Monday, May 26, 2014

✩Review✩ "The Good Girl" by Dawn Robertson & Lily White

School from nine to four. 
Bartending from nine to two.
Wake up and do it all over again.
All while depending on no one but myself… 
because everyone in my life has repeatedly let me down.

I cling to the one thing that will always remain a constant in my life: Art.
Body art, photography, painting… you name it and my interest is piqued.
Almost as strong as his interest in me.

I wanted nothing to do with him
But he was the type who took what he wanted.
His hate became his obsession
And his obsession became so much more.

I am his good girl
And I wonder if he'll ever let me go.

***Content Disclaimer - This book contains descriptions of violence and is only intended for mature audiences 18 years of age and older***

4.5 Stars
Let me start off by asking one simple question. WTF did I just read? If you are expecting your typical captive story, then you will be in for a real surprise. This was definitely different, twisted, screwed up, and highly entertaining to read. There were a couple times my jaw literarily dropped open because I was seriously not expecting certain events and realizations. I have been a HUGE fan of Lily White since the beginning and while it's known to expect extremely dark and total mind fuck from her stories, I was def thrown through a bit of a loop from the intensity and direction of this story. 

While overall I really really really enjoyed this read, the one thing that kept me from reaching a 5 star review was Eleni. For a good portion of the book I really did not care for her character in general. Yes, there were times where I was like "you go girl" and rooting for her, but other times (which were too frequent) I found her to be extremely irritating. With that being said, I must say that towards the end she did redeem herself, and I did end up liking her quite a bit more. 

As far as Gabriel goes, he is one seriously screwed up dude. The poor guy went through hell as a kid, and was left with some serious mental shit going on in that head of his. It was incredible the way which you were made to feel like you were actually inside the head of someone with that much mental disturbance. I wanted so much to hate his friggin guts. I mean he did some stuff which was inexcusable and completely bat shit crazy, but you could not help but feel an odd sort of attachment to him throughout the entire book despite everything awful he had done. No matter how badly I wanted to hate him, I just could not bring myself to do so. I guess I truly do have a thing for the severely broken men in these books, because despite being a monster I still found him to be quite attractive. I wonder what the doctors would say about my own mental stability if they heard me saying this lol.

The one thing I was left a little confused about was the extent of Eleni's injuries. There were times they seemed so awful that any normal person would not be able to function properly, yet she was fine. Crunching of bones, being thrown across a room and slamming her head into a wall. One minute she was in excruciating pain, and the next she was getting off from the pleasure. Where this little bit did not affect how I rated the book, I would have liked for it to have been a little more clear. Otherwise there was a great flow to the story, a kick ass storyline which was quite unique to the dark genre, and a villain you cold not help but to care for. It was a story sure to hold your attention from start to finish, and one which will leave you feeling the same way I started this review… WTF did I just read?!

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