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✯Blog Tour Review✯Reprisal(Contrite #2)by Kathy Coopmans

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Reprisal by Kathy Coopmans
Sequel to CONTRITE

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Clove Calloway thought she ended her nightmare life when she stabbed herself.

When the darkness took over, she thought she’d find peace. Seeing her husband die by the hands of his traitorous brother, Trent, destroyed her. Little did she know, her dreadful life without Turner is just the beginning. She awakens from one nightmare right into another, confined in a house with the Master Manipulator of them all.

Now, she's fighting for her life instead of trying to end it. As the truth unfolds, layer upon layer of deceit could suffocate her. How many times and in how many way can she be betrayed? But Clove refuses to lose. Just how she's going to win is a plan she's yet to determine...

Zack is determined to find his sister Clove, he knows she is out there somewhere. He can feel it. He wants her home. And he is going to find her! He’s ready to take down the evil that has her in his clutches. Only he’s just as shocked as Clove when the truth unfolds…

There’s more…. So much more. Are you ready?

Revenge. Retaliation.


 ✯5 Non-Stop Crazy Stars!!✯✯

Wow!!! When I finished Contrite I was left screaming no and my jaw was dropped. I was stalking Kathy Coopmans praying there was going to be a book 2. When I saw there was going to be I almost jumped through the roof. Reprisal was just as crazy and twisted as before. Just when I knew what was going to happen think again!!

We pick up a year after Trent shot Clove's husband Turner his twin brother. Since then Clove has tried to kill herself. She was drugged until she gave birth now her daughter who she called Journey is three months old. Clove doesn't remember much from her pregnancy. Her and Journey are locked in a bedroom that is identical to the one her and Turner shared.

Clove spends her time locked in the room 24/7 with just her daughter. She knows Trent and his partner are watching her. But, she could care less. Clove just tries to figure out a way to get her and her daughter away safely. 

Zack spends 24/7 trying to figure out where his sister and Trent went. His dad's health is starting to suffer from Clove's disappearance. Zack knows his sister is alive. He can feel it inside him. He will not sleep or move forward without finding her. Zack just needs a break in the case.

Trent is in love with Clove. He can't stand his partner. The partner I won't tell you who he or she might be. We learned in the beginning that they're after Turner's money.His partner is still trying to figure out how to get it. By any means necessary. Trent wishes day in and day out that Clove loved him that she was his and her daughter was his. He knows deep down that is not the case. But, Trent will not allow his partner to hurt Clove anymore then it already has.Trent has gotten himself into 

I am not giving away much more. I will tell you there was so much emotion in this book. With everyone involved. Poor Clove. I don't know how she got through everything that happened to her. Kathy answered all my questions I had going into this book. I just wish we get at least one chapter inside Trent partner head. Why,that's all I want answered. Trent.He made me feel bad for him at times.He never had anybody to really give and show him real unconditional love. I want to say for me he redeemed himself a little at the end for me. But, it was still a little too late.I wish I'd be able to handle everything that Clove did. I def could not!! This is one of my top series.

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Something is terribly wrong. I can feel it. My stomach is restricting, contracting. “Oh God.” My hands clutch my stomach. Excruciating pain progresses from my lower abdomen.

“Clove.” That grating voice reaches my ears from across the room.

“Stay the hell away from me.” His bare feet appear in my line of vision. His jean clad legs bend landing him on his hands and knees in front of me. “Please,” My voice wobbly. I’m petrified. I don’t know what’s happening or why. An unsettling feeling begins to well inside of me, clamping my eyes shut as another agonizing pain jolts. Only this time the pressure is so intense, so unbearable, making my body shake, beads of sweat instantaneously emerge on my forehead. “Trent.” Someone is calling his name, it’s not me though as my ability to speak is gone. My hearing is not.

There is nothing in this world that could make me not recognize the sound of that southern accent calling out Trent’s name. My heart pounding at an increasingly rapid pace. A dozen needles stabbing profusely over and over again.

My forehead crinkles in confusion, lifting it slowly, the click clack of her heels on the hardwood floor, louder the closer they approach. Heels as bright red as the blood beginning to pool underneath my body, those shoes are demanding the right to be heard as she squats down next to Trent. “W…what are you doing here?” My trembling sound waves ricochet throughout the room.

“You don’t look so well Clove, my dear.”
Her sound sugary sweet. She’s watching me so intensely. I don’t know how or why it hits me, but it does. When her head tilts to the side, her snide smirk graces her face.
“Y…you,” I say through a clenched breath. The last thing I remember before I fall on my side, crying, pleading, begging god to save my baby is the sound of her malicious laugh.

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Author Bio:

Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son's Aaron and Shane.

She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football.
She retired last year from being a full time hairstylist to pursue her writing career.

She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is "I got this."

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Instagram @authorkathycoopmans

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