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✯Review✯Snared:A Jaded Regret Novel(Jaded Regret #2)by L.L. Collins


BEAU has never known a good life, only the torment that lives inside his head every day. The only way to block out the darkness that shrouds him is through the rhythmic beat of his drums. Knowing what happens when he opens up to anyone, Beau buries his pain deep inside, keeping it all to himself. 

APRIL has lived a life of wealth and privilege, full of love and support. Her only insight into what it's like to have a rough life is through her work with foster children. When she meets Beau, it starts as a challenge to get through to him but quickly turns into much more than either of them bargained for. 

TOGETHER, they are mismatched, ill-fated, and COMBUSTIBLE. But when their connection is challenged by the collision of past, present, and future, will they be snared by love...or circumstances?

 ✯✯5 Tormented Stars!!✯✯

Wow wow wow!! This is the 2nd book in the Jaded Regret series. If I were you even though it's considered a standalone I'd still read Sentenced first. This is Beau and April's story. And, man what a story do these two have. 

Beau hasn't had the easiest life. His found his father after he committed suicide. His mother hates him and tells him every horrible thing you can say to somebody. She left both Beau and his sister Natalie. They ended up spending their childhoods in foster care. It's where they met Bex. Beau and Bex were the 2 that started Jaded Regret. 

Beau deals with severe depression. His mind is always telling him how worthless, miserable, loser and pathetic he is. The only thing that can truly calm him down is the drums. It doesn't matter if he's playing them or if his hands are drumming while old and new music. 

April is a social worker. She works hard to get every child out of foster care. Her parents are opening a new facility. April wants it to get the word out about it as much as possible. She knows the story of Bex, Natalie and Beau of Jaded Regret. They're always helping out foster children every chance they get. 

April heard the stories of Beau. He's the best, hottest drum player around. He's also the quietest and shyest. But, what she heard and what she got were two different things. Beau and April had such a strong connection. Even without knowing each other.They understood each other. Beau hasn't dated or been with a girl in 10 yrs and hasn't wanted too. But, with April it's different. He wants to be around her. It's a new weird feeling for Beau. April wants to be with Beau as much as possible. April will take it as slow as Beau needs. Just as the walls start to come down and things are starting to get better. Something from the past is revealed. Something that was never known. And, everything goes black.

This book was written beautifully. My heart broke for Beau from the very first page. I could never imagine going through what Beau went through his entire life. If it wasn't for his sister(s), his band and most recently Johnny. Who knows what would've happened with Beau. 

April is perfect for Beau. It helps that she is around foster children and knows the issues they deal with. So, she realizes she has to proceed with caution. Because of April and the children at this foster home Beau finds himself pushing his own limits and getting closer to his triggers. 

There was so many times I found myself tearing up. Then, laughing the next. Trust me when I say you do not want to start reading this if you have plans or are sleeping. You will be pissed if you have to put this baby down. LL Collins wrote this beautifully. She likes to make me cry. I'm  telling you she does!! 

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