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✯Release Review w/Giveaway✯Where Good Girls Go To Die(Good Girls #1)by Holly Renee

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Release Date: April 13, 2017
It was a bad idea from the beginning. He was my brother's best friend and the definition of unavailable. But I didn't care. I had loved him for as long as I could remember. He was worth the risk. He was worth everything. But then he broke my heart as easily as I fell for him. He watched me fall, spiraling out of control, and as I reached for him, he wasn't there to catch me. So I ran. Four years later, I never expected to see him again. He was still my brother's best friend, and he was more unavailable than ever. He looked every bit the bad boy I knew he was, covered in tattoos and a crooked smile. Guarding my heart from him was top priority because Parker James was where good girls go to die. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't a good girl anymore.

✯4 Burning Stars!!!

This is my first book by Holly. It definitely won't be my last. I flew thru it quick. There were times I found myself skipping through.  

We all fall in love. For Liv it was Parker. He just happens to be her older brother Mason's best friend. She knew her bro would have a heart attack. Plus, she knows Parker looks at her as his best friends little sister. Until, one day she realizes he doesn't. They start this whirlwind romance. She's his Livy and wants to forever. Then, one day she's told something that guts her. Liv does what she has to in order to protect her heart. Packs up and leaves.

Four years later she's in for a shock of a lifetime. Things haven't turned out the way she planned. But, when her brother and Parker walk into her job her heart stops. When Mason literally throws Liv over his shoulder and removes her, she knows things are about to get worse. Liv is around Parker everyday. If that wasn't bad enough he's engaged and the countdown to the day is around the corner. Liv needs to save her heart. They might agree to be friends. But, Liv doesn't wanna be around him and only talks when need be.

Parker has always love Livy. Even now four years later. It doesn't matter that he's engaged. His love for his fiancé is nothing like it is for Livy. His fiancé is safe. Makes him feel safe. But, Livy. She's all fire and everything spicy. She makes Parker feel like nobody ever has. Now, she's back and in his everyday life. Parker is starting to loose his will to stay away from her.

This is definitely on the shorter book read. There was a bunch of times that I'd be really getting into the story and bam it would switch timeframe and I'd have to get back into the story all over again. It killed the mood for me a bunch of times. But, it was still a quick and extremely hot read. Extremely hot! Add that Parker's a tattoo artist who's covered in tattoos. OMG!! I also really loved Mason, Brandon and Stacie. They brought so much humor to these two I was weak at times. I hope their stories are next!


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Bookaholic, firm believer in grand gestures, and obsessed with happily ever afters. Holly Renee is from the small town of Maryville, TN where she was born and raised. She currently lives with her husband and fur baby, Luna. (Yes. She was named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.) Holly Renee is the author of her debut novel Letting Go. During the day, Holly spends her time as a nurse, but once her shift ends, she falls deep into her passion of reading and writing.  
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