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✯Review✯Etched in Stone(Six Degrees Series #2)by Mayra Statham


One look, one moment and I was completely defenseless.
One touch, one embrace and I was utterly consumed.
One kiss, one caress and that's all it took.

One look and thirty-four year old Parker Stone knew his life would never be the same. She called to him unlike anything ever had in his life, sparking an unbridled desire and captivating him completely.

One touch and twenty-eight year old Liz Del Rio wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk away. Experiencing a life full of disappointment and heartache, she wasn't looking for a relationship, let alone love and all the risks that came with it. Every time life had taught her the same lesson: not to let people in because they always leave and when they leave, it leaves scars upon your soul. 

One kiss sealed their fate and they knew they would never be able to live without one another. 

Liz and Parker embed themselves into each other's world. Passion burns bright and fast, but what happens when your lives are connected in ways you could have never imagined? 

Secrets from Liz's past threaten to break not only what they have, but who she is as they learn that once love is etched in stone nothing can make it crumble.

 ✯5 Parker Size Stars!!!

OMG did I love this book!! I read this series out of order though. I read Davenport Harbor then Crown's Chance at Love and now this. John Davenport was my love out of him and Mike. But, then I read this and I gotta say Parker Stone has tied him for first place.

Liz Del Rio hasn't had an easy life. She lost her parents at the age of ten tragically and ended up in foster care. Then in college she met Jake and did everything for him. Just when she thought they were going to start their lives together she was blindsided and left.While Liz was low on money she ended up working at a gentlemen's club. Against her better judgment she ended up making friends and they saved up enough money to open up their bakery. 

Parker Stone is a wealthy, successful business man. He's got the perfect family. He doesn't do relationships. Parker is more of a wham bam thank you ma'am type of guy. His dad tells him it's bc he hasn't found the one. He thinks his dad is full of crap until he got a glance of Liz and his world stopped. It took him a little while to get her name and the courage to talk to her. But, once these two got started it was one fast ride. 

Parker knew from the beginning that Liz was his. He couldn't believe she existed and wanted  to know everything about her. But, Liz is so use to everybody she cared about leaving her. There was also something Liz wasn't use too. Liz had trusted Parker and was so comfortable with him, that she told him things she'd never told the girls or Jake in all the years she knew them. That scared her. 

Just when they thought they couldn't be happier they were so wrong. Somebody from Liz' s past has comeback for her. They wanted her all for themselves and Parker was in the way. When Liz's friends, bakery and Parker are used against her Liz does the only thing thats right. Save them at her expense. Even though loosing Parker would be the hardest thing she'd ever do. But, as long as they were all OK she'd suck it up. Except nothing went as planned.

Liz was an extremely strong, caring, beautiful woman. She put everybody she cared about first. Even before herself. For somebody who'd been through so much she still learned to trust and care about people. Even though she was planning on the thing with Parker to be a short term thing and not  long term, she didn't hold back with it. She was SO much nicer to her ex-Jake then I totally would of.

Parker, OMG I can not tell you the thoughts that went thru my dirty mind about him LOL. Even though I'm not a huge fan of insta-love stories. But, Parker made it very easy to love. Yes, he might of been a dog before he met Liz. Yes, when he found out certain things the things he said and did were just down right a big NO. But, when he realizes how wrong he was, man did he do everything and more to make it up and right.

I'm so in love with this series! Mayra has given us two people from different places and different backgrounds. But, that didn't matter. Parker was patient while waiting for Liz to get to where he was. These two were destined to be in each others lives. They are connected in more then one way. There was so many connecting storylines in this book and between all 3 books of this series. This is a must read book and a must read series. I've read all three books in the series and I'm praying for more. Mayra is definitely one of my favorite authors.

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