Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~Cover Revel for 'The Refrain' by Ashley Pullo~

Their paths have crossed, setting the refrain in motion. 
Five narrative voices.  Five stories.  One resolve.

The Verse.  The Chorus.  The Coda.

Ever since flannel and Doc Martens were considered edgy fashion, Canadian cousins Natalie and Chloe have dreamed of a Friends-future in New York City.  But now that they’ve finally scored a Manhattan zip code, their teenaged fantasies are overshadowed by an adult reality.  With Natalie struggling to accept a long-distance relationship—and her constant battle with loneliness, her survival depends on Zach’s safe return.  And with Chloe’s endless need to find balance and purpose—and her embarrassing secret holding her back, can Adam Ford be the one to understand her completely?
Change is evitable and fate is insisting.  And when panic follows crisis and love is questioned, stories can change in unexpected ways.  The narrative becomes the verse, the part to the whole—the story within the story.




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