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✯Release Review✯ Reckless Abandon(The Cave Series #1)by Teri Kay


Reckless Abandon by Teri Kay
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 11th, 2016
Cover Models: Lance Jones and Jess Epps
Cover Design: Cover to Cover Designs

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Ryann McKennan never imagined herself divorced and broke at thirty...
Tired of struggling to make ends meet each month, she considers moving back to California to live with her mother. That was until her best friend convinces her to come work at The Cave, the hottest strip club in all of Las Vegas. Ryann knows that she was chancing the ruin of her teaching career if she were to get caught. The plan was to work at The Cave for the summer to make some extra cash...so falling for a guy, let alone two, was never in the cards.

Nathan Sims, a professional poker player and a regular at The Cave, has always had a taste for strip clubs, but he swore off strippers after his ex-girlfriend burned him.

But from the first moment he laid eyes on the never seen before blonde beauty, he was instantly infatuated.
Who was she?
Why did she always look different?
Who was she hiding from?
The more Nathan tries to find out who Ryann is, the more she tries to hide.

Both scared as hell to let their guards down, they dance silently toward one another, but both afraid to fall. Could this be their summer of Reckless Abandon?

✯4 Reckless Stars!!!

This is Teri Kay's debut novel and it was a great story. But, there's one thing that annoys me when I'm reading a book and this one had it. Every chapter bounced between the 2 POV's which I love. What I don't like when I'm reading a book is at the beginning of every chapter I'm rereading everything that happened in the previous chapter. And, it drove me insane!

Ryann McKennan hasn't had it easy. Her and her husband Lucas tried so hard to start a family. After two miscarriages Lucas had decided he'd had enough and filed for divorce. Ryann works as a teacher and doesn't make much money. When she's about to go completely broke she decided to move in with her mom and her mom's nudist boyfriend. Her best friend Rose talks her into working with her at The Cave for the summer and save the money. Even though she's worried about her teaching job, the girls help talk her into doing it. 

With the help of wigs, colored contact lenses and the name Vaughnn you don't recognize her. With the help of Vanessa she's getting the hand of stripping. But, she was unprepared for the men that would come into her life.  ESP Nathan. Even though she's using this as her reckless abandon summer and enjoying herself. Ryann hasn't told Nathan everything and really wants too.

Nathan Sims has been burned by  an ex-girlfriend, who worked as a stripper. The only good thing she did for him was give him his daughter. He's vowed to never date another stripper again. Nathan is a professional poker player and makes millions doing what he loves. Nathan is also a silent partner to The Cave. Nathan enjoyed his life. Then, walked in Vaughnn and totally rocked him inside out. He can't stop thinking about her. The more time they spend together the more he's falling for her. Nathan has never felt this way about a woman before. Except whatever it is thats going on btwn them isn't as easy as he'd hoped. There is a   bunch of things in their way. 

This was a good story. But, for me it wasn't as fast paced as I'd hoped. I absolutely loved Nathan. His jealousy got to me. But, just a little. Ryann, she got to me. My heart hurt for the loss of her unborn children. There was a few things she did that pissed me off BC if she loved Nathan like she said she did. I felt she wouldn't of been doing what she was. If she'd said she liked the attention or never used the love word, it wouldn't of bothered me. 

For this to be Teri's debut book is was a great start to what I'm positive will be a nice long career. She set up a bunch of characters whose stories I want to know. I'm looking forward to Rose next and really want Vanessa and a bunch others.   


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I am an obsessive romance reader turned writer. An amazing group of indie writers have inspired and encouraged me to pursue this crazy dream and now I can’t imagine stopping. Born and raised, I have always lived in Southern California. I am happily married, with two small fur babies. I love my job as a teacher and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Except maybe be a full time writer. Between reading, writing, and teaching, I have little free time. But in those rare moments I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, binge watching reality television and baking.



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