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✯Review✯Bo(Bad Boys of Retribution MC #3) by Rie Warren


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From the world of Carolina Bad Boys . . . Bo Maverick is ex-Force Recon and a force to be reckoned with.

I’m a lover, not a fighter. Yeah, right. Talk about bullshit. I’ve been fighting all my life, and I know zip about love. Frankly, I don’t want to. More than bullets whizzing past my head or the very real possibility of ending up dead, love scares the shit out of me. I’m used to guns and killing, blood and dust. 


That’s what I feel for this woman, my goddamn shrink, Veronica. Doctor Hartley digs inside my head. She asks me questions, which I never answer. I’d much rather take the smart, sexy Doc to bed, but I can’t because of our clinical relationship. 

My last Force Recon mission destroyed any semblance of humanity I had left. Those little triggers go off all the time now. When I’m asleep. When I’m awake. When the memories are raw. I bolt up, at knife point again, but there’s no enemy now. 

Just Veronica and me. 

Veronica. Doctor Hartley. I told Bo to call me Ronnie like everyone else, but he refuses. He shows up like he has a cattle prod shoved up his ass and sits through the allotted hour for his counseling session impervious to every approach. He’s powerful, forceful, explosive. He doesn’t scare me. 

My marine doesn’t speak, but his sharp gaze pierces me all the same. He watches me with all the greed of a hunger never sated, a need never fulfilled. A desire never explored. He stows his secrets safely away, but I’m patient. I’ll get to him if he doesn’t get to me first. 

And when I have him? I’ll want him forever. I know this. But I can’t. His past might be complicated, but mine is a minefield, one that will blow up in our faces before all is said and done.

Too bad. We could be so good together.

Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution.

 ✯✯5 Insanely Hot Stars!!!✯✯

Rie Warren is on one insane roll! The men that make up the Bad Boys of Retribution MC are all big bad and scary on the outside. But, on the inside they are all sweet guys who are all fighting their own battles and demons.And, because of whatever they're fighting in their heads the guys are lonely and in desperate need of love. And, like the rest of the guys Bo is the same way. 

Bo is a Marine through and through. He comes from a family of Marines. It's in his blood, sweat and tears. It's who he is. That is until his last mission. Bo's last mission ended up with his guys who he'd considered family their mission didn't end good. It ended up with them being captured, tortured, beaten and killed. Bo can't get it out of his head. Day or night it's always  on his mind. He has such PTSD he wakes at night with the sweats, he must check his house bottom to top to check for enemies and he must sit with his back against the wall. Bo would give anything to be able to switch places with one of his men that didn't make it. 

Bo ended up leaving the Marine's. It is something that bothers him the most. When Bo runs into his old time buddy and fellow ex-Marine Hunter things get a little better. Hunter vouches for Bo and he's instantly patched into the Bad Boys of Retribution MC. Hunter also knows what kind of demons that Bo is going through. Hunter sets Bo up with his shrink Ronnie Hartley. Bo sets up some sessions to only then not show up.

Veronica AKA Ronnie Hartley knows how to help men and women who come home from war and dealing with PTSD. She makes it her mission to help them. And, she does it all for free. When Bo Maverick calls and sets up appointments to not show up for them. She decides to take matters into her own hands and show up at the MC clubhouse where both of them get the shock of their lives. Veronica is instantly attracted to Bo. Bo.. Well, for starters he was expecting Ronnie to be a man. Not a gorgeous Veronica. 

Bo reluctantly  agrees to go for therapy. Both Bo and Veronica can see how much they effect the other one. Bo tries to use that to his advantage. Veronica as much as she is drawn to Bo will not cross the doctor-patient lines. No matter how much she tries to help him Bo doesn't make it easy. Veronica then refuses to continue to treat Bo and transfers him to another Dr that she thinks might be able to help him. 

Bo starts to take his therapy more seriously with the new Dr. The fact that he doesn't fantasize about wanting to rip the new therapists clothes off and about doing everything sexual in the book to him is a major plus LOL. 

It's Veronica who makes the first real move now that she's not his therapist. Even though she feels like she really could of helped Bo. They start a friendship which they both need. When Bo & Veronica let loose OMG are these 2 HOT HOT HOT!!! Man, did they have a lot of pent up stuff to let loose. Bo realizes rather quick that there is more to Veronica then she pretends to be. Veronica can go punch for punch with him. She can handle knives like a pro. Plus, Veronica sports an elaborate tattoo that resembles that of an MC. Veronica says she wants to tell him but she can't. And, she's doing it to save him.

Veronica's past comes back to take care of her once and for all. Luckily for her Bo will not give up on getting her back and safely. Bo knows it's not going to be easy and he can't do it alone. He also knows that the guys will help him get her back and safely. Here comes Hunter, Brodie, Boomer, Tuck, Cole and the rest of the MC. They've all been through this before. 

This book is non-stop action. Rie definitely did her homework when it came to PTSD. Out of all the women in this spin-off series I am loving Veronica the most! Everything she did she did it for the best reasons. Even if it meant her not having contact or a relationship with someone. As long as the people were left safe or her not crossing her own moral lines. She would deal with her emotions of her actions herself. Veronica really is bad ass. Bo was also a great guy as well.  My heart broke for him with everything he went through his last mission. I hate that he put all the blame on himself and hid from the people that loved him the most. 

Veronica and Bo are perfect for each other. They helped each other heal and move on.These 2 were brought into each others lives for a reason. Bo and Veronica saved each other from themselves, their dreams and from their enemies. Every story in this series is awesome and pretty much perfect. I'm so upset that there's only 1 story left in this series. But, I have to admit I been looking forward to Cole's story from 4 books ago. Knowing Rie she's saved the best for last. Cole!! And, I am fully prepared for it.



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