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✯Release Day 'REVIEW' for The Plot Thickens (Semya Slotin Mystery #1.5) by Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba✯

Polliannah's story is live! 
What led to that horrific phone call to Semya and Josh in the middle of the night?

When Polliannah Koch Guryev meets John Allen, she thinks that she’s finally found her Prince Charming in the form of a tall, blond and handsome banker. What could go wrong?
 John Allen has a job to do and getting closer to the beautiful Miss Koch Guryev is supposed to be a means to an end. But then they fall in love. He’s a hit man with a mission, she’s the sister of his targets. What possible future could they have? Now he and his Russian Princess have to leave London for their safety.
But it may already be too late for them.

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“Thanks mate,” John said to the bartender. He carefully turned around with their second shots of absinth. He knew Polliannah could drink. She was German and Russian, but absinth… he smiled. That poison would make you black out so fast!
He looked at his princess on the dance floor. She was dancing on her own like she owned the place. Got to Give it Up by Marvin Gaye! This place was certainly cheesy but it served its purpose. The men around her were careful enough not approach her too closely. She never looked more beautiful… simply dressed, dancing freely, happy and maybe a little drunk. She eagerly kissed him as soon as he reached her. They were both loosing up tonight and it felt great. He hasn’t done that in a very long time. He gave her the drink, “I don’t think we can go for a third round. Absinth is serious shit,” he told her.
She finished the drink, discarded the glass and grabbed his arse, “We’ll see.”
“This is the best night I’ve had in a long time… maybe ever, Polli,” he told her grabbing her arse. She chuckled back when she felt his erection. “I love you.” She was perfect for him.
YA lyublyu tebya,” she screamed all excited.  “Screw five star hotels! This is way more fun,” she screamed again. {I love you}
They both laughed. She was right. They had been in the best restaurants in London this past month but never had as much fun as tonight in this cheesy place dancing and drinking absinth. Sal’s words came back to torture him but he pushed them away. He would have to tell her the truth soon. He would keep her. The thought alone made him so happy. He didn’t notice a man entering the club until he was at the edge of the dance floor. “Vincent…” 

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Who killed the infamous Johanna Cartier? Sémya Slotin is frown back in the business of solving mysteries when she found her body. With the help of a new ally and the mysterious Josh Heinz, she vows to see this through.

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The fabulous! 


"I'm keeping you Princess"

When I say I LOVED this book. I mean I LOVED this book!!! I fell in love with Polli while reading Bird Of Prey. There was a lot about Polli that was kept a secret in Bird Of Prey. There was a lot about Semya left out as well. Danielle did  a great job at keeping the mystery alive!!

Polliannah is adorable, loves to drink wine & she can dress. John's a hit man. His next mission is finding Polliannah's brothers. But, they're in hiding. The only way he can get to them is thru Polli. John starts following Polli & Selma. He learns their routine. When Selma starts working with the police on a case. (You read about that in Bird Of Prey) Being that Selma & her boyfriend are busy and Polli is alone more. This is John's chance. It's his chance to get close to her & even closer to his targets!

The minute John walks into Polli's wine store she wants him. Polli falls head over heals for John. Polli is also keeping John to herself. She knows if Selma & Josh meet him, they'll start asking too many questions & digging into his background. Polli doesn't want that. Not yet anyway.

After a couple of weeks of trying to find out anything about Polli's brothers, John keeps coming up to a dead end. Polli is really good at keeping her family life very private. You'll learn why. She has her reasons. Her & Selma are in deeper then we originally thought when reading Bird Of Prey. What  John does learn... That he's fallen heads over heals in love with Polliannah!! 

He needs to figure out how to keep her safe & alive!! I literally can not express to you how much I LOVED this story. It is the novella from Bird Of Prey. Which was cool because when I was reading it I always wondered what was going on with Polli & John. I also never could figure out how when Selma needed something Polli got it. She always seemed to have connections that were never explained. Then, there was always Hawaii that bugged me. But, Danielle gave us  more  pieces of the puzzle that we were missing. Which I am super happy about. I also loved watching John go from 'big bad hit man' to being a 'big bad hit man in love' and will do ANYTHING to keep Polli safe. No matter what!! This is a MUST-READ!!! I'm dying to see what Danielle has next!!!

"Whatever possesses me to be the way I am... being with you, keeps it away. I just want to be the man I see through your eyes."

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.. You're kind, funny and sexy with a slight touch of madness."

"And you deserve so much better, Polli. I didn't know how unsatisfied I was with my life before I met you. You're my salvation...let me be the better man you're making me every time you look at me. I'll die before I let them hurt you in any way."

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