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✯Blog Tour Review✯What the Lightning Sees: Part Two (Lightning #2)by Louise Bay


Haven had thought her first impressions of Jake had been wrong, but apparently she should have trusted her instincts. He wasn’t the man she thought he was. The chink that Jake managed to put in her armor has healed over. She’s shut down and as far as she’s concerned, it’s all business between them from now on.
Thrown together on another assignment, anger, frustration and jealousy are at the forefront of Jake’s emotions. Will Jake convince Haven that he really cares or will he let her go as she insists he must?

 ✯✯5 Fiery Hot Stars!!✯✯

I thought book one was intense. But, this one was double intense. We literally picked up right where we left off and it didn't stop until a crazier cliffhanger then the one before. Louise loves doing that to me. Being that this is a novella I'm not going to give much away. Just the basic.

Haven has just heard a conversation between Jake and her boss and she takes off running. Jake can not believe that he didn't open his mouth. The time he's trying to do the right thing bites him. Now, he's trying his best to get Haven to speak to him. When she does speak to him she only wants to be friends and that's it.

That is not OK with Jake. Haven means so much more to him then friends and a week affair. But, Jake will respect her wishes at the moment. Until he can prove to Haven she means so much more. Haven, misses Jake more then she realized she would. Even though she believes what Jake told her. She can't go back.

Haven has another big project at work. About dating men with money. She has to go on 3 dates with 3 guys. Pick 1 to go on a 2nd date. Write it up. Doesn't sound too bad. Except Jake has 1 more assignment due before he goes off on her new business. Jake is Haven's photographer for this project. 

Jake makes his unhappiness about Haven's assignment known pretty quickly. Haven keeps telling him it's an assignment and only work. But, for the both of them the longer they spend around each other, it gets harder. Then, when 1 of the guys is somebody from Jake's past it's an instant no for him. He will not leave Haven alone for a single minute. 

 Jake has Beth reminding him he's never done relationships and to fight. Haven has Ash telling her she needs to give Jake a chance. Can they listen? What happens when they do? It might all seem like the fairytale they always wanted. Or does one of their past comes knocking on their door and jeopardize them from having any kind of future?

You do not want to miss this series. Both books flew. I loved seeing Haven and Jake grow in this book. For 2 people who were so against relationships for so long. They both are new at all this relationship stuff and admit when they mess up. Luckily, they have awesome support from their friends and family. These 2 continue with the hotness. Except it was hotter this time around. Hahaha.. It's a must read!!


About The Author:

I write sexy, romantic, contemporary novels - the kind I like to read!

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the seventies and eighties, I love all things romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so I'll settle for books and films.

I love the rain, the West Wing, London, days when you don't have to wear make-up, being alone, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

Catch up with book 1
What The Lightning Sees:Part One

Jake Harrison is everything that Haven Daniels hates about men: over-confident, born into money and too handsome for his own good. Haven finds it difficult to keep her opinions to herself and can’t help but tell Jake exactly what she thinks of him, again and again. 

Haven Daniels is uptight, smart and a bit of a bitch – the perfect challenge for Jake. It doesn’t hurt that she’s movie star beautiful and has no idea. 

Forced to work together, verbal sparring turns into sexual chemistry but men like Jake are trouble and Haven has had enough trouble to last her a lifetime. 

Will Haven give into Jake’s charm? Can Jake peel off Haven’s petulant mask, revealing the woman he knows lies beneath? 

What the Lightning Sees is the first in a series of three novellas.

 ✯✯5 Hot Stars!!✯✯

What a start to this new series by Louise Bay! I fell in love with her last novella series Empire State series. I was excited when I found out she was coming out with another 3 part novella series. What The Lightning Sees was fast paced and I waited for the bomb to drop from the beginning.

Haven, Features Editor at UK’s premier woman’s magazine will do anything to get her big break. She's good at her job, always early and dresses like she's going to a funeral. Haven is stuck-up and definitely does not fit in with any of the people she works with. And, she doesn't care. As long as she has her brother and best friend she doesn't need anyone at her job.

Jake Harrison AKA Harry to his friends. Jake went from having nothing to having it all. Jake does photography to relax. But, he's awesome at it. He offers to help his friend. Jake has an in with the singer turned actress. It'll be easy. That is until Haven walked in and got a look at him. Then, it anything but easy. Haven is gorgeous. She could be in the movies. The best part is she doesn't even know it. But, when she opens her mouth it's ruined. 

Haven finds out she gets the interview that could make or break her career. Even though she should be ecstatic she's anything but. Haven can not believe she has to work with her boss' friend. Haven automatically hates Harry. He is rich, cocky, a playboy  and he is everything that Haven hates. Haven is not afraid to tell Harry what she thinks of him.

Haven and Harry must work together. Haven must keep her mouth shut. The more time they spend together the more both of them realize they were completely wrong about the other one. Jack doesn't want to go by Harry with Haven. Jack breaks down Haven's walls and he's falling harder and harder for her. 

Just when you think it's happily ever after. It's Louise Bay we're talking about. When Haven finds out the real reason she was picked for the assignment it guts her. I'm dying for the next part. Haven and Jack were perfect for each other. They were better together then apart and had so much in common. Not even they realized it at first.This was an awesome start to the series. It totally ended with my jaw wide open. 


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