Wednesday, May 31, 2017

✯Review✯Undead Love(Undead Love, #1)by Lee Sutherland


For the past year, Rus has had no desire to connect with the outside world, preferring that the only company he keeps be the memories of his former life. That is until he meets Polly, the young, spirited, fearless wild-card who has joined forces with a family living on a secluded farm.

Polly doesn't know what to make of this rogue man who has no regards for the rules of her clan. All she knows is that in a world crawling with death, there is something about him that makes her feel alive.

Rus and Polly are caught in a whirlpool of passion and danger as they explore the countryside, searching for supplies. When they find themselves trapped in a cabin, waiting out a violent thunderstorm, the zombies lurking outside aren't the only thing that threatens to tear them apart.

Heather's Review
✯4 Undead Stars!!!

This book takes you through an absolute emotional rollercoaster! The two main characters are Rus, a man on his own surviving after the death of his wife, and Polly, a woman who has found a family that has accepted them into their home as one of their own, including the strength of family relationships and some issues within the family. As soon as you begin the book, you are taken into a world quite like The Walking Dead, which appealed to me very much. I felt like I was reading about a society quite like the societies in the television show. But these characters are not as dark and mean, or at least most of them aren't. 
Rus and Polly have an instant connection, but they are both hesitant to begin a relationship because of their own separate fears. As the book goes on, you find yourself rooting for the couple and wanting more for their relationship. Lee Sutherland did a wonderful job portraying life after such a horrible "apocalypse." I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!

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