Thursday, June 1, 2017

✯Release Review✯Steal(Right Men Series #2)by Mayra Statham


Never steal. But if you must steal, steal away from bad company. 
Divorced police detective, Bryan Wright, let his life revolve around nothing but work after his marriage all but imploded. Now he is ready to hit play on living again; as long as love and commitment are off the table. But the curvy blond goddess who happens to be his new roommate cracks the veneer of his walls with her sassy mouth and shy smiles. 
ER nurse, Valerie Duncan, isn’t one to trust easily. When she discovers she has a sinfully handsome new roomie, she is more than cautious. After all, nothing good can come out of being around a man who drips testosterone and masculinity with every breath he takes. 
Heat and desire collide, breaching their walls, leaving each of them vulnerable to love, though they stubbornly deny it. When the past spills into the present, will they admit to stealing each other’s heart? Will they be brave enough to steal away from the bad company that comes knocking at their door? 

✯5 Stolen Stars!!!

Mayra Statham continues to prove over and over again why I don't need to read the synopsis before I one click her books. I've loved every book of hers and this one was no different.

When I read Lie I fell in love with Marcus and his brothers Garrett and Brian and their best friend Donnie. They're all close and so very different. 

Brian is a police detective. Ever since he  got divorced he's lived with his 2 brothers and best friend. But, when his brother Marcus fell in love with Grace and her daughter Brian started thinking and seeing things differently. 

When an old friend of Brian's has to go outta town he's looking for someone to rent out his third room. He assured Brian his roommate Duncan is on point. He trusts Duncan with his life. But, Brian was unprepared. Duncan wasn't what he thought he was going to be. When he met his roommate he wasn't expecting Duncan to be a beautiful blonde. After their first interaction Brian realizes she's unlike any woman he's met before. But, before anything can happen he feels like he has to explain things to her. Things he hasn't told anyone not even his brothers. But, his past comes back and could ruin everything.

Valerie is an ER nurse and works long hours. Sometimes doubles after double shift. She's had a hard life and been screwed over so many times. There aren't many people she trusts other then her best friend Vaughn.  So when a new roommate who just happens to be a police detective moves in Valerie's walls go up. The problem is they don't go up around her heart. Detective handsome as she likes to call him makes it hard to be around him. He has such a smooth way of getting under skin and getting her to do things. Valerie is trying her hardest not to fall for Brian. Even with everything in their way that's making it difficult she's finding it hard to stay away.

From page one to the last sentence I was hooked. Brian is just  handsome and makes it hard not to just give into whatever he wants. Once Brian finally stops fighting his feelings he's unstoppable. Valerie I really liked. Her fast, no nonsense mouth reminded me of myself and I found myself laughing at her comebacks. I was glad when she finally learned to trust Brian. I was also glad she wasn't a pushover and stuck to her guns when it came to some important things.

I was SO glad to see the Wright mens grandma. She legit has no filter and says whatever is on her mind. And, I love it! I was glad to see his brothers and Donnie. ESP Garrett. Incase you forgot he's my man lol. But, he was completely diff then he was in Lie and I can't wait to read his story. These Wright men are addictive and I want more from them.

Mayra hopefully better be writing. BC, I need more from her. She has such a way of writing that you become attached to the characters and the story from the beginning and get upset when you finish the book. 


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