Wednesday, July 1, 2015

✯Review✯ Lockdown by Samie Sands

Leah's practical joke has spiraled way out of control. Now everyone seems convinced that the apocalypse is coming - in the form of zombies. The government is calling the virus AM13, and is advising - or more like forcing - everyone to stay indoors while they 'clean up the mess'. Leah tries to persuade everyone that it was all just a horrible mistake, however she starts to see there may be more truth to it all than she first thought.

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4 Stars!!!
Woa, what a seriously cool storyline this book had; it was so different! I loved the idea and story so much, but the main female, Leah, was quite annoying which is probably kept me from giving the book 5 stars… I really was not a fan of hers. However, I did like how the heroine was not your typical badass you see in most of these books. She was a regular girl. The book began with the pre-zombie apocalypse which was awesome, so you got a bit of an insight into the world before it all came crashing down. 
Leah's co-worker Jake (who she was crushing on majorly) always sent around joke e-mails, so she thought it would be funny to send him one back…about a zombie virus. But she accidentally included her boss in the e-mail. Certain she was about to be fired, she was shocked to the core when her boss took the story seriously and began broadcasting it all over their news station. She was sure she was going to be the laughing stock of….well…everyone when her name was brought into it as the girl that discovered the video about the AM13 virus. But then the government announces there is going to be a mandatory lockdown, to rid the streets of anyone infected with the virus. Sounds like a good plan to contain things quickly….right? WRONG! Things begin quickly spiraling out of control. Many do not take it serious at first, and even Leah is not believing there is any truth to this story. Until her and her co-workers witness first hand the virus in action. 
When Leah, her best friend Michelle, and Jake decide to break out from the lockdown, no one was prepared for what they would be faced with on the outside. 
The entire book was not a lot of in your face zombie gore (although there def was some), and the beginning was a totally unique idea. The further you got into the book, the more the intensity picked up until you hit the end. THE END. Seriously, it was such a WTF moment that I did not expect. I want to rave on and on about the genius of having her POV the way the author did, but I can't without giving anything away. I was confused for a bit. Then I was just downright shocked and disgusted (in the best way possible). For me, the ending alone should be given 7 stars! I am so glad I was recommended this book. It def did not let me down. 

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