Wednesday, September 21, 2016

✯Review✯When Stars Collide(Light in the Dark #2)by Micalea Smeltzer


We were like two stars orbiting each other—dancing around the possibility that one day we might collide. When we finally did, we opened up a black hole, obliterating everything around us. No one would be the same.
Least of all, us.

Waking up in Vegas married to the guy of your dreams sounds like a good thing, right? Not when you’re Thea Montgomery and said guy is your brother’s best friend.

Thea and Xander have always avoided the connection between them because her brother would never approve. Now, they’re married— the strongest bond you can have as a couple—and they’re not even a real couple…unless they want to be.

Thea wants an annulment immediately, but Xander’s waited too long to see her become his and he won’t let her go easily.

If she wants a divorce, fine, but he wants the summer to convince her that he’s the one. If at the end of the summer she still wants to end their marriage he’ll sign the papers, but until then…

All is not fair in love and war.

 ✯✯5 Shining Stars!!!✯✯

I am a complete sucker for a Micalea Smeltzer book.  I was nervous to read this book. Being that I read Rae of Sunshine so long ago I can't remember everything and I was hoping I wouldn't be lost. 

Thea wakes up after one crazy night. She finds herself married to Xander. He's her brothers best friend and they've known each other their whole lives. They also happen to be best friends. Thea also happens to have been in love with Xander for as long as she can remember. But, because of her brother it was never an option. Since her brother has been dating Rae he hasn't been around them as much. Thea knows this can't happen and tells him they must file for divorce. 
Xander has always had feelings for Thea and he was never able to act on them. Now, that they're married he won't let her go. He convinces her to give them a shot. Stay married to him for the summer. He'll do anything to keep her.
I absolutely loved Xander. He really is the perfect guy. He puts everybody before him. He was doing a job he wasn't happy with. When he finally gets his dream job he's pulling double duty until he can find a way to let everyone know. Xander also loves Thea  with his whole heart and he wanted everyone to know about it. But, he kept quiet for Thea. He's legit in my top book boyfriends of 2016. 

I read this entire book in 2 sittings. It would've been 1 if I didn't start it at 10:00 at night LOL. This book did all types of things to me. I am absolutely blown away!! I felt immediately connected to them. I love how you felt the love they had for each other. And, their need to protect the other one another. I love how Xander was the one not to be scared that they jumped straight into marriage without going on a date. Xander was there in Thea's head without her having to say anything, he just knew. Even her. It was beautiful. This was definitely one of Micalea's best yet.

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