Friday, June 30, 2017

✯Review✯Getting Theirs by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield


Gunnar has always felt like an outsider. Even though his brothers have tried to make him feel like part of the family, there was always something missing. He has to wonder if he will ever be part of a true family or if he is destined to be on his own forever.

Willow has never been in love. Once, she thought she was, but she soon found out the man of her dreams was nothing more than a liar. She has to wonder if she was meant to spend her life alone, while watching those around her sharing their lives with someone they love.

When these two lost souls collide, fireworks follow. Desire leads to feelings neither are quite ready to accept. Will getting their happily ever after be possible, or is it just going to lead to more loneliness and heartbreak?

✯4 Gunnar Stars!!!

The Brady brothers are back! I have been waiting for Gunnar's story since the beginning. I thought I was never going to get it.

Gunnar has always felt like the odd man out.Him and his brothers share the same father. His brothers don't treat him different and have been begging him to move closer and work  with them.

Now he has and he's working on remodeling his house. Then something happens that he didn't believe would happen. Not even after his grandpa and brothers told him so. The theory is a Brady man knows his true love just by looking at her once.

When Willow walked into his brothers house, his entire life changed. Gunnar couldn't believe it was true. Then he hears he talk and he knows he's a goner. Except, Willow doesn't plan on making it easy on him. At all!

Willow was in love once. Then he took her heart  and crushed and burned it in front of her. Willow refuses to put herself out there again. Gunnar stormed in and refuses to leave. No matter how many times she leaves him. It just continues harder for her to stay away.

I read this in one sitting. I wish these sexy, loving brothers and their ladies had gotten full length books. BC, it was to get attached to them the way I wanted too. The way they deserve.  Other then that it was  a great ending to the Brady brothers stories.

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