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✯BLOG TOUR & REVIEW✯ 'Life's A Capella' by Yessi Smith

I want to tell you how great my life was. How I lived without regrets. With constant laughter. Without any tears. I want to tell you how I lived each moment to the fullest. How each breath I took was fresh and full of life. With eagerness. Without any fear.
I want to tell you all of that, but then my story would be masked with lies and not worth telling.
My life didn’t start until I left my past. And I left everything. My mother, my friends, my name.
My new name, the name everyone knows me by is Erin Lewis.

Four years after finding the courage to leave her hometown in Alabama, Erin is finally happy with where her life has led her. Not only is she secure in her environment, but the relationships she has formed center her, making her forget how damaged she once was. Before she can fully settle into her new life, her past crashes into her present, unraveling a set of events that destroy the very foundation she has built her new life on.

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3.5 Stars
Loved the concept of the story line, and LOVED Trent and Erin. I did find the beginning to be slightly confusing as it was being told from Erin's perspective and then it would switch to a girl named Shayna's perspective. It did this a couple times before it was explained as to who this girl was. This made it a bit difficult for me personally to connect with the story for a little while as I was not sure what exactly was going on with that. But once it was explained, I felt the story flowed much better.  

As the story went on, it did take a turn from the direction the beginning was going, and went down a path I was not expecting it to. Where I did like the direction it took, I felt that the story itself remained at the same level the entire time. It was good, and remained good throughout the entire book, however there was no real build up or crescendo which made me go WOW. Towards the very end there were a couple times where I was certain that the story was over, but then I turned the page and it was still going. 

 Every character in the book was lovable (well, except for Erin's mother), and the story did have me chuckling here and there as well as shedding a few tears which was a plus for me. Trent was such a sweet guy, and I really would have liked to get more of an insight into his character and what was going on in his head at times when Erin was trying to push him away. I know this wasn't his story, it was Erin's, so maybe there will be a second book in the story which will be about Trent? (I would LOVE that!) And I would have been more than happy to take Trent's banana any day (you have to read the book to understand this statement lol).

All in all the book itself was pretty enjoyable, and I most certainly would read more books by Yessi Smith in the future. 

About Yessi Smith
I’m a Hispanic living in South Florida with my redneck husband from Texas and our “half breed” son, who is actually the reason I started writing again after years of celibacy. My son loves stories, but not the kind you can read in an existing book. No, he’d rather make up a story, complete with our own illustrations. So, thank you, Son, for igniting a flame I had let go out.

I also live with two dogs: a neurotic Border Collie we call Nitro and a midget Rottweiler named Nisa.
I have always found my sanctuary at the beach and in music and writing. I wish I could write rhymes so I could become a famous rapper, but rhyming is completely lost on me.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I have held several jobs, from picking up dog crap to upper management positions. And now I am hoping to leave the business world behind so I can live full time in a world that does not exist until I place my fingers on a keyboard and bring them to fruition. 

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