Monday, June 12, 2017

✯Review✯His Master by Bink Cummings


Six years ago, I was accepted into an exclusive BDSM commune that caters to the gay elite, and molded into the submissive of every dom's dream. Under the ever watchful eye of Master Croy, my savior, I spend my days fulfilling my masters' every fantasy. It has become my solace. The only place I’ve felt at home. They respect me for who I am. Made me into the man I’ve become…It is my hope that I never have to leave… 
Until now… 
Because of him. 
The master who makes me feel. 
The gray haired God who sees me as more than a slick hole and pretty face. 
I’ve never felt this way before. 
Things are changing. 
I’m changing…But I don’t know what it means. 
My home is here. I can’t leave. 
But what about him? Master Kellan. I think he wants me. 
Can I tell you a secret? 
I think I want him, too.

Warning: Contains shameless, make your toes curl, sexual M/M content. Adult F'in language. A smidgen of mushy love. Taboo elements including those of consensual BDSM relationships. And whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. 

Standalone Novel 

- See some of your favorite characters from the Corrupt Chaos MC series and the Crimson Outlaws.

✯4 Dominating Stars!!!

Bink Cummings sure can put a lot of sex in a book! I've read every book she's published so far and loved them all. Normally I'm hooked from page 1. But, it took me half the book to really get into it.

Michael, lives at The House of Red. A commune for highly trained subs. All subs sign the contracts and must do whatever their Masters say, whenever they say. They're treated very well for what they do. 

Before Michael found The House of Red, his life was miserable. He did anything to survive and at times he wasn't sure he wanted too. 

Master Kellan is his favorite Master out of all he sees. He will do anything for him. It's getting harder for Michael to keep his feelings  for his Master to himself. Not that Master would feel the same about him. 

Master Kellan, Cory AKA Judge to his brother is leading a double life. He's got a high profile job. Not to mention his wife and kids. The only time he feels alive is when he's at The House of Red. Specifically when he's with Michael. 

Finally Cory decides no matter how hard he tries to stay away from Micael he can't. It just keeps getting harder, so he decides he's not going to anymore. No matter what it costs him. He just hopes that his gut about Michael feeling the same as him are true. 

I read this book in pieces. It took me awhile to get into the story and the characters. I was more into it when it was just Michael and Cory. They're really good together and really were in love. They definitely are complete opposites. But, it is why they work lol. 

One thing that totally annoyed me was Michael calling Cory Master ALL the time. Once they were together and committed I didn't understand it. If it was only when they were intimate fine. But, all the time it got to me. 

Once I got into this book I couldn't put it down. It was great seeing past characters again. This was just as hot and kinky as Bink's previous books. I can't wait for her next book.

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