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✯Review✯Can't Walk Away(The Thomas Family Chronicles #1) by Ashlee Taylor


Christianna Thomas only wanted a break from her boring life… 

But when she wakes up in a strange hotel room with absolutely no memories of what transpired, she has no other choice but to return to her writing career, plagued by dreams of an enigmatic, silver-eyed man. 

Nicholas Prescotti is haunted by flashes of a breathtaking beauty he can’t believe is real… 

He tries to force her from his mind and focus on his obligations to his powerful family, but when he crosses paths with his mystery woman again, he is driven to uncover the truth about that night. 

They find something they never anticipated…and much more than they bargained for. 

As a result of their first forgotten meeting and Nico’s determination to seize the reins of his own life, family ties are severed and allies become rivals. When trust is betrayed and events are set in motion, Nico and Christianna find themselves in grave danger just when they should be happiest. 

When confronted with secrets and deadly agendas threatening the lives of those she loves most, will Christianna leave Nico? 

Or will she discover she can’t walk away…

 ✯✯4 Fast Paced Stars!!✯✯

I have been waiting for what feels like forever to read this book. This book was non-stop action from start to finish. Just when I thought I knew what was coming or what to expect. Yup. I was wrong every single time! Ashlee gave us Christiaanna AKA Angel Thomas and Nicholas AKA Nico Prescotti. They both come from strong, wealthy powerful families. Both Nicholas and Cristiaanna would do anything for their families and the people they love. 

Nicholas and Christiaana spend a fantastic passionate night together. A night that was unlike anything either of them have ever had before. It was instant love. There's a connection they've never felt before. There's only one problem. Neither one of them can remember it. They both get flashes of the night. As fast as it comes is as fast as it disappears. The only reason Christiaana knows that it happened is because she's pregnant. 

For almost 2yrs these two strangers wished they could remember that night. Nicholas comes from a powerful Italian family. He's about to takeover as head of his family. Which means he's expected t do things to strengthen the family. Nicholas just wants to find her.

When he must go to an important dinner he sees her. The woman that's been haunting his dreams for the past 16 months. Nicholas can not believe it. When he tracks down Christiaana down neither one of them were prepared for what was going to happen,

Nicholas falls instantly in love with Christiaana and their daughter. He went from a guy who demands respect and attention when walking into a room and not ever having the words married and children enter his head. To now wanting to spend all day and night with his girls. Nicholas plans on spending the rest of his life making up for their time spent apart.

As Nicholas and Christiaana spend more time together the crazier things get. They learn quickly that their father's are childhood friends. The more time they spend together the more pieces of their night together comeback. Little by little they're putting everything together. Nicholas is also struggling with somethings. He's always accepted he'd take over the family when his dad is ready to step down. But, now that he has Christiaana and their daughter he's not so sure what to do. But, when somebody or somebodies has decided to go after what Nicholas loves the most. Things get crazy. Nicholas must find out the person or people responsible for going after the people he loves the most before it's too late.

This book was non-stop action and drama. I fell in love with Nicholas. I loved how he was a big bad man who got respect and was feared from everyone. But, when he was in daddymode and boyfriend he was a huge big ball of mush. And, Christiaana I don't normally love love the head female in a book. But, I couldn't help it with her.  She loved her daughter and did everything she could to make her laugh, smile and be safe. She also couldn't help herself when it came to Nicholas. Christiaana didn't want to fall in love instantly with Nicholas. She also didn't want any of his money. But, she did want him to love their daughter. Christiaana couldn't help but love him. Even when all the horrible things kept happening she trusted him. Even if she was scared and had every right to be scared, she stood by her man. No matter what they had to do. Even though a lot of times it was hard and not the easiest. Christiaana always put on a brave face and did what was best to protect her family. 

It was nice to see a strong couple who stood of for who and what they believed in. What I could not stand was every chapter was a different POV. Which fine I love duel POV. But, I felt like the first few paragraphs were exactly the the end of the chapter in the other POV. It was too much. I got to the point I'd scan over the beginning of every chapter. Other then that I couldn't put it down. I hope there's more to this series. Either more Nicholas and Christiaana or from her sister.Either way I want more!!

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