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✯Review✯Hard(The Bear Chronicles of Willow Creek #2)by Emily Minton & Julia Keith



Eli Artair thought his cousin was crazy when he decided to marry a human. When he said he loved her only a few days later, Eli knew his cousin had totally lost his mind. There’s no way a shifter could fall in love so easily, especially with a human. 
He changes his mind when he meets Liza… 
Liza Calder thought her sister was crazy when she married a man sight unseen. When she called a few days later to say she was in love with her husband, Liza knew her sister had gone totally loco. No one can fall in love that fast, especially with a stranger. 
She changes her mind when she meets Eli… 
Can two people who don’t believe in love discover it in each other’s arms? 

WARNING! Rough is an erotic shifter novella. If you don’t like insta-lust that turns into insta-love, a sex starved bear shifter, a heroine that craves her mate, or tons of smoking hot sex this is not the book for you.

 ✯✯5 Hard Stars!!!✯✯

Emily Minton and Julia Keith are becoming my favorite co-authors!! This is my 3rd book by them. And, everyone is hotter then the last one. Hard was no different. 

When we finished reading Rough we saw Liza and Eli meet. When we start Hard we get some back story for both Eli and Liza. We find out everything that made Eli and his father hate and not trust any human alive. We see what goes thru his head when his cousin rings up marrying a human. We also see how Liza thought about her sister marrying a guy she never met. We also saw how Liza dealt with her sister gone. And, with her new foster sister and handsy foster father.

Once Eli and Liza meet man it's one big cluster-fuck of emotions for them both. Eli's bear saw what he wanted and was fighting Eli every step of the way. Eli wouldn't fall in love with a human. But, he must have Liza. 

Liza is just as confused as Eli. She can't stop looking at the huge sexy guy in front of her. He's angry and confusing as any man is. Well, a lot more. If that's even possible lol. But, she can't stay away. She's not like her sister. Liza has been with a guy before. But, she definitely hasn't been with one like Eli.

Man, are Liza and Eli are hot. Very hot! Eli realizes Liza is his mate and wants her with him. But, there are a few obstacles in the way. Liza refuses to jump right on in. She wants to take it slow. Eli agrees. But, his biggest 2 obstacles are Liza finding out what  he is. Man, what a way to find out btw (eyes popped wide out!!) and his father.Eli knows once his father finds out it that Eli's mate is a human. He already knows it's not going to be a pretty sight.

I absolutely loved this book even more then I loved the first one. Paranormal has always been my all time favorite to read. Emily and Julia sure can write a short/novella paranormal and not make me feel like I'm missing something. This book had more of a back story and more emotions then the previous one. There was multiple times I found myself tearing up while reading this.It was such a fast paced read. But, I never felt like it was rushed or that I was missing something really important. I can't wait for book 3.

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