Wednesday, September 28, 2016

✯Release Review✯The Divided by Bria Starr


Adjust. Adapt. Accept.
But never give up hope.

Falling... Falling... Falling...

When eighteen-year-old cousins, Julie and Mary Anne Adler, are plummeted onto a grassy field surrounded by a post-apocalyptic world, they have no idea where they are, or how they got there. In this unfamiliar wasteland run by a group of refugees called the Sector, the girls search for answers.

But things get complicated when one of the men in the Sector finds himself enamored with Julie. Despite Julie’s own feelings toward him, she knows she and her cousin must return home. Now it’s up to them to find a way to escape this strange and isolating place…

Or die trying.

✯5 Ingress Stars!!!

I been waiting for another book by Bria Starr since I read her last book.  I was starting to think she'd never finish writing her 3rd book. But, she did. And, man this was so different from her first 2 books. In my opinion she nailed it!! I mean. She killed it. I was glad I got this book when I did. It wasn't the romance, full of sex and secrets kind of stories I had been reading for awhile now. 

Julie and Mary Anne Adler are cousins and driving cross country. They're going from Iowa to California.  While in Colorado they hit a horrible storm. One that they can't drive thru and they have no choice but to pull over on the side of the road. When the girls seek hideout in a cave their world gets turned upside down when they fall down a hole into a different world. 

When an old beat up truck shows up and out jumps a bunch of guys with guns the girls realize something is definitely wrong. When they're told the leader they call Ender will be with them they're hoping for  answers. But, when all they get is questions they are even more confused. 

The head guy from the Sector who goes by the name Scout shows them to their house they have a lot of questions and still not receiving any answers. All they know is they need to get home. They just don't know how. All they know is only few buildings and houses have electric and water. Everybody gathers in one big hall to eat and hang out. They're given jobs. And, that the place they're at is call Ingress. 

Most people aren't happy or trust them. They're known as outsiders. Few ppl speak to them. Scout, Quill, her daughter Cricket and 2 other outsiders best friends Evan and Jared. They got there a few months before them. Jared and Mary Anne quickly shack up and are content. Julie on the other hand wants out of Ingress. But, she's stuck between Scout and Jared. Which OMG I'd love to be the meat and them the bread to my sandwich lol. No matter what she'll  do whatever she has to and doesn't care how long it takes her to get her home.

I read this book in a few sitings. I never wanted it to end. There was so many things about the book that I loved. It was such an awesome dystopian  read. For it being Bria's first time writing this type of book. She killed it.  It had me guessing and questioning the whole book!

When I finished this I sat back and closed my kindle. This is a standalone read. But, this is more then a book. It's a story. A story that's just beginning. I'm greedy. I want a prequel. I need to know how Ingress came to be what it was. And, I want more period. I hope Bria's reading this. She needs to message me Bc I can give her like three or so more stories. Yes, I said that LOL. This is my favorite book by her so far!! I wish I could give this more then 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. Bc, that's how much I loved it. Can't wait for her next book.

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