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✯Blog Tour Review w/Giveaway✯Slate(Breaking the Declan Brothers #2) by Kelly Gendron

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Book Title: Slate (The DeClan Brothers) 
Author: Kelly Gendron 
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance 
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Book Blurb

"Some boys will keep it, some will break it, and some boys, they just won't want it. You gotta be careful who you give your heart to..." Slate Declan

First loves, we all got them. Mine is Slate Declan. He was kind, gentle, and caring. Still, he managed to break my heart. So I put miles between us, and eventually, my heart healed.

I haven’t seen Slate in years, but a couple friends and I are going back to the Bayou for the summer. While I’m visiting my hometown, I’m going to look up Slate Declan. And I plan to break his heart, just as he did mine. I'll remind him of what he has lost, and then I'll prove to him that I’ve moved on.

It should be real easy, right?

Well, let me tell you, Slate Declan is not the same guy that I left behind. And there’s another problem. How do you break someone’s heart when they no longer have one?

 ✯✯5 Heart Breaking Stars!!✯✯

This is the 2nd book in the Breaking The Declan Brothers series.  And, as much as I fell in love with Jax and Emmie they had nothing on Slate and Rayna. Slate is a second chance romance  but with so much more. This is the second book by Kelly Gendron that I have read and just like when I read Jax I had wished it was longer. Slate is no different. I started and finished it in one afternoon. I was left with not feeling like I was missing anything but still wished it was longer.

Rayna had met Slate when him and his 2 brothers moved to the bayou after their parents passed away. Slate was very quiet at the time. Even at their young age Rayna loved the color of his eyes. Their friendship started after Rayna was bullied over the class stuffed monkey animal. Slate came to her rescue. Early on their nicknames "Superman" and "Monkey" came.

They were always such friends until their friendship turned more serious. Slate and Rayna were their first everything. When the end of their senior year comes Rayna got an awesome offer that would really benefit her for her future. Slate knew she'd turn it down for him. Slate also knows he could never go with her because he'd never leave his brothers Jax and Zeke. When Rayna walks in and thinks Slate had cheated on her he lets her think it. Slate doesn't want her giving up her dreams for him.

They have not seen each other since Rayna left the bayou. But, now Rayna and her 2 friends are back staying at her sisters place. Rayna is on a mission. To get Slate to fall for her again for her to turn around and break him the way she broke him. But, the Slate she sees is not the man he was years ago.

Rayna knew Slate's grandma's store burned down a few years prior. There was things she didn't know. Slate was trapped in the burning building and a lot of his body was burned very bad in the process. Slate had spent months in a rehab getting his bandages changed and clean. The pain was so bad he ended up getting very addicted to the pain medication. When he got out and the pain meds stopped working Slate took to street meds and has spent the last few years fighting and doing drugs.

Both Jax and Zeke have tried to help him get clean and it's failed every time. Whenever Slate is doing drugs and starts to hallucinate that his monkey is there. It never fails she is always there.

Rayna comes up with a plan to help Slate. She gets Jax and Zeke to agree with it. When Slate wakes up and realizes that his monkey is very much real and not in his dreams he's livid. Rayna wants Slate to give her 3 days. They're to stay in the basement apartment for 3 days let Slate detox and she'll walk outta his life. That's it.Slate can not believe what is happening. He's been through detox and he's so afraid of hurting her. He'd never forgive himself. Slate has little choice but to agree.

What I really loved about this book other then the multiple POV. We'd go from the present then bounce back to Rayna and Slate past. It really let you see how they were with each other. How they truly loved and cherished their friendship then relationship. They were there for each other at their lowest and highest parts of their lives.Even now. They haven't seen each other in years yet they were still in love with the other one. Even though at the moment they'd never admit it.

Rayna is trying her hardest to stick to her plan. She wants to save Slate before it's too late. But, she must keep telling herself stay on track and to break him. After the 3 days are up she needs to walk out and not look back. Slate will not let Rayna go this time. He loves her and won't let her walk out for a second tine.

These 2 were hot!! Slate was very dominating and sexy yet when it came to his monkey he was caring and sweet.I loved how when Slate could see and think straight he was disgusted by his mactions when he wasn';t clean. Slate did a lot of redeeming himself. I can't tell you how many times I'd end up crying while reading this. To laughing the next. Rayna and Slate are perfect together!! Zeke is next and I'm dying to see him get broken. Even though both Jax and Slate have seemed to be ones to do the breaking ;)


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Meet the Author

Kelly’s motto ~ "Bad boys, give 'em a little time and experience, and they will evolve into misbehaving men!" And what hot-blooded woman doesn’t want a naughty, all grown up bad boy?

Kelly Gendron is the author of the TroubleMaker series, Breaking the Declan Brothers series, and a few other romantic suspense novels.

When she's not writing steamy, blush producing romances, she's out meeting new people while representing a group of reputable nursing facilities. You can find Kelly in a quiet suburb, somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. If you Google her, she’ll pop up there too. And, please do find her. Kelly loves to hear from her readers, and meeting new people.
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