Friday, May 8, 2015

✯Review✯ WHITE by Monica James

Ava Thompson has at long last surrendered to her true love, Jasper White, and this time, there’s no going back. 

They’re both determined to forget their rocky past and focus on their promise to be together forever. However, with Ava living in New York, and Jasper in L.A., their future is held in the balance on where to call home. 

So what’s the compromise? 

Ava doesn’t want to leave, and Jasper doesn’t want to stay. They’ve reached an impasse in their relationship and Ava soon realizes that for them to be together, one of them will have to give up their dreams for good. 

But who? And more importantly, what happens when one of them sacrifices their dreams for the other? Whatever choice is made, Ava knows they’ll both lose.

Adding to the heartache are two new players who are set on breaking up the ill-fated pair for good. 

Do Jasper and Ava have the strength to survive this final test of love?

5 Stars!!!
Another 5 star read by Monica James. She really knocked it out of the park with this one. 
After reading Surrendered, I was happy with the way the series ended. Seriously, that book was amazing! When she told me there was going to be another Jasper and Ava book, I nearly peed my pants in excitement because, lets face it, the world will never get enough of Jasper White. 
White went above and beyond anything I ever expected it to be. I kind of thought after all the bad shit Jasper and Ava had went through, that in WHITE it would be just happy and easy for them…well, boy was I ever wrong. Anyone who follows Monica's writing knows she does not do "easy" for her characters. 
From the beginning Ava and Jasper were faced with the reality that one of them was going to have to give up their dreams in order to be with the other, but neither wanted to do this yet neither wanted the other to suffer. This was an ongoing thing throughout the story… the "elephant in the room" if you will. Ava wanted to be able to join Jasper on part of his overseas tour, so she knew she had to find someone she could trust and who would be capable of running the show while she was gone, and when Michel walked through her doors, she knew she found the perfect person. What she was not prepared for was the unexpected drama that would ensue from hiring and befriending him. 
You still had the crazy drama from Jasper's tour mate, Delilah Rose, who is such a rotten bitch I can't take it! Add in some new characters that really bring the bitch factor to a whole new level. 
You get to meet Jasper's half brother Kris who is a story all in his own. He was such a prick at first, but he is one I grew to love. I would love more than anything to get a spinoff book about him! There just seems to be so much about him and I would love to get his fullback story and see what happens to him once White ended. 

The last part of the book crushed me. Ripped my heart out and stomped it into the ground. I know I got a warning and was made to promise not to fast forward to the Epilogue, but man even with a warning I was nowhere near prepared for what happened. Nope, not even close. I cried…and I mean seriously UGLY cried. My eyes were so damn swollen by the time I finished I could barely see, and my face was all snotted up lol. But man it was so worth it. While the first 3 books in this series have been, and always will be some of my favorite books, I think White is my favorite out of them all. It was powerful, intense, emotional, and just WOW. I wish I had a ton of money so I could just buy everyone in the world a copy of this series.  :)

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