Saturday, March 26, 2016

✯Review✯ICE(The Elite Forces Series #1)by Kathy Coopmans & Hilary Storm


Warning- This book contains explicit language and graphic sexual content.

Captain Jade Elliott of the United States Army spent her entire career working her ass off to get to this point and she couldn't be more proud. She's gained notoriety through her actions as well as the respect of her team. She's one of the first women to graduate as a Ranger and has been called to serve on a secret mission. So why is she about to do something that could throw that all away?

Kaleb Maverick has been called to act as Commander for a vital mission and has done his research. He knows his team very well, in fact he hand selected them. He's retired, but still very active in the private sector, leading his personal team to countless successful missions. Now he's going back for one last mission.

What happens when his mission is to get the girl? What if she's not ready to be captured? Their chemistry is explosive and the heat is intense, but can Maverick come back with his head held high or will she be the first mission he fails?

 ✯✯5 Icy Hot Stars!!!✯✯

Finally!! I been waiting for this book since I read the synopsis. I am a HUGE Kathy Coopmans stalker... I mean fan. I haven't read anything by Hilary yet. This was a fantastic collaboration. ICE was written so good that you can't tell which author is writing what.

Jade Elliott is a Captain in the Army. She's one of the first and few women to graduate as a Ranger and is a sniper on and off the job. She's the best of the best. Jade works hard and takes her job seriously. The men she works with they all respect her and treat her as they're equals.Now, she's on a mission in Afghanistan where she was hand picked.

Kaleb Maverick is  a Commander. He's the best of the best. He can pick and choose what missions to take and who his team will be. But, when he comes across Jade's profile something happens to him. He wants her on his team and then makes it his mission to make her his. In every way possible.

Both were unprepared for their next mission. They know how to do their job with their eyes closed. But, when the other one is around they can't think or breathe straight. Kaleb is as straight as they come. Not afraid to tell Jade exactly what he wants. On and off the mission. Jade knows she's breaking all the rules. But, she can't help it. Kaleb is saying and promising the right things. Does she believe him? Jade wants too. It's hard when they have an intense mission to complete. They'll see what happens when it's completed. Until then they must keep their heads on straight and their hearts on hold. But, it's easier said then done for Kaleb and Jade.

Man oh man!! I could not put this down once I started it. Kathy and Hilary did a fantastic job with Jade and Kaleb. Jade is bad ass. Seriously! She's not afraid to stand behind what she believes in.Jade has worked hard to prove she deserves to where she's gotten in the Army. She's also sexy as hell. Jade loves Kaleb's dominating side. But, not in front of the guys. Only btwn the two of them. Kaleb is big bad demanding and is afraid of nothing. But, with Jade it's a different story. With Jade he wants a forever thing. Not just a wham bam thank ya ma'am thing. You'll love these two and be mad you didn't read it sooner. But, be prepared of the cliffhanger. You know the ugly kind. That leaves you hella mad angry pissed off and yelling type of ugly! Hurry up Fire!

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