Monday, April 10, 2017

✯Review✯Getting Hers by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield


Her life was spiraling off course until she met him.
Tanya Walsh doesn’t expect to find her soul mate while hiding from her troubles in the backwater town of White Chapel, Kentucky. With one smile from the sexy as hell Major Brady, she wants to lay her concerns at his feet. Can she allow him to fix her problems, without letting him break her heart?
Getting Her life under control seems easier with him by her side.
Spending her nights in his bed, she finally feels safe again. Her days are no longer filled with worries, and her nights are full of sweet dreams. There’s only one little problem; her past has come back to haunt her in the form of her tyrant of a father. 
Will Tanya make it through Major saving her with her heart still intact? 

✯4 Major Stars!!!

I knew when I read Getting His I knew these Brady brothers were going to be some hot, feisty, fierce, protective alpha men. Emily Minton and Shelley Springfield sure can write.

Tanya Walsh's father and uncle have done it again. Except this time he's really done it. Tanya goes to her cousin Hadley Bc she has to tell her in person what their fathers have done. 

Tanya is filling in her cousin about there dads. He's got a solution to get him out of it. She marries this guy or he throws her mom and younger brother Rusty out of their house. Her brother has autism and has issues with change. She is beyond her self. But, she can't stop looking at the mysterious guy next to Hadley's new husband. If only she didn't have all this going on in her life.

Major Brady falls the minute he sees Tanya. His grandfather always said "A Brady man always knows when he's met the right woman". When his brother Tucker said it was true when he met Hadley he laughed. But, the minute he saw Tanya he knew it was true and he found his girl.

He will not let her worry about her mother and brother. He's also not letting her marry another man. Major knows the perfect solution for her mother and Rusty. Which actually help him and his brothers more. He'll take care of her and not let anyone hurt her. Not even her father. If he could only get her to marry him then he'd be perfect.

This was a quick read. I wish it was a full length book. Major and Tanya were such a cute couple. He really is an alpha and I loved every minute of it. The way Major was with Tanya's younger brother Rusty was just phenomenal and made it really hard not to love him. I can't wait for Gunnar story.  

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