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✯Release Review w/Giveaway✯Trapped With The Alpha(A Balfour Shifters Novel #1)by Emily Minton & Julia Keith

For eight-hundred years, Isabel McKay has been trapped in her own personal prison. She is forced to watch the man she loves live his life as if she never existed. Pain, betrayal and utter despair are her constant companions as she remains locked away.

Brody Balfour has spent the last eight-hundred years trapped in his legacy. He and his wolf both long for a mate, but he is beginning to wonder if it’s a lost cause. Loneliness, treachery, and possible failure are his constant companions as he endures in his birthright.

Finally able to leave her prison, she realizes she is trapped in her memories. She still loves Brody more than her next breath, but how can she forgive him for the things he has done? Jealousy and anger are her constant companions as she is haunted by her imprisonment.

Finally able to fulfill his legacy after finding his mate, he realizes he is still trapped in a nightmare. He loves Izzy more than life itself, but how can he convince her of that after all of the things he has done? Denial and helplessness are his constant companions as his past and future collide.

Mature reader warning: Trapped with the Alpha is a full length erotic paranormal romance. If you don’t like over the top alpha shifters with really big d*cks, sex starved heroines that are addicted to their mates, tons of explicitly hot sex, then this is not the book for you.

 ✯✯5 Alpha Sized Stars!!!✯✯

Man oh man. This is my first read for Emily and Julia. Emily's books have been on my list for awhile.  I been reading romance books for awhile now. When I got the chance to read this I jumped at the chance. Paranormal fantasy is my FAVORITE to read and watch. Man, am I glad I read this.

Brody Balfour has found his mate. Isabel AKA Izzy AKA his Pixie. The night he claims her should be the happiest of both their lives. Except it's a downward spiral for both of them. One minute they're happy and in love. Then, something happens. Izzy disappears in a split second. She's trapped in a world consisting of just herself. But, she's not technically alone. She's bound to Brody. Izzy's invisible to everyone. Brody wakes up and doesn't remember Izzy or their life together.

The next 800 years are hard for both of them. Izzy is stuck watching Brody. No matter how hard or loud she yells, screams or cries he can't hear her. Izzy is stuck watching him do everything. Including watching him night after night day after day sleeping with multiple woman. Brody is lost and he doesn't know why. His pack is worried about him. They keep telling him to find a mate. But, he doesn't have that connection with anyone. When he falls asleep he sees her and it feels so real. Until he wakes up and she's gone. Until one strange minute Izzy falls out of the sky. I mean she legit fell out of nowhere.

The minute Brody sees her their entire life comes rushing back to him. Brody is ecstatic to have Izzy or his Pixie back. He can not believe or understand why he couldn't remember her the past 800 yrs. Izzy is glad to have Brody back. Except every time she sleeps or looks around she's seeing all the woman Brody slept with. It's killing her slowly.

Brody and Izzy are trying to move forward with their lives. Brody and his pack are going thru books about their ancestors and the older guys are going thru their pasts. Who and why would anyone do this to Brody and Izzy. Izzy is also on a mission to get over her jealousy. She still loves Brody more then anything and is still his mate. But, the past 800 yrs keep playing in her head and can't get past it. Until Brody and Izzy can figure out who and what did this to them nobody is safe.

This was such a great book. I literally couldn't put it down. Everything Izzy went thru I felt for her. Even though Brody didn't know about her Izzy's heart still broke a little more every time he slept with somebody. When Brody suddenly remembers Izzy he's heartbroken because she's his mate and he couldn't protect her. This was a couple so in love even after so long apart and after so much was done to them. But, their fight is not over. It has literally just began. Emily and Julia better hurry up with the next book!!




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About the Author

Emily Minton
Emily Minton

USA Today Best Selling author, Emily Minton is a Kentucky native. She is proud to call the Bluegrass State home. She claims she bleeds blue–Wildcat Blue! She has been married to her husband, David, for over twenty years. They share two wonderful children. Emily loves to read and has more books on her kindle than most people could read in a life time, but she intends to read every single one. She has published nine books, but there are many more are floating around in her head. She hopes to get them all on paper before long.

Julia Keith

Julia Keith is a UK native based out of Bradford England but she loves to go back to her family roots in Scotland whenever possible.

Although Trapped With An Alpha is her first published novel, Julia has been a part of the Romance community for years through blogging and reviewing. Her love of Paranormal Romance inspired her to start some of her own stories and after sharing one with her now Co Author Emily Minton, she decided it was time for the world to meet the characters she had grown to love so much.

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