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✯Review✯Steele (The Elite Forces Series #4)by Kathy Coopmans & Hilary Storm


Trevor Steele is a pilot for the Elite Forces. He's strong and focused when it comes to a mission and knows his way around the cockpit better than anyone else. He's loyal to his team, but still wears the burdens of past nightmares. For that reason, he refuses to open up and allow anyone inside the complex world of his. When a specific woman comes crashing into his life, he fights to stay clear, treating her no different than every job in his past. 

Grace Birch has lived her life sheltered in another country since she was a young girl. When she stumbles upon a mysterious man who catches her attention, she finds herself intrigued by his sadness. She becomes drawn to him, even when he pushes her away. She's strong-willed, quickly proving how determined she can be when it comes to getting what she wants. 

Courage and love could cost someone their life. Find out in STEELE, book 4 in the USA Today bestselling Elite Forces Series. Can be read as a Standalone.

✯4 Steele Stars!!!

love this elite team of men. They may be a dangerous bunch of guys. Guys who'll rick their lives for their country and for each other. And when they love they love hard and with everything they have.  If you read the previous 3 books you'll know what I'm talking about. This book is no different.

Trevor Steele is a pilot and can fly anything. He's the best of the best and its why he has the job he has. They're all ghosts. Steele has seen things nobody should see. He's lost men close to him. Even though he's lost them, they're never far from him. They haunt him. The yells, the screams are always playing in his head. 

Once a month him and the guys go to Iraq to deliver medical supplies. He hates going bc the memories are too much. But, he does it. When there is an accident with one of his brothers they run into Grace. Her father is a Dr and taught her everything she knows. 

Her eyes tell him she can be trusted to keep one of his brothers alive. When he meets her father its obvious he's dying and won't last much longer. Her father makes him promise that when he dies he'll get his daughter back to the states where she can live her life and go to school. Steele doesn't know them, but makes the promise and vows to keep Grace safe no matter what.

Grace Birch left the US when her parents decided to help the people who needed it. She's been in this country a long time and has seen it all. She lost her mother a few years ago and has been looking to get out since. But, she won't leave her father. When her father gets sick she doesn't have the medical  supplies to take care of him. When she goes in search for the medical drop  she runs into the US troops who delivers them. But, they are in need of help.

While helping them her father passes away. She takes up Steele on his offer to get her home safely. She knows when she looks at him that he can be trusted. Grace wants to know him. Wants to know the stories that haunt his eyes.

This book was just as good as the previous 3 in this series. It was packed full of action and non-stop action. It was about a man in need of healing. And, a woman who lives to heal the wounded. This pair are perfect for each other. I couldn't put it down and hope we get another book for another one of these men. 

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