighting on acting on her feelings for Jace. She only has tonight to either step up and make the move. Or keep her mouth shut & go on life without him. He is a  Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps and is shipping out. Nickie isn't sure she'll ever see him again. So, for her it MUST be tonight!!

Jase has been best friends with Tommy his whole life. Their families have become like one big happily family. Tommy's family is a whole lot richer then his. But, you'd never know it. Tommy is having a huge party for their graduation. But, the only thing Jase is worried about is Nickie. He has been in love with her for as long as he can remember. But, never acted on it out of respect for his best friend. Now, that he knows he's shipping out does he act upon it?

It is obvious to anybody within 100ft of Jase & Nickie know they have feelings for each other. What nobody knows is why they have waited this long to act upon it. So, when Tommy goes up to Jase and tells him "It's time to go big or go home." Jase knows it's tonight that everything changes forever. He's just hoping it's the way he wants!

This novella was far from boring. It was hot hot hot!! I really loved Nickie & Jase. Nickie is totally not the  one night stand kind of girl. Neither is Jase. After their night they have a lot of decisions to make. Trust me. You will not be disappointed!! I am going to just put this out there for Caridad. I NEED a full length book of these two next please!!

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