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Rachel has always been seen as a wild child, never committing or settling down. She wants it that way, so that no one ever finds out the truth. Deep down, she is crushed over something that happened years ago that resulted in losing the only man she ever loved. Then she meets someone who tries to convince her that she’s ready to commit again. But some things are not what they seem. Realizing too late that she’s in over her head, and with her life on the line, she comes face to face with her past in a way she never thought possible.

Devin was in love once, and it destroyed him, making him swear off love forever. After a promotion and subsequent move unexpectedly brings him into the middle of her dangerous situation, he must come face to face with his past and to the woman who broke him into pieces. But she needs help. Desperately. And maybe, just maybe, he didn't know the real truth of their past. Can he help her survive the terrible ordeal she's been through, and during it all, can he safeguard his heart from her? Or will the truth of the pain that has kept them apart show him that he can't live without her after all?

One Very Steamy Excerpt~ ;)
“I’m safe,” Devin whispered into her ear, and she shivered. She wasn’t sure exactly which meaning he meant by saying that, but she’d take all of them. She knew he was. She had never felt safer in her life. Turning her head, she met his eager lips, and they hungrily sucked on each other’s lips and tongues as he pushed himself gently inside her. She gasped into his mouth as she felt the pressure of him inside her, and he stilled. Using her feet to pull him back towards her, he resumed without saying a word. Their kisses matched the rhythm of his pulses. Rachel’s head was reeling. It was so different, even though the action was the same. With him, everything was like seeing it, feeling it, for the first time. Her body started quivering, close to release already.
He broke their kiss to suckle her neck, then turned her quickly so she was on top, straddling him while he was still inside her. She smiled at him, loving him for giving her the control. “Rachel.” His hands caressed her breasts, then he used one to touch her where they were joined, causing her to throw her head back and groan in satisfaction. The man just knew exactly what to do. “I need you….I…” Devin closed his eyes, shifting his hands to her hips so he could rock her back and forth. She understood what he needed, because she needed it too. She began moving on top of him, the feeling of fullness stretching her, teasing her with sensation.
He continued to rock her hips with his hands as he watched her, his eyes wide. Her hair was loose and falling around her face, as he loved it. They locked eyes as she moved up and down, teasing him. They both knew what they wanted, and they were ready. She increased her pace, moving faster and harder. She leaned over so her face was even with his as they moved furiously together, both racing for the feeling they were craving. He removed his hands from her hips and used them to frame her face, kissing her deeply as her body began shuddering over him.

Reaching Rachel Playlist~
Nickelback - Far Away
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
Katy Perry - Roar
Aerosmith - I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Staind - It’s Been Awhile
Daughtry - Crawling Back to You
Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Lifehouse - Hanging by a Moment
One Republic - Counting Stars
Jason Derulo - Marry Me
Katy Perry - Unconditionally
Sara Barellis - Brave
Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Bruno Mars - Gorilla
Eminem/Rhianna - The Monster
Imagine Dragons - Demons
Daughtry - Wild Heart
Daughtry - Broken Arrows
Katy Perry - Part of Me
Alicia Keys - Brand New Me
Olly Murs - Dear Darlin’
Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You
Celine Dion - Loved Me Back to Life
Daughtry - It’s Not Over
Daughtry - Waiting for Superman
Katy Perry - The One That Got Away
Bruno Mars - Treasure
Bruno Mars - Grenade

About The Author~

LL Collins is a teacher who loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and boys, reading, and writing. Her love of writing has found a home in the self-publishing world. Living Again and Reaching Rachel are available on Amazon Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks, in both eBook and paperback. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out and start writing and try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true. She has been a teacher for over ten years, a wife for 14, and a mom to two boys, 11 and 9.

