Thursday, October 30, 2014

✯Review✯ HER MASTER'S TEACHER by Lily White

She caught my attention the first day I was seated in her class.

Her dark red hair fell in waves down her back and her alabaster skin appeared to sparkle under the lights of the lecture hall

I'd admired her from a distance, never speaking or doing anything to draw attention to myself.

Each day that I spent watching her in this room, I noticed how her eyes would flick up to me. She was wary of me - frightened - and she had reason to be.

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Holland Strong and at 21 years old, I'm the youngest Master within a society of wealthy and influential men.

Claire Elliot is my psychology professor in college - that is, at least, until I make her my first courtesan.

She believes she knows everything about how the mind works…

…and I believe I can prove her wrong.

6 Holy Shit Stars!!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!! Lily White is seriously a genius at what she does. 
After sitting back and regaining my composure once finishing this book, I am now ready to write my review. I think. Although, a week after finishing, I still don't know what to think of Master Holland! Do I love him, do I hate him? I still have yet to decide. All I know is that this book seriously messed with my mind and had me questioning everything I thought I knew and figured out.

Her Master's Teacher was definitely mind fuckery at it's finest. I love a story which can suck you in and keep you guessing as to what is actually going on. So many times I thought I had it all figured out, only to be thrown through another loop dee loop of crazy emotions and plot twists. 

To quickly summarize (which is very difficult to do without giving away what happens). Claire is a psychology professor, and Holland is one of her students. Holland is one hell of an arrogant and cocky SOB. He does not want to be in school to get his degree, but it was one of the stipulations put into place by Aiden if Holland wanted to be trained to become a master. Holland sets his sights on one woman in particular that he wants to train as his first Courtesan and that is Claire. Needless to say, she would not be an easy one to break even under the wing of Aiden (The greatest Master there is). However, Holland is up for the challenge. He has been taught and trained by Aiden for a few years now, and knows all of Aiden's tricks and techniques used to break down a woman and mold her back into the perfect Courtesan, but Holland believes his own ways would prove to be just as effective. When he tries to put his theories and techniques to the test on Claire, it just adds fuel to the already burning fire within Aiden's soul. 

To say that Aiden was a complete asshole would be one hell of a serious understatement, as I am sure you already know from reading Her Master's Courtesan (and if you haven't, then stop, get the book, and read it now!!!! If you think you can stomach it!). He is heartless and ruthless, and I would absolutely hate to cross paths with this man. Holland, while still a total and complete asshat most of the times, had quite a few redeeming qualities in himself. As to what those were, well, I will let you be the judge of that. As I am writing this, I am still battling within myself whether I love or hate Holland. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Maybe I need to just flip a coin because this indecisiveness is going to be the absolute death of me!

I loved how Aiden and Rebecca from the first book were still in this story. I had wanted to get more of their story, and Lily definitely delivered that. Her Master's Teacher, while still a VERY dark book, took on a much different course than Her Master's Courtesan did. Whatever you are expecting to get out of this book, based on what you know from the first story, you can flush those expectations right down the toilet. Her Master's Teacher was above and beyond what I was hoping to get from this story and I really hope we will be seeing more of these characters sometime soon!

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