Monday, December 26, 2016

✯Review✯NOWHERE(Crimson Outlaws MC #1)by Bink Cummings


On the outside my life seems simple. I'm an average woman with a love for motorcycles. A high school teacher who's a single mother. But what you don't know is what lingers just beneath the surface...
The desires
The needs. 
This hunger that can never be fully satiated. 
Part of me knows it's bad. That I shouldn't crave what I do. But the other half doesn't give a fu*k. 
I'm split in two. Which is how I've spent most of my life. 
Torn in half by conflicting emotions. By the man I desire, but shouldn't. By the secrets that I hide from almost everyone. 
One day, everything changes... 
My world is turned upside down and I'm left falling... 
Falling toward something special. 
Toward a sense of belonging that I find in the strangest of places. With someone I never thought I'd be with in my wildest dreams.

I'm Gwen Donovan and this is my journey to love and self acceptance. 
Let's just hope, that in the end, it doesn't bite me in the ass.

Warning: Contains shameless adult sexual content, taboo situations, graphic violence, profanity that'd make your grandmother blush, a woman who has multiple orgasms, a vast array of possible triggers including past sexual assault so expect anything. And whatever the hell else that makes it unsuitable for folks under the age of 18.

This is NOT a Standalone.
Part 1 of a Duology. 

81k Words in Length.

✯5 Crimson Stars!!!

Bink Cummings.. Oh My Goodness. I have been a fan of hers since the very first book she published. I absolutely love her writing style. When I'm reading her books I feel like the characters are sitting in front of me and we're talking. NOWHERE was no different. **sigh**

Gwen is a single mother,  a teacher, a daughter, a step-sister and a friend. Gwen is a good girl. Her life wasn't always easy. But, she's had her mother, step-father and most importantly her step-brother Nash. Nash has always been there for Gwen AKA Gweenie to him.

Gwen like most people has needs. Needs she gets taken care of once a month. She doesn't go just anywhere. Nash is the VP of the Crimson Outlaws MC. Nash and his brothers help Gwen get her needs fulfilled every month.

Thats not only Gwen's secrets. She goes away on her yearly vacation. She loves getting to spend time with her friends and being free. But, there is one person she can do without when she gets there. Wes. Gwen absolutely can do without Wes. 

Wes comes to Gwen with a bet that she just can't turn down. Gwen didn't think she'd loose it. Now, she's stuck being around Wes longer and more then she'd want. But, when she meets Garrett things start to look up. 

The more time Gwen spends around Wes she realizes there is more to him then she thought. Gwen's time with Wes is coming to an end. But, nothing as it was before. Her heart is torn 2 different directions. 

OMG.. This book was am-azing!!! It was less then 7 minutes after I started it and I was SO hot and extremely bothered LMAO. But, seriously Bink upped her kink level. I am so utterly torn between Nash and Wes it's unbelievable!! 

Nash and Wes couldn't be more different and yet so similar. It makes it hard to pick one over the other. Then, the ending..  Really??!! I need part 2 and now. Bink killed it again!!

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