Sunday, May 4, 2014

✯Review✯ "Something Missing" by Hazel Robinson

When Susan is left orphaned, she begins a harrowing journey through the care system. Left with both mental and physical scars, Susan approaches adulthood with a self-destructive impulse. However, there is hope in the figure of her childhood friend, Max; the first boy she ever kissed. 

Now a grown woman, Susan returns to her childhood home of Winchelsea, where she hopes she will find the answer to the gap in her heart that she’s carried with her since she left. With Max by her side, she attempts to find the path her life should have taken, to build a home, to heal old wounds, and to finally create a family that will stop the terrible feeling of something missing. But Max has a secret, one that risks destroying all hope of a happy ever after, unless they can find a way to heal one another. 

4.5 Stars!
A wonderful job from new author Hazel Robinson on her debut novel! The story of Max and Susan was a very turbulent one. These two had many ups and downs since they reunited all these years later, and had to overcome such a large amount of obstacles which stood in the way of their happiness. Their relationship progressed very quickly which almost made it seem as if they had never been apart in the first place. At times it did feel like it was all happening too fast, but in the end you realize they were destined to be together no matter what. 
Poor Max and Susan went through so much individually as well as while a couple, and it tugged at my dang heartstrings the entire time. 

Susan had not seen Max since she was 10 years old when she was taken from her life and put into foster care. The remaining years of her youth were difficult and disturbing, and she went through some things no adult, let alone a child, should go through. These events left her scarred and extremely insecure, and I LOVED how you got to see her transform into this amazing, strong, and confident woman. The way the author incorporated scenes from the past was amazing and one of my favorite things about the story. It really gave you more of a chance to get to know the characters on a more personal level. All of the characters were each easy to relate to on some level or another, and it just felt like they were real people instead of made up characters. And my sweet sweet Max. I loved Max, and often my heart broke for him time and time again. He fell fast and hard, and he continuously had his heart broken. So many times I wished I could jump into the book and help put the pieces back together for him! I swear every time it seemed like they were about to get their HEA, another curveball was thrown their way and threw them off track! 

And who could forget about that ending? I know I won't be able to for a long time! For me it was a bit of a cliffhanger as I could not tell if it was a look into the future, or a dream, or what. And that left my brain working on overdrive trying to figure out what will happen in book 2. It's driving me mad not knowing what will come next in Max and Susan's story! Hazel did an amazing job of not only keeping the readers interest and excitement throughout the entire story, but also long after they finish reading the book. I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on book 2!!!

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