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✯Blog Tour Review✯Stages & Thieves(Stages & Thieves Saga #1)by Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba

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TITLE: Stages & Thieves SERIES: Semya Slotin Mystery – Book five RELEASE DATE: February 17th, 2015 GENRE: Thriller/ romantic suspense


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One fateful July morning forever changed the lives of Sémya Slotin and her best friend Polliannah Guryev.

Vincent Edgerton, the only man Sémya has ever loved, was taken from her by an explosion and a fire that she couldn’t understand, trust, nor explain. It left her alone, hurt, angry and desperately seeking answers. On top of everything, she is also incredibly hormonal; Sémya Slotin is going to be a mother.

Polliannah just healed from losing her husband but seeing her best friend grieving is not only breaking her heart, it has been a strain on their once close-knit relationship. She is afraid that Sémya will completely disappear into her grief. Thankfully, Polliannah can always seek refuge with the handsome Chief Superintendent James Connelly. In the past three months, he has become her safe haven. But when they finally give in to each other and Jim reveals his true feeling for her, Polliannah pulls away. Is she ready to put herself out there again?

Then all of the sudden, Sémya, the pregnant Detective Extraordinaire is chasing art thieves across the globe, making dangerous deals and finally meeting her father… It’s all about ex-lovers and new ones, a priceless painting, con artists, baby bumps, an impromptu trip to Moscow, designer dresses, teacakes, a birthday ball and reconnecting with your roots.

With everything that has happened this year, Sémya and Polliannah are more vulnerable and exposed than they have ever been. Will Jim’s love and trust be enough to ease Polliannah’s doubts? Will Sémya find out what happened to Vincent?
Welcome to the Stages & Thieves saga, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Sémya stared at today’s date on her laptop and felt the blood drain from her face. At the same moment, she felt a sharp pain in her low abdomen, not the usual kicks Poopie had been blessing her with. “Oh God!” she cried in pain and held her belly. This is hell! She got dizzy and managed to get to the bathroom before she made a mess. She kept throwing up for a good ten minutes before she felt another sharp pain or contraction maybe. When the worst passed, she slowly got back up and brushed her teeth, put on one of Vincent’s large shirts and walked back to her bedroom.
The excitement and joys of the day were gone. All that was left was pain, longing and grief. Sémya rubbed her belly as to soothe it but she felt another small contraction creeping in. “Poopie, I promise to be strong if you will,” she mumbled and went straight to bed. She put her special pregnancy pillow between her legs and hugged it tightly as the pain moved to her back. She bit into it and breathed. It’s not early labor, Sémya, not early labor… She was too tired to address the tears that were falling down her cheeks. If Vincent were here, he would have rubbed her back gently and murmured nice loving words in her ears. He would tell her what she already knew, that it was just Braxton Hicks contractions. He would tell her that Poopie was a show hugger for doing this on his thirty-fifth birthday. Sémya quietly kept crying and braved the pain until she fell asleep.

 ✯✯5 Mysterious Stars!!✯✯

Finally! Semya, Polli, Poopie and the rest of the gang is back. Or are they? We met everyone in the Semya Slotin Mystery series. These girls never seem to stay away or out of trouble. They are always surrounded by the best and fanciest wine made. They always end up trying to solve the hardest, most dangerous cases there is. Well, it's the same girls just a new series. And, nothing has changed.

We pick up a few months after Vincent Mallory Edgerton left off. Semya is pregnant with Poopie. She can not & will not believe Vincent is dead. When she's sleeping she's dreaming of Vincent and when she's awake she's looking at her board trying to prove he's alive somewhere.

Polli also lost her husband  a few months before Vincent died. Polli & Semya have not seen eye to eye lately. Polli wants Semya to face facts and stop trying to figure out where Vincent is. Semya does not want to hear it. Polli has been spending more and more time with Chief Superintendent James Connelly. He's been good friends with both Polli & Semya as well as best friends and worked at FREGG with Vincent. The more they spend together the stronger their feelings are getting. Until, Polli pushes James away.

Years ago Semya worked with James Connelly to catch some art thieves. Now, James Connelly needs help with another art thieve. He asks Semya for help. She jumps at the chance to help. Semya, Polli and Poopie
end up at Polli's families house in London.

While in London Semya is non-stop. She's tracking down the art thieves. Semya also meets her father. Yes, I said that! Is her father as bad as she was brought up to believe? Why did her mom name her Semya? And, what actually between her mother and father anyway?

James Connelly shows up to help Semya and be near Polli. While there Semya shows him the stuff she has on Vincent. He starts to think Semya might have a point and maybe Vincent isn't really dead. James and Polli also can't seem to stay very far apart from each other. Vincent father isn't making Semya life easy. Semya birth father and Polli's dad and brothers have a lot of secrets going on. Semya is waiting on Poopies arrival.

This book was non stop the whole time. Every time I read a new book with Semya and Polli in it I like them more & more. They're always making me laugh. There was so many times when Semya was talking or dreaming about Vincent I'd end up in tears right along with her.

I can not wait to see what happens next for Semya, Polli, James and Poopie

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I’m over 30. I was born in Quebec City, Canada. I grew up in France and in Gabon. I speak English & French fluently. Pizza is my favorite dish. Black Forest Cake is my favorite dessert. I met Michael Jackson when I was eleven. I loathe vodka but love gin, wine and tequila. I'm obsessed with Robbie Williams and Michael Fassbender. I call Toronto my home. I love reading. I love dancing. I love watching exciting TV shows. I love my life... most days. I'm a major goof. I can't stand intolerance. I'm curious, cheeky and oh so opinionated!


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