20 Fun Facts about LL Collins~
1. I wrote a series when I was a kid called “Camp Sticks”.
2. I have always wanted to own a bridal shop with my best friend (I worked at one in college).
3. I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 18. We’ve been together ever since (15 years married this year).
4. I got ‘penalized’ when I was in college in my Writing Workshop classes for always tying my stories into “little bows” (otherwise known as HEA’s) at the end. I don’t like to write cliffhangers, and who wants a sad ending?
5. I was going to be an occupational therapist, but changed my junior year to go with my passion.
6. I’ve been an elementary teacher for over 10 years.
7. I live in the sunny state of Florida, and have my entire life.
8. I have two boys (that are my world) and am completely outnumbered in my house.
9. Two of my closest friends I’ve had since I was in elementary school.
10. I have a love of all things Starbucks after hating coffee most of my life.
11. I’m a very sarcastic person.
12. I’m the oldest child in my family, and that’s why I’m always the boss.
13. I’m a control freak (see #12).
14. I’ve always wanted to travel overseas but haven’t gotten to yet (maybe soon!).
15. I’m completely addicted to my iPhone. If it dies I feel like a limb has been cut off.
16. I’m a procrastinator because I work better under pressure.
17. I’m actually pretty shy, even though I can fake it well.
18. I’m a die-hard Florida State Seminoles fan (and alumni).
19. I secretly wish I could have a cook and a maid.
20. People think I’m a tough cookie, but I actually am quite sensitive.

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Reaching Rachel Trailer~

"I missed you so much, Rachel Dawson. So damn much I can't believe what an idiot I was to let this much time go by."

I fell in love with L.L. Collins when I read her debut novel 'Living Again'. That was where we met Rachel. She was the wild, beautiful red head, green eyed beauty. Rachel was not the type of girl who wants  a relationship. But, she'll keep you for the night & keep it moving. It was then that I prayed L.L. would give her, her own book & give us Rachel's story.

'Reaching Rachel' picked up right where 'Living Again' left. Except we learn that 5 years earlier, Rachel was extremely happy & extremely in love. Until Devin got on his bike & sped off and Rachel didn't stop him. Because, she didn't want to ruin his life. The day Devin left, he took her heart & never looked back!

Ever since then on the day that he left. She does the same thing. Goes to a bar where no one knows her. Drinks and drinks & brings home some random guy, and pretends its 'him'. Devin is no better. He's just as closed off. Won't get into a relationship. Every time  a woman touches his tattoo, he freezes. Why?? Because, you see.... That's hers... Her spot.. It belong's to no one but Rachel...... They are both completely  miserable and heartbroken. It's so sad to read. These are two awesome people. With great friends, family & good jobs. Rachel works at a physical therapist office. Devin just got promoted to the SWAT in the police dept & is getting ready to move. It doesn't matter how good their lives are. Inside, they are completely empty. They are missing their other half.

As Rachel is drinking the day away, she meets Justin. He is def someone who can make the night go by easily. Rachel & Justin go back to Rachel's. As she's trying to get rid of him. He talks her into a date. Then, he talks her into try a relationship. Justin might be fine as hell but, that's about the only nice thing about him!!

"I'm broken, Devin. I'm not the same person I was before."

Devin & Rachel never thought they'd see each other again. Until, Rachel's life depends on it. Depends on Devin...

Now, with Rachel's life hanging in the balance. All she can dream about is Devin & their wonderful memories. All Devin can do is repeat the same memories over & over again. 

Once their eyes meet, the connection was instant!! The same connection they had way back when thing's were easy. It's still there. But, it's a lot stronger. Devin & Rachel became whole in that moment when they had each other in their arms. They both made a silent vow to not let go & not to look back.

"Rachel, I'm never going to be without you again. I promise."

It wasn't easy though. Rachel had a long road ahead of her, both physically & mentally. Devin let her know he wasn't going anywhere. He was her savior. Her bodyguard. Her protector. Her knight in shining armor. Her love. For Devin. Rachel was his EVERYTHING!!! Devin didn't care how many times he had to tell Rachel that. Or how many times he had to show her. Devin would prove it. 

Even with everything Rachel was going thru. They settled back into a daily routine. Together. Rachel was totally hesitant. But, Devin's not a quitter. I loved how Ben & Kayley were in this book  too. Kayley got to give Rachel the same advice she gave Kayley about Ben. 

"You are worth everything that I've had to go through,"

You will love this story!! I was 100% totally hooked from page 1 & was highly upset when I finished. Hahaha!! There was some parts that were hard to read. But, LL didn't hold anything back. Gave us  a story that was totally believable. I agree 100% with what other people who read this book as well. She didn't rush the story. Didn't make it unbelievable. I wasn't expecting girl meets guys & falls in love. And, maybe break up. Only bc her 1st book 'Living Again' was far from that. But, she reached a whole new level in 'Reaching Rachel'. She totally nailed it!! I'd go from smiling & laughing. To balling my eyes out!! My emotions were all over the place. This is a total MUST READ!!!!! I can't wait to see what's next.

“You are now and have always been it for me. You are my beginning, middle, and end”

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