Tuesday, December 31, 2013

✯REVIEW✯ 'Joseph Fallen (The Estate #0.5)' by M.S. Willis

There is a fine line between genius and madness…
Between love and hate,
Between right and wrong.

Joseph had created The Estate for her…
His wife,
The woman he chose to bear his child.
She was beauty unsurpassed;
And her song was unlike anything he’d ever known.

However, their love was a story that would not find a happy ending.

In this prequel novella to the Estate series, follow Joseph Carmichael as he creates a world unlike any other. Because, in order to comprehend The Estate, you must understand Joseph; but, in order to understand Joseph, you must discover how a man falls from light into the pitch black depths of ultimate darkness.

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7 HUGE Stars!!!

Oh. My. God. What did I just read? This was such a completely twisted and seriously deranged story… and I LOVED every second of it. I seriously feel like I am going to burst out in flames and be dragged down into the deepest depths of hell after reading this! M.S. Willis has done it again with another phenomenal, jaw dropping story. If you have not yet read the first book in this series, 'Madeline Abducted', then stop right here and go get it now. This is one series you do not want to pass on. 

You were first introduced to Joseph's character in 'Madeline Abducted', and man was he one twisted fuck! In 'Joseph Fallen', you were given an in-depth look into the man behind the beast (before he caved into the darkness), along with the chance to experience his fall into complete and utter madness. I completely fell in love with Arianna's character (his wife), along with Connor (one of his original guards), and my heart broke for her as you learned about the absolute hell she had to endure in order to protect the ones she loved. There is no happy ever after…. only pain, sorrow, and fear. As Joseph becomes more consumed by the darkness within, he becomes more and more obsessed with making sure Arianna will never be able to leave his side. 

"There is no where on this Earth that you could run, that I would not hunt you down, find you, and drag you back here, chained if need be, to where you belong."

It is almost hard to believe that Joseph wasn't always the sick psychopath that he ended up being. Believe it or not, he once had a heart. And that part of him almost had me really liking him and hoping that maybe, just maybe, he would be able to hold on to his humanity. Sadly, his greed for never-ending money and power is what brought him to the top, but at the same time it was ultimately his demise… causing him to lose hold of every last piece of the man that he once was.

Consider this a warning… if you are looking for romance and unconditional love with a HEA then do NOT stop here! If you cannot handle some of the most disturbing, repulsive, gut-renching shit you will ever read then this book is not for you. If you are like me and love a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to end, and has you holding your breath until you almost pass out, then this is THE book for you. It has been DAYS since I finished reading this story, and my mind is still in such absolute shambles that I am beginning to question my own sanity LOL. I had already loved the writing of M.S. Willis, but this just brought that to a whole new level. She may have just made her way into my top 5 favorite authors of all time after Joseph Fallen.

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