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✯Review✯Crown's Chance at Love(Six Degrees Series #1)by Mayra Statham


Sabrina Miller lives in darkness. Having lost the love of her life just three years ago, she is content to live her life in muted grey just so she doesn’t have to feel. As a single mother of three she immerses herself in her career and daily routine all while letting her inner light extinguish. 

One Tuesday morning, a chance encounter with Michael Crown threatens to break down all of the barriers she’s worked so hard to build around her. But who really Is Michael Crown? 

Despite his struggles with his own darkness, Michael Crown finds himself at a crossroads with Sabrina. He has a chance to completely let his guard down and let love in, but it may come at the cost of losing the only woman he’s ever really ever loved. Can he find the redemption he so desperately needs and let Sabrina Miller in? 

 ✯✯5 Beautifully Crowned Stars!!✯✯

Mayra Statham has done it to me again! This is her debut book. But, it's the third book of hers I've read. I been dying to read this book even since I read Davenport Harbor the third book in this series. I fell in love with Sabrina and Mike and knew I had to read their book. Man, was I so not prepared for their story!

Sabrina Miller was happily married with 3 children until her husband got killed by a drunk driver. The last 3 1/2 yrs Sabrina has been going day to day the same way. She makes sure her kids are happy and throws herself into her work. Her family and friends help her with everything. They're all worried about her. Sabrina stopped living her life and isn't carefree and living life to the fullest. But,they're letting her deal with the loss of her husband her own way. 

Then one afternoon Sabrina's life changes. When Sabrina runs into Mike Crown. Yes, she legit runs into a beautiful steel wall by the name Mike Crown. Their chemistry was instant and off the charts hot! Sabrina's friends and family have been trying to hook her up for years now. She's never felt anything for anybody since her husband. Until she bumped into Mike. 

Mike and Sabrina get into  a routine very quickly. Sabrina is very busy between her job and juggling the 3 kids. Mike is also very busy with his job and traveling at the last minute at times. Sabrina's kids and Mike get along so good. Every time I'd read the interaction between Mike and the kids I'd end up smiling or tearing up. Every time!! Mike and Sabrina are falling fast for each other. They aren't dating but "getting to know each other"and man I'd do anything to get to know a man like Mike!

Sabrina doesn't know Mike for years or know everything about him. But, she can tell he's holding back. She can feel he wants to tell her something. But, she won't push him. Mike is torn. He was with his ex for 10 yrs and he's never felt anything close to what he feels for Sabrina. He wants to claim her. But, he won't until he tells her everything. Mike can't get the words out. He's tried and they never come. Mike doesn't want to loose Sabrina or her kids.

This book was fantastic!! I loved the 2 POV's in this book. Getting how Mike was struggling with everything. He was so in love with Sabrina and the kids it was so nice. Mike didn't care about her "baggage" as Sabrina would say. He loved them all. Except he was fighting a battle within himself. It broke my heart. And, Sabrina. Man, she's prob one of the strongest and forgiving woman I have read in a long time I'm dying for her BFF Nick to get his story told. Every book of Mayra's I read the harder I love her! She's totally on my must read author list. I don't need a synopsis to put it on my TBR list. It just needs her name. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